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  1. Welcome, Sarah! Hope to see more from you in the future! I haven't read the suggestions and the other replies to this post and I don't have that much time to do so, so apologies if any of my suggestions seem similar to others. Passive: A way/challenge/requirement or a very long cooldown to again and store 1 passive charge Challenge should not be too easy but not exceedingly hard Charge is expended and triggers 1 random effect Celestial Twin: N/A Cloud Walker: N/A or New Ability New Ability: Stance about Wukong’s transform mastery with a fighter/brute/strength/(health regen?)/damage/crowd control stance, agile/flying/latching/attack speed stance and stealth stance. One reference I have is one of the abilities of Smite’s, a MOBA from HiRez, Wukong Character Defy: The attack should knock down enemies and in a larger area to catch “out of range” enemies that just entered the taunt radius Clone should not taunt Primal Fury: Iron Staff should be the weapon with the most range and it should it be noticeable in comparison to top range melee weapons at the moment to keep the Wukong infinite extending staff Just make it a strong, dope exaulted weapon/ability (MANDATORY) These are some quick points I came up with after taking a quick look at the rework. Let me know what you think and feel free to put some twists on it. I have high hopes for this rework and it seems it is going in a great direction. I really want Wukong to be a good warframe. I love his fantasy and want him to have a good kit and make him more fun to play and really live the fantasy. Thank you so much DE and to all the others who help and are helping on making a great rework!
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