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  1. Just jumping in on the thread. So I almost never played Ember pre-rework, post-rework I've played her a lot and am really enjoying her new toolkit, the augment mod that lets me share 50% of my current Damage Reduction to the rest of my party is awesome and has made her a go to frame for taking to places like Hydron (for levelling stuff) and even some experimental test runs in ESO. I find the rework of her abilities to be much more engaging and requires a playstyle where you have to pay attention to her resources gauges (Energy and Flame Intensity), you can't just hit 4 and the afk in a corner somewhere. I can see Ember becoming my goto Sortie frame, her armour stripping and group buff for DR can really help out the team.
  2. It's nice to see people still trying to come up with interesting ideas for PvP in Warframe, but I'm afraid that it's still a no from me. I picked Warframe as a game to play Specifically because of its focus on PvE gameplay, I'm not interested in PvP in any incarnation. I've tried several PvP games over the years I've been playing video games and I've come to the understanding that PvP gameplay just doesn't interest me at all.
  3. Ok, so I've had some more time to play this update and post the hotfixes I'm actually pretty happy with where the Lich System is at the moment. The spawning is entirely opt in so you can farm requiem relics ahead of time to make sure you're stocked up before triggering the lich. The valence system means you can keep the top bonus for each weapon type. The lich has stopped stealing my Requiem Relics. Yeah, I'm pretty happy with where the liches are at the moment. Oh, apart from one thing. Please stop making new enemies status immune. There are really only two viable ways to build stuff in this game, one is for status and the other is for crit. Making an enemy type completely immune to status effects means that basically anything I have modded for Condition Overload or to rely on status procs, such as slash/viral is completely and utterly useless. I thought the point of the new enemies and systems was to give us more options not fewer?
  4. I'm glad you like them. I however completely opt out. I've invested loads of time into my mods and builds, being told that I can't use them kills any interest I have in playing that mission. I expect I will end up buying Grendel, being forced to run missions without any of my mods or hard earned upgrades available is a hard pass for me.
  5. This more than anything. My playtime in this game is pretty limited. I get a few hours over the weekend and that's kind of it. I don't want to spend that time fighting through 6 levels of RNG hell just to get a weapon that I'm never going to use. I want a way to opt out of the Lich system entirely, that way I can keep playing and doing the things I do enjoy but skip this pile of tedious RNG hell.
  6. I think the problem here is that, as a few others have said, the RNG nature of this fight means that unless I know which Requiem mods I have to to have to beat the lich (and that is assuming that the game is allowing me to farm them at all) there is no reason at all for me to engage with them, I can't beat them, I can't even make them run away, all I can do is get killed in a futile waste of my time. Honestly, while I like some of the stuff in the Lich system, I wish there was a way I could opt out of it completely, I don't have enough time to spend days banging my head against an RNG enforced wall just to get a variant of a weapon that I probably won't use. I'd really like to be able to just say "no thanks, not for me" and then come back in 3 months and check to see if any progress has been made to make the system more fun.
  7. Chipping in my part here. The Parazon is awesome. Love the look of it, the mods for it add some really good flavour and I love that I can have a Hacking Focused build for spy missions and then have a mercy kill based build to spawn extra energy, ammo, whatever, for general gameplay. The Lich system, way too much grind, it takes way too long to uncover a requiem symbol from rumours, there is too much RNG involved getting the mods in the first place. I hate that the mods have limited charges, I think I saw someone else mention that we need a way to repair them and I cannot agree more. Also you need to make it so the lich cannot steal the Requiem Relics, we're already being punished by several layers of RNG and to then have the only source of the resource we MUST have stolen away is complete rubbish, it makes me not want to interact with the whole system. Speaking of which, some kind of opt out system would be awesome. I can see myself, hopefully, killing my first lich, but honestly I don't want to constantly have one of these in play, I'd be happy to have a week or so between them spawning or even a month at times when I'm busy and I don't get much play time. So yeah, a way to opt out of the lich system would be a great quality of life feature, otherwise I'm just going to have to either stop running Grineer nodes above the trigger level or I'll have to play in an extremely sub optimal (no AoE) way to avoid spawning the lich in the first place. The design and style of the lich is awesome I can totally get on board with that aspect, the art team really knocked it out of the park. The Vampire Kavat is awesome and I love it. 🙂 The Arsenal screen rework is a great UI improvement, the design and layout are now so much more clear and easy to interact with. The Exilus slot on Primary/Secondary is great, Acceltra + Projectile Speed is a lot of fun. Ok, the new Melee system. I spent a lot of the this weekend trying out specific melee builds and I have to say that I love the new melee system. I can still use the weapons that I favoured from before the switch over, the builds don't really need changing as the core features are still good, I might end up tweaking some things over time as I get a more full understanding of the changes but the build aspect is still fine. In play the new melee system flows so much better and the Advance vs Stand your Ground styles are making a huge difference to how I play and interact with maps, I can now stand and fight in a choke point without worrying that my combo is going to fling me off into a corner somewhere. The various teams who worked putting this together since the last forever have really put the work in on this, it is making me want to experiment with more melee focused builds where before I was a firm fan of the gun play over melee. Overall good job, just need some tweaks and fixes to the lich system and this update will be great.
  8. People who play games have different levels of skill. I didn't find that MR test hard either, but my friend did and the whole process of doing it was so frustrating that she quit the game. I didn't think the point of this thread was to post "Get Good Scrub" but to talk about what we think the barriers to new players are. The MR test is absolutely one of those barriers, it doesn't really serve any purpose (I agree there) but DE seem to be committed to keeping it regardless, so it remains an annoying barrier.
  9. I think it's the crafting wall that does it for a lot of new players. I have persuaded several of my friends to try out the game over the years I've been playing but only 2 of them have stuck with it. All the others looked at the crafting times for new gear and decided that it was "a waste of their time". Now, I don't really agree with that, I think that in a free to play game having a time barrier that can be removed with currency is a reasonable thing to do, it doesn't block you from getting the content, it just makes you wait a bit. Although 3 days for a frame is a bit much. But yeah, apart from the crafting time thing the only other things I've reliably seen people complaining about as reasons why they have left are the really bad/missing explanations for how to effectively mod weapons/gear and the MR Tests, I had one friend (playing on console) who got to one of the sharpshooter MR tests and found it basically impossible to do with a console controller and just quit the game.
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