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  1. I think index isn't really fun, i do it because i need. If i'm to say that i hate doing index, it would be a lie, but i do feel lazy about doing it. Now when u do High Risk Index (the one i do), there is two maps, one reeeeally good and one bad. For me the good one is the cold/winter one, man that map is good, i can do a round in 5 min, the map funels to the objectives so u can defend properly, u can kill the flying, invible and teleporter enemies before they deliver their points, witch results in taking less points from the enemies and acumulating points faster. The bad map, is the new/reworked one. Maybe it is just me that don't know a good strategy for it yet, but my problems are: The obejectives are in a inverted "U" so the enemies take longer to get there, if u go to one side, some enemies go to other, if u choose a side u won't have time to come back before the enemies deliver their points, witch by it self make the index slower, also enemy radar can't really reach both sides if u choose one, nor it can reach the objetive as well. If i'm lucky i can do it in 6 to 8 min, but when i'm unluck it takes more then 10 min, twice the time for the good map. I guess we could argue that u cant say if something is good without the bad, but as i see it, a simple solution would be to let people choose witch map they want to play. I think people who do index are like me, they don't do it for fun, they do for the need, i think there is nothing wrong with that, since this is a grinding game and adquirimg resources is part of it, but i would be more confortable to let us choose the map, i mean, it would reduce pain... Also leting people chose would give DE a pratical feedback about the maps.
  2. When i did Grendel mission, i felt very S#&$y, for what F reason do i F grind in this F grinding game? i asked myself time and time again, specially because i tryed to do it solo and started with the defence... Now u ask me, do i want to repeat? Well, no. But if it was a new game mode, like a new pvp system, i would give it a chance.
  3. Nooo man, we enjoy things, we don't ask for nerfs xD Actually think like that, before, Monkey King was immortal and boring, now he is pretty mortal and fun, enjoy it, play it, be happy!
  4. Same here! The 5 point defence is just very bad...
  5. Look, i kind of agree with you, but Hydroid kit kind of makes sense, what i think is that it just needs to be better... I'm not totally agains a full rework, but i see Hydroid more like a thematic frame, he doesn't need to be reeeeally good, but he should be better then he is right. I can play him using all his abillities, of course i needed to do a full umbral build 190 str + Rage + Arcane Guardian + Arcane Grace + Magus repair + Melee in hand 90% of the time, i can hunt lv5 lich with him (of course, i control the adds, and use a primary or secundary to kill the lich it self)... His undertow and tidal charce are fun to use and cam be combined, i don't use undertow to kill, i use it for defence, for knockdown enemies and for catch enemies, tidal surge is a second panic button or a way to move undertow. i can cast tempest barrage and tentacle swarm to CC and also use then inside undertow. I see a synergy in everything there, it is also fun, but not very strong, specially when i have to use a umbral build to be more confortable.
  6. You know, Undertow can kill 165 corrupted heavy guns, it just teakes about 10 secs, witch is very long for the game standarts... It really makes me think that his current skill sets aren't really bad, but almos all of it needs a few tweeks...
  7. People this is a Grind game, complain about it is like rain in the water...
  8. U still didn't answer! I don't care for the meta, u said that operators make warframes unkillable, if i choose a mag and have an operator, by what U said it should be unkillable... man some times u people get nuts!
  9. Alright, u r right, but even so i would play a khora insted, and the funny thing is, that i have seen way more khoras then hydroids at regular plays and also in farms. Although some changes woudn't be very bad for him too...
  10. No, really, explain, how do operators make warframes unkillable? i'm curious... because i don't think it is true... Unless u never did high content, do 2 hour arbitration survival with a saryn, then tel me how u survived it... i'm really curious... with just one hour bombards and sniper starts to one hit u... U are wrong pal, there is a topic here in the foruns explaining how quick thinking works, i my self made the question once my Sarin started to get one shot without lose her energy, it is crazy, but enemies can do so much damage that u won't even lose your energy when u die.
  11. With out the operators we still have energy plates and arcane energize... But i'm not against having lots of energy, i like to use warframe habilities, would be boring have frames without their abilities to use, everybody would just use inaros then...
  12. How so? do u mind in explain? As fasr as know, Quick Thinking can get one shot, u see, if the damage goes beyond health and energy drain u still get one shot, i didn't kown that operator could make u unkillable...
  13. For some warframes quick thinking is really good, for other it just give a bit more of time, but what if we have a mod that negates hit kill every 30 sec and only works when u loose all your health or equivalent in one shot/hit. What you guys think about it? I think it would be fun, it would make squish frame more usable xD
  14. Seen how much kuva the lichs drop, i don't ses why worry that people will do lichs to farm kuva, so u could add kuva to lvl 5 lichs too iguess.
  15. In 2017 there was this post, and it must be seen again, because it is still thrue!!: -FrutyX- Hello there ! It's been a long time I really wanted to make a feedback for this mission/map . So,to be totally honest,this map is a huge fail as a defense map,the reasons are simple : Enemies getting a lot stuck , the whole map is very slowing the time to finish a wave and it contains multiple defense positions. Many but many times we agreed with even random guys I never seen that this map is bad as a defense , I am trying to say I am not alone who feels the same as me. For lazy players (and not only lazy) it's pretty annoying to swap the defense positions and run to another point every single wave,this is propably a question of comfort,but still... Enemies are stuck on multiple places or it seems they just "wander" somewhere (not sure how to explain it,but everytime we must find them). Also it seems it is very slow,I keep thinking why,well one reason is enemies getting stuck as said before,but it is propably also about the map size. So to end this,I think this map is very uncomfortable for a defense type mission and it should stay only as an interception / mobile defense ,but that's everything. I believe I will find on forums some peoples with the same problem as me,or ? I doubt DE are going to change the mission node just because of my feedback , but still ,keep that in mind please , I wouldn't talk about this map much,but it seems a NEO Void fissure mission likes this map very often (another reason) . --------------- So let there be a change, pls DE!
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