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  1. I was really expecting for a end game aproach in this TennoCon, i mean half of last year and this year by itself has been hard on DE, and i even watched Steve sometimes talk about it in some sort of regrett tone, wich lead me to think about DE starting to do some more safe moves insted of risk one. I mean focus on what is asked insted of trying to blow minds. In Heart of Deimos they worked in their "confort zone" and even did more, improving machanics,adding new mechanics, and what a art work was that right? But will it try to brave through the end game waters? What do u guys think?
  2. I will be short because this is not my natural language... So please deal with it... When a sentinel dies and ressurect, while playng with octavia, it won't get invisible again, unless u die or let the invisibility buff ends and reaply it. When u try to reaply invisibility buff without letting it end, the sentinel won't get invisible, this puts octavia in a very dangerous position. Sorry if there is another bug report like that, i just coudn't find one.
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