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  1. There no place for a more generalist feed back, so i will put it here... I like HoD but it is also disapointing. It is a very better version of open world we had so far. But, grinding seens to be harder now, even for me (MR29), wich is exalsting and doesn't motivate me to play... Eidolons has hunting limitations, only doable at night and night is short, it was allways a barrier in my mood for play it. Fortuna orb mothers are ok, but i have no reason to farm then. And now Necramechs are behind the isolation vaults wich has a order rotation that bugs all the time and
  2. TYPE: [In-Game, Chat] DESCRIPTION: [can't do isolation vault R3 in HoD, every mother on the map won't give me the mission after conclude R2, even in the same worm rotation] VISUAL: [This is where you would add your screenshot or video] REPRODUCTION: [all the time, actually i never did R3 isolation vault] EXPECTED RESULT: [i should be able to select the isolation vault R3 with mother after completing isolation vault R2] OBSERVED RESULT: [she only offer regular bounts or the 3 bounts] REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% so far
  3. So what i think about Xaku so far... 1 - The thing(he/she) is just too slow to cast skills, it's animations are slow even with natural talent... It hugely impact skill 2 and 3. 2 - Insted of 3 skill in one skill slot, just put one, ok? i think noboddy likes this amalgamation of skills, it is bad to use, it makes xaku slower yet. Just let defense strip skill, delete the others, people won't use other skills anyways (they are slow and bad, espcially the bean (it is veeeery bad, damage skills like so can't compete with weapons (true story)))... 3 - 4th skill is subpar, it would be
  4. 10 necrothings for the first level is too much... this expansion looks very cool, but the grind is insanely bad... And conservation, forget it... really... man, it is no longer a rep farm, pure slave labor for that brother duche...
  5. Ha! Man! Seriously! ...and then youtube sugested me to watch a new vid from playwarframe youtube channel. It was so fake advertised than i though to my self "i will never play this slot-machine-gamblery-without-endgame game" and then i realised that i already have 3k+ hours in it lol. What is up with this add?!?! C'mom Man!! As always, sorry for the bad english xD
  6. 19 August update: Maaaan again the same S#&$ parameter for nerfs: #*!%ing usage... Why??? Does the everything really needs to have the same usage? I mean does everythings needs to be the same poop instead of great? Man those nerfs won't change S#&$, because there is a big diference in abilities quality there... but the way DE nerfs stuff is painfull... U can't have preferences, unless they are unpopular...
  7. Yes, but mirage eclipse is unreliable... and as u said, armor buff works for frames with high armor base only. Wukong defy would be the best option, but i don't how good would that be with low armor frame too...
  8. I tryed to enjoy the new UI, i really did, but i can't i, don't like it. Also if u (DE) won't change it overall, at least yellow line the top status and the missions end. But i didn't like the new UI... really... i didn't... i tryed, but no ty...
  9. I didn't see any dmg reduction abilities in the list (correct me if i'm wrong here), maybe we could have Mesa's Shatter Shield, or Gara's Splinter Storm e even Zephyr Turbulence. Actually the only damage reduction we have here is Novas, but it is very restrictive since it needs a lot of duration and can't be recasted or refiled without a nova. Ps. Splinter storm won't scale damege without other gara skills
  10. Yes, chaging the most used weapon "X" for the most usable weapon "Y" hardly makes any diference, now a day i'm more prone to use rivenless good weapons then those that "need" a riven for work. (even if i still use rivens, loosing it wouldn't make a big diference) Yes, but i was prepared for that since gram prime release, i just used it as an exemple, my favorite melee is nikana prime, since its riven can't be nerfed and so i won't feel sad with it xD i'm quite sure they did, i might be wrong though... i read all your post, even if it seens that we are talking too diferently, it
  11. I guess problem is that i can destroy new content like they are nothing... at most a couple weeks and no more content.
  12. I don't even know what to answer kkkkkk... so sad... but true, few days ago i made my concept frame...
  13. I enjoyed Steel Path, but it ended fast, if the whole game had the same dificulty or higher i would be really happy with it. End Game is not so nebulous,as i see DE has been working for making the gamemore predictable and consistant. I hop, that something is been happening not too late. I am MR29, do really think that i don't know what this game is? Or that i want to choose another game to start over and have a endgame in another game, i don't. I like warframe, it can be better, just it, and i'm asking for opinionn, not making demands. Wouldn't you like more content and that it can be fun
  14. I was really expecting for a end game aproach in this TennoCon, i mean half of last year and this year by itself has been hard on DE, and i even watched Steve sometimes talk about it in some sort of regrett tone, wich lead me to think about DE starting to do some more safe moves insted of risk one. I mean focus on what is asked insted of trying to blow minds. In Heart of Deimos they worked in their "confort zone" and even did more, improving machanics,adding new mechanics, and what a art work was that right? But will it try to brave through the end game waters? What do u guys think?
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