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  1. Melee: Its is ok for me, i thought it would be stronger (what i didn't want to), so i am happy with how it is now. Guns: For the strong weapons it is fine, for the weak, it doesn't make much diference. Actually in higher lvls (SP) it won't change that much. Altought i didn't tested the arcanes yet to be honest, so it can be taken as a review just for the mods. Weak are stil weak, strong guns got stronger. Personally, arcanes adapaters are expensive, because we have lots of guns. I would reather buy a BP, and have a few steel essence as material, also use vitus as an alternative (not one plus the other) material would be good too.
  2. I didn't use the gun very much so i won't talk about it. About Yareli: Passive is OK, not great, not bad, given that she really needs a sort of boost when using 2. 1- I like it very much, it works well as cc increasing her survival, and the damage seens to be apropriate, not very high, but can kill low lvl enemies. 2- Here things get complicated, the damage reductions is too smal, and we can't upgrade it. The board in it self is as cluncky as any board, i think DE thought it would offer variaty, but mobillity is very important in this game, and using the board is nightmere, you get stuck all the time (unless you are really a pro at K-drives). 3- Why use it? It is hard to hit enemies with it, not very strong, doesn't have great range, the only good side is that it will CC enemies shortly, this skill is a barb wire in nut shell. 4- Not bad, not good, damage is not very great, the CC is reasonable, but i would reather just use 1. It is not bad, its is just not a "ulti" skill. If we use 2 and span 1, we can play her. But DE, you didn't give us a DPS, TANK, CC, STEALTH or SPEED frame, she can't do any of this roles, on top of that she can't really use melees without loosing her identity. I guess she would be beste use as a CC, but even so she would strugle at higher lvls. IMO a simple solution, is to increase her damage reduction to 90% (like Nezha's), re-do the 3th skill, and amplify the 4h skill base range and duration. The aim would be for her to get abit more o tankness, and CC. Actually her 3 could be a skill that make her melee fly around her, dealing the melees equiped as base damage. (it is just an idea)
  3. I'm quoting my self because i want to add one thing: Pls, make liches like the sister's hounds, stronger but more murmur rewarding pls.
  4. My review: Positives: Murmurs are easier and faster to get; weapons are good, some better than others, but all good. The sisters lines are fun. The new parazon mod and ultimatun are very good. Negatives: Melee are hard to farm and are very troublesome to get the version you would want. It is very hard to get the sister with the weapons you want, specially if you are farming a singular one, it can take hours to find the gun (it could be improved). Sister's kill animation are 100% bugged, and Parvos voice is to morose, almost like as if his so old that he is loosing his speaching skills. Overal, i liked old blood, and i also like this update, but would be nice to have a "better RNG", specially related to guns tipes, maybe make them follow an unrepeatable order (Idk).
  5. Yes, you can summon Necramechs in railjack defence missions.
  6. They are both ok i guess... But a bit disapointing. I like the idea of warframes with cooldown abilities instead of energy cost, but Lavos is a bit disapointing because i don't feel him as a real alchemyst, also his abilities are a bit lacking, i mean people defends him because he can spread a lot of status, but i feel he is not very efficient at it, and also his ability are not very impactfull. His 1 is a good ability, as a recouver hability. His 2 ability is very wierd, is it a delayed status skill? I never know if i'm hiting the enemies, also dash skills in general don't feel very good to me, specially when i could have killed the enemies with time i spent dashing... His 3 seens that doesn't do much damage, doesn't reduce the CD very much, and converts energy orbs to energy+health orb and makes ammo universal, and aply status to enemies. It is not a bad skill, but lavos doesn't need energy, it has a recovery skill (1), and i very rarelly need ammo unless i want to build the archguns. but it is a good skill in general. His 4 can be a good damaging skill at lower to mid level content, and spreads damage and status in a good area, not bad not good skill. 1- Good, 2- Bad, 3- Good, 4- Medium. He also has a very good amount of Health and Armor. And his passive skill is sold as high potential abillity, but in actuallity it is cluncky to use. Lavos is not bad, but lacks the "alchemist" theme, he is much more a tank frame with some status spreading skills as diferential, he can have a suport value as well (but lets not talk about real value of suport in the game right now). And that is the most dispointing point about him. Sevagoth deliver his theme all the way but what really disapoints me are his base status and the lack of efficience of his first 2 skill. His 1 and 2 are ment to be a combo, but they don't do much damage, i really like then, especialy skill 2, but it is not worth use then unless you just want to increase 4ths skill gouge. His 3 is a very good skill, it is as it supose to be i think, if you want to really slow enemies your will lose some atributes to other skill, and also it has a hight energy cost. His 4 tought, with the current state of melees is it really worth to use exauted skill? There is some exalted that are very worth in the game, but i don't think this is one of those, but at least it is thematic and therefore can be fun to use. Also shadows 1 and 2 are ok, they can be very good, but you will have to sacrifice gloom max potential for that, i mean, you will have to lose a bit of str and increase range and efficiacy (IMO). 1- Bad, 2- Medium, 3- SSS-rank, 4- Good His Hp and energy are lower than what would be optimal for him, his armor is workable. He is a good frame, but can easily be seens as just one more melee slave, emperor of E. Except for 3 (gloom) all his abilities doesn't do that much to really hurt or efect the enemies, witch is odd, because on paper all his abilities sounds very good. I think DE really put a lot dedication in it but, before release he passed for serious amount of nerf and he became like that. He is good, but it feels like his real potential wasn't reached.
  7. Hey man, i won't answer all the points you mention because, as metter of fact, lots of things are indeed subjective, are a metter of opnions. But about the necramech leveling, i didn't do orphix venon event, i just came back to the game, but if the only satfisfying way to level the necramechs are at the event, or been rushed by other then it sucks (IMO). And just for me to check here, the ways to level it is: 1-Playing in open worlds (especially Fortuna and NecraVaults), 2- Orphix Venon Event, 3- Orphyx Missions (nobody plays them enymore), 4- A defence mission that nobody plays. Or are there other ways?
  8. And the timer is really tight if you are leveling or with noobs, so it has i hight chance to fail, especially if you try to do it endless, you have no room to manage it, bucause it is f-timed... it kinda sucks...
  9. U can try to follow Steve DE at twitch, usually he streams before the update.
  10. Here i will just give my feedback on how i see and feel about the necramech: 1- I think they are cool, they are indeed. But they are weak, and can't be used in big majority of missions, witch is very disapointing. 2- Leveling them is hell, i mean, it is pure suffering, look i'm mr30, witch means i'm fond of leveling stuff and grinding, leveling necramech is dull, not fun, disestimulating - i don't think i will level my necramechs completely until this problem is solved (or ever). 3- Even with affinity x4 i didn't like to level them, witch came as a realisation to me, i'm getting prejudicial about necramechs... (IMO) A simple solution, would be for us to use necramechs like we use the archguns. Here i will just give my feedback on how i see and feel about the New Railjack: 1- It is almost the same, the biggest diference are the crew, void mission, and new missions. 2- The crew is very good, but it would be good if they could use the forge and shot the ordinance, muiti-task that is the real thing about the railjack. 3- Void missions are ok? No, they are much longer than regular void missions, or at least they few so, and people now a days are all about time, so i very rarelly found people doing them... 4- New missions (fire extinguishing and orphix): They are a bit hard, i mean, both of then involves time maneging with dead lines, i don't like them at all, why both missions needs to be like that? 5- Give me more ordenance shells when i'm playing railjack solo, pls!!
  11. I don't think sentinel are bad, every companion are not very usefull in combat, but they shine with their functions. I mean, we can hack and slash everything in the game, why do we need another thing to do damage? Sentinels best quallity is shield recharge (IMO). They can die fast? Yes, but if u mod then correctlly u can have the forever, specially Djin. But if we could make then ress more reliably would be better.
  12. I see your point, but for me i like having more and more warframes, even if i wont use all of then. Some times is good to have a variaty, just to have fun playing a diferent warframe, what i don't like though, is when the frames have no really interesting, very weak abillities, or no survivability abilities. As for monney making, every companny needs to make money and DE is no diferent, and there is nothing wrong with that (IMO)
  13. Who needs support when you can hack and slash everything in the game very easily? Honestly, for me (mr30 with more than 3k hours in the game), i don't even see reason to persue the super meta builds, i can destroy everything in my way without sweeting with "a-ok" builds...
  14. I think we don't have Demons and Angels frames because that is reserved for the tenno himself, but i like the idea, especially if it is two warframes one being an angel and other a demon and in the lore they are rivals. Also not everything the involves relegion needs to be a problem guys, so chill a bit ok? lol
  15. Oh, who would that person be? I really don't know, share the gossip. xD
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