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  1. There no place for a more generalist feed back, so i will put it here...


    I like HoD but it is also disapointing.

    It is a very better version of open world we had so far. But, grinding seens to be harder now, even for me (MR29), wich is exalsting and doesn't motivate me to play...


    Eidolons has hunting limitations, only doable at night and night is short, it was allways a barrier in my mood for play it. Fortuna orb mothers are ok, but i have no reason to farm then. And now Necramechs are behind the isolation vaults wich has a order rotation that bugs all the time and resets with the worm cycle (man that sucks). I can't do rank 3 because the quest always bugs, mother won't show the R3 quest even when i completed R2 and i'm at the same worm cycle. Why can't i start at R3? and man Necramechs pieces drops sucks, i gues people only got their necramechs thanks to the initial drop exploit.


    Conservation is just bad, usually i would like to farm rep doing conservation as i did in Fortuna, but there is no way of doing it i HoD, duche bag brother coins are ridiculous expensive.


    And endeless bounty is to slow and easy, we need more options pls.


    Good sides:

    Map is gorgeous, enemies are fun, it can be chalenging. I see a spark of a new mode there (DE be brave, give us what we want hehehe).

    Best open world by far... (the others kind of suck... but this is good)

    • TYPE:  [In-Game, Chat]
    • DESCRIPTION: [can't do isolation vault R3 in HoD, every mother on the map won't give me the mission after conclude R2, even in the same worm rotation]
    • VISUAL: [This is where you would add your screenshot or video]
    • REPRODUCTION: [all the time, actually i never did R3 isolation vault]
    • EXPECTED RESULT: [i should be able to select the isolation vault R3 with mother after completing isolation vault R2]
    • OBSERVED RESULT: [she only offer regular bounts or the 3 bounts]
    • REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% so far
  2. So what i think about Xaku so far...

    1 - The thing(he/she) is just too slow to cast skills, it's animations are slow even with natural talent... It hugely impact skill 2 and 3.

    2 - Insted of 3 skill in one skill slot, just put one, ok? i think noboddy likes this amalgamation of skills, it is bad to use, it makes xaku slower yet. Just let defense strip skill, delete the others, people won't use other skills anyways (they are slow and bad, espcially the bean (it is veeeery bad, damage skills like so can't compete with weapons (true story)))...

    3 - 4th skill is subpar, it would be fine if it was a 2nd skill, lets be honest here, the skill isn't bad, it just doesn't offer much, it is unecessary in low lvl missions and "meaningless" in high lvl missions. It could have a better duration, lower cost, and more effective ( dogde explosion doesnt make sense, so make it 75% dodge + 90% damage reduction, then it will be a good ult). Also what have u been drinking DE?? Second warframe in a roll with useless damage associated with the ult.

    4 - i don't know why i would use 1st skill (but is better then lots 1st skills i guess), 2nd skill is ridiculous slow and u need to be in melee range, also its damage is debateble.

    5 - Loking in its whole kit, for what reason would i use this warframe? Is it good in something? Personally i prefer Hydroid (take that is an ofense)...

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  3. Ha! Man! Seriously!

    ...and then youtube sugested me to watch a new vid from playwarframe youtube channel. It was so fake advertised than i though to my self "i will never play this slot-machine-gamblery-without-endgame game" and then i realised that i already have 3k+ hours in it lol.

    What is up with this add?!?!

    C'mom Man!!



    As always, sorry for the bad english xD

  4. 19 August update:


    Maaaan again the same S#&$ parameter for nerfs: #*!%ing usage... Why??? Does the everything really needs to have the same usage? I mean does everythings needs to be the same poop instead of great?

    Man those nerfs won't change S#&$, because there is a big diference in abilities quality there... but the way DE nerfs stuff is painfull... U can't have preferences, unless they are unpopular...

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  5. 6 hours ago, Aralicia said:

    Mirage's Eclipse grant up to 75% damage reduction if you stay in the shadow.

    There also are a few abilities in the list that increase armor, which is in effect a form of damage reduction.
    Chroma's Elemental Ward gives +150% base armor when in cold alignment
    Valkyr's Warcry gives +50% base armor to all allies in range of the cry.
    Wukong's Defy increase the frame's armor based on damage absorbed during the taunt, up to 1500.
    Of course, both Chroma & Valkyr abilities does not work really well with frames that have a low base armor.

    Yes, but mirage eclipse is unreliable... and as u said, armor buff works for frames with high armor base only. Wukong defy would be the best option, but i don't how good would that be with low armor frame too...


  6. I didn't see any dmg reduction abilities in the list (correct me if i'm wrong here), maybe we could have Mesa's Shatter Shield, or Gara's Splinter Storm e even Zephyr Turbulence.

    Actually the only damage reduction we have here is Novas, but it is very restrictive since it needs a lot of duration and can't be recasted or refiled without a nova.

    Ps. Splinter storm won't scale damege without other gara skills

  7. On 2020-08-08 at 10:25 AM, Aldain said:

    Riven mods are a band-aid that are preventing any form of persistent weapon balancing and only serve as a plat sink for the overzealous spenders who chase meta weapons and then is surprised when the Riven dispositions of said weapons are reduced.

    Yes, chaging the most used weapon "X" for the most usable weapon "Y" hardly makes any diference, now a day i'm more prone to use rivenless good weapons then those that "need" a riven for work. (even if i still use rivens, loosing it wouldn't make a big diference)

    On 2020-08-08 at 10:20 AM, Traumtulpe said:

    I have got bad news for you, you have been severely spoiled. The Gram Prime is the BEST heavy blade in the game (by quite a margin). It was considered the BEST melee weapon in the entire game at introduction. It's disposition has always been far too high, and it will continue to drop.

    Yes, but i was prepared for that since gram prime release, i just used it as an exemple, my favorite melee is nikana prime, since its riven can't be nerfed and so i won't feel sad with it xD

    On 2020-08-06 at 12:30 PM, (XB1)KayAitch said:

    That isn't what DE have said

    i'm quite sure they did, i might be wrong though... i read all your post, even if it seens that we are talking too diferently, it isn't really the case. i understand that the riven works is primarily reajusted by usage/populaty, but that is my main complaint about it - IMO the "cons" of it is bigger than the "pros".

  8. 4 hours ago, Butterfly85 said:

    Warframe is an open ended game, like Wow or Lineage 2. It will only end  when the devs call time I guess 🤷‍♀️

    I guess problem is that i can destroy new content like they are nothing... at most a couple weeks and no more content.

  9. 5 minutes ago, pook-pook said:

    You need to more clearly define what you believe an end game is.

    From what you've written, I think it's where you take your character to a point where there is no gameplay following it? You're asking for that in the wrong game. This game is designed around not having an ending.

    From what you've written, I think you're also hinting at higher challenges? I also get the feeling that you didn't find Steel Path challenging or fun?

    It might be that you're playing the wrong game.

    I enjoyed Steel Path, but it ended fast, if the whole game had the same dificulty or higher i would be really happy with it. End Game is not so nebulous,as i see DE has been working for making the gamemore predictable and consistant. I hop, that something is been happening not too late.

    I am MR29, do really think that i don't know what this game is? Or that i want to choose another game to start over and have a endgame in another game, i don't. I like warframe, it can be better, just it, and i'm asking for opinionn, not making demands. Wouldn't you like more content and that it can be fun and challenging?

    10 minutes ago, Marvelous_A said:

    End game is a myth. Like what the guy above said you should look into other games if you want an end game.

    Too pessimistic, people can learn so DE can change a bit too, just because i want end game should i choose another game? Witch mean you don't want end game for warframe? will you change game too? 

    14 minutes ago, trst said:

    Honestly I can't see us ever getting a true "end-game" type of content without the game getting some massive overhauls to balance it or DE deciding to, for once, require us to use our immensely broken tools and tell everyone who isn't able/willing to put meta builds together to deal with it or don't play the content. As opposed to making the content then dumbing it down to appease the crowd complaining about it.

    Overhauling the game would be a massive undertaking and excluding the casual audience they've been targeting this entire time is a bad decision financially.

    I get your point, but i think DE has been doing it slowlly, and considering past experiences i think somithing is out there, but it can be me just been naive.

    7 minutes ago, Cocarum said:

    remember you are playing Warframe one of the easiest game ever.

    maybe do you want a content for 8-10 people right? me too! but in this game people dont know how to do a good build for they're warframes or weapons so... yeah... probably it's better if you play another game like me.

    Funny enough, when i started to play this game it was hard, Uranus was a very hard map for me, good memories... I just think something is happening there, but people has been really pessimistic...

  10. I was really expecting for a end game aproach in this TennoCon, i mean half of last year and this year by itself has been hard on DE, and i even watched Steve sometimes talk about it in some sort of regrett tone, wich lead me to think about DE starting to do some more safe moves insted of risk one. I mean focus on what is asked insted of trying to blow minds.

    In Heart of Deimos they worked in their "confort zone" and even did more, improving machanics,adding new mechanics, and what a art work was that right? But will it try to brave through the end game waters? What do u guys think?

    To be honest when i saw the mecha i thoght, i can do better with many of my setups, i mean i'm MR29 and have a bit of expience in these game, lvl 40 or 80 mobs are nothing to me. They even made possible for us to buff our frames with other frames abilities, like a need more power, now-a-days i pray for nerfs, not buff.

    Don't take this topic as a (bad intentionned) criticism, i loved all TennoCon, really, art section was AMAZING!

    What do u guys think, are we heading for a EndGame or not? Story for this Update sure seens solid, much more then Fortuna, but what about what people like me, that has done everything in the game really needs? Will we finaly get it? 




    At this pont the topic lost its meaning, people are just talking about what End Game is, trully i don't care what it is, or telling me to change game (wtf right?). The question was pretty simple - Will we have an end game (in your opnion)? wich is officially recognized as such by players and DE. What kind of endgame trully doesn't metter, because as i see, what was put in TennoCon give me a bit of hope... I'm sorry for the rant.


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  11. 1 hour ago, Tyreaus said:

    But that's also frightening, because I don't think anybody knows for sure how Riven-lovers would react to those sorts of changes. So I'm not holding my breath.

    I agree with all the rest that u said, and just selected this line to complement, or better saying, imputing my opinion about this last line. The game can't always favor or please everyboddy, but it should strive for its own good sometimes... We could argue that geting money is important, but having a health financial future is more important yet (IMO), in other words, i think it is already passed the time for warframe to figure out the "in game" math, and having a better planing on these things insted of letting things go as they make it self. (anyways, i'm getting off topic i guess).

    I aprecciate your time and opnion. ty.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Marine027 said:

    My opoinion, they should be removed, they were claiemd to buff old weapons but they don't, 300% damage on pistol with low stats won't do much while a strong weapon with 120 damge will already outperform it again.

    They rather should adjust stats instead of changing a mod every goddamn time it gets overused. But who i am talking to, DE not palys there own game to know how any weapon works, or having beta testers for that, a good company and free but it not excuces how they treat this like some science project every month or so, changing something and lookign how reactions happen.

    I won't disagree, because it is your opinion and should be respected. Like you, i would like that all guns could perform well, although i like the riven idea, it has been misused and as such i wouldn't mind much if they got taken away... 

  13. Since Rivens are for weapons i will put my feedback on then here.

    As i understand DE explanation for Rivens existance is for equilize/calibrate weapons power, efficiancy and/or usage.

    The thing that botters me is the "usage" - As i see it, when a weapon get over used insted of others, and i mean like it was with Kuva Brahma when almost everyone was using it 100% of the time, it is fair to nerf (because it was OP even without a riven). But when "usage" becomes the main consideration for all weapons in game it becomes a problem (IMO). For example Gram Prime is a very good weapon, if u have a good riven for it, with out it i would never touch it, it is too slow for me and if i can't counter balace it or have a speed another atribute riven it won't be worth for me, due to the melee weapon variety in game, so if Gram Prime riven keeps geting nerfs the weapon won't be usable anymore.

    I think, when a riven nerf or up is to be done, Efficiency and Power should be the main atributte to be analised and forget Usage. I know that we could put it in a stream/chain and say one leads the other, but i don't feel that it is exactly true. Take Kronen Prime for exemple, it isn't the strongst melee in game, it is in the same level of manny other, but because it is the prefered weapon of few youtubers it became popular and got a riven nerf, if Kornen Prime was to be nerfed all 25+ status/crit wepons wich share near same level of atributes should be nerfed as well. (to be honest weapons like Kronen Prime should have lowest dispo riven, since they are already very strong without rivens, and i mean it, i personally like to use Nikana Prime because i know its riven won't be nerfed and is already OP). 

    So, in resume, i would like Rivens to be a balancing tool, for making weak weapons usabe, and not a maket tool.  


    Edit: Sorry for bad english

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  14. 1 hour ago, (PS4)Sky_Warrior685 said:

    The concept is what I like. Now obviously, the warframes are restricted in some way. Is there some background that tells why Immortal can't use weapons? And is there an easier way of getting back all the energy required to cast the abilities again?

    I'm not gonna focus on the shields and hp, though, those should probably be given a tweak. I'm gonna focus on Immortal's energy. His energy is 900. His 1st (if all swords are to be destroyed), 2nd (if held), 3rd and 4th abilities have a cost of 900 energy. When [the] player uses the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th ability, they would not have any energy left and essentially would be left to die. Perhaps reduce the energy cap, along with the required energy for the abilities. And let the warframe have a way of getting more energy if the energy cap isn't toned down. It needs to survive somehow. Overall, okay concept. Just needs to be manageable so you can at least complete a mission.

    Hi, the thing is, since i have played the game for a long time my concepts may have some hard to achive play way (or maybe not, idk).

    1- Imortal won't use regular weapons because he doesn't need, it ways put him stray of his immortal path.

    2- All Immortal's skills are suposed to be very strong, so the high energy should work as a justification for that, and also a way to not make him excessivelly op, i mean not be a spamable monster, Also when i imagened Immortal i did it with arcane grace and a efficient build possibillity. Also, we have to keep in mind that now a days it is pretty easy to be alive in warframe specially with a melee in hand and a small shield. Also both frames have tons of armor, i mean, it is a HUGE damage reduction, and i only did that because steel path made me rethink some things.

    Also the main thing of both frames Arsenal and Immortal are to try to stray from confort zones and have fun (althought they can be really resistant), as i see i could make diferent builds for both, and have chalenges with'em.

    3- Ty for your opnions and feedback.


    As always, sorry for the bad english 

  15. Since Broken Warframe is going to be reveled in TennoCon, i decided to show my own concepts of warframes that have been in my mind for some time already, but i never took the corage and efort to write it down and show. ( it probably will never be a thing, but it was fun to do).



    I imagined Arsenal as a full mechanic warframe, steam punk style robot warrior. This warframe is a weapons specialist of sort.

    HP: 2000, no energy, no shields, Armor: 1000.

    Passive: “Bio-Mechanical Miracle” – Arsenal always has 2000 Hp, it is not afected by HP mods or HP skills and has a 3s invulnerability when he loses 200hp, also Arsenal can scanvage parts from enemies or enemies weapons to recouver a bits of HP. (As he is very mechanical, he has his own safety mechanisms and isn’t efected by HP mods and HP skills)

    First Skill: “Roulette”(No energy cost, no CD) – Arsenal have 9 pre-selected weapons, to only apear when “Roulete” is active (so he would have 2 more primary, secundary, and melee to select, to only be available when roulet is active). Roulette will forcebly change your weapons every 10 sec, each time “Roulette” changes a weapon, it will double one Randon atribute of the weapon (Crit/Crit Damage/ Status/ Fire Rate/ Elemental damage/ IPS Damage) acumalativelly for each weapon.

    Second Skill: “Reversal Maneuver” (no energy cost, “Roulet” weapon changed + 10sec CD) – This skill allow Arsenal reverse Roulette order.

    Third Skill: “Overdrive” (no energy cost, no CD, no duration) – This skill gives Arsenal 5% damage reduction for 10sec for each time “Roulette” changed his weapons (acumulative until 95% and all acumulated time). “Overdrive” Resets all bônus from “Roulette”.   

    Fourth Skill: “Arsenal” (no energy cost, 5min CD, 1min duration not affected by mods) – Summon a arsenal to change equippament during mission and offer a 5 meter invulnerability area for the time that it is in game.

    Arsenal is not disgned to be good, but to be fun and make guns more viable.



    Immortal is a chinese fantasy themed warframe. Immortals are followers of the way of Heaven’s thruth, the followers of the “Dao”. Immortals aren’t monks, They are highly hypocritical e and murderous entities, immortals passed their entire life time trying to comprehend the havens and havens’s will through murder and meditation always followed by selfmade beliefs of what is right, honor and meta, or what their way is.  

    Shields: 90, Armor 900, Energy 900, Hp 90.

    Passive: “Nine Celestial Swords of Purity” – Immortal is imune to status effects and have his energy leeched. It is also protected by his 9 flying swords. Each times his HP reachs 0 his loses one sword and recouver to full HP. Immortal cannot use weapons (no primary, melees or secundaries), his “Nine Celestial Swords of Purity” work as a long ranged melee (they are flying swords after all).

    First Skill:  “Yellow/Huang” (energy cost: 100 energy for each sword destroyed) – Recouver destroyed flying swords – Master the begining to conquer the end!

    Second Skill: “Human/Mortal” (energy cost: 100 per clone (9 max). Duration 9 sec) – Create 9 indestructable clones / Hold once to cast all clones possibles, hold twice to consume clones and gain 100 armor per clone for its duration acumulated – Know yourselves and be more than 10 times strongger!

    Third Skill: “Earth” (energy cost 900, range 30 meter) – Use the “Nine Celestial Swords of Purity” to enconpass through the Earth and obliterate the enemies – 360° area efect hit, and does 9x “Nine Celestial Swords of Purity” damage in the area – Only those who comprehend Earth can destroy it.

    Fourth Skill: “Heaven” (energy cost 900, 9 sec duration) – Become invulnerable, kill each enemie with one hit – Cut through the havens and become an Immortal!

    Well by now u should guess that clones are a thing in chinese XuanHua novels, despite their lack of morals and character those chinese novels are fun, that is why i always thoght about a warframe like this (even with alread have a Nezha and Wukong)


    To be honest i would like to have both... well, dream is a free thing right? hahaha


    Sorry for the bad english.

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