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  1. Alad V boss fight frozen. Alad & zanuka do not move making them easy to kill.
  2. They don't want devs to work overhours to push this update out. Just be patient it will be here soon.
  3. There should be a "Revive" explaining mechanic to the players seen most players just stand around not knowing how to revive and the person dead just DCS. Also I think because a "Revive" mechanic is in should halt disconnects for 20seconds so the players can revive the player dead.
  4. Just sitting in that equinox prime waiting room patiently.
  5. Most likely its on the devbuild and they gotta push the content update to live.
  6. Converting it to english means: aheehtltedaebddv Hmm?? We wait for the Deck 12 door.
  7. I agree this does need to change, 2gb ram is way too low they need to change it to 8GB
  8. Would love a twitch drop if It worked for my account.
  9. Will we get a ostron bounty npc or bounty board outside in the plains just for QOL from fortuna?
  10. No this is not true. All you will need is venus junction and the nodes up to fortuna completed (Just get venus done)
  11. See you guys next week! hopefully showcasing fortuna.
  12. If there are server upgrades, Fortuna won't be out until the 5th or 6th. Also confirmed on prime time its not this week.
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