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  1. It'd be cool to see a High Five emote. Or a Fist Bump.
  2. Not really random, but I've been working on an Infested Assassin Warframe to go with my Infested Open World concept. It can be found here, in my original post: I just added the Warframe today, and I'm still regularly updating this thread with new ideas for Infested content.
  3. No doubt! That's exactly what I was thinking it'd look like. I hope someone from DE sees this thread and considers some of these ideas.
  4. I like those ideas, especially the one about the Jordas Golem event, that'd be really cool. I was thinking instead of them being immune to the infested, though, it's just that they're really cautious; they have their biodome and they only leave in hazmat suits, but part of the air of imminent doom is that they could be consumed by the infestation they study at any point. As for what you said about advanced infested weapons, I agree; the vandal and wraith weapons are both faction specific and generally better all-around that their regular counterparts, and I think they should buff the Mutalist weapons to be the same principle, but for Infested. I also think that this open world concept would be the perfect place to introduce a new infested Warframe as well, but more of an assassin-type, venomous Infested Warframe, whereas Nidus is more of a tank/AOE frame. I can't remember whom, but I was recently talking to someone who had a really good idea for an Infested Assassin Frame.
  5. Word, I see what you're saying. It's that exact kind of stuff that drives me to play predominantly shooters to begin with, lol. I'm glad you liked my ideas. I think they're exactly the kind of strategy oriented mechanics the Infested need to not be so mindless vis a vis combat strategy (of course, they'll still be mindless otherwise, lol). Did you see the Quest concept I just added?
  6. True, but there are certain underutilized mechanics, such as how the Desert Skates and Lephantis dive underground, and no other enemy does that. Plus there are a few other unique ideas for creature combat mechanics I introduced with my creatures. I think that should be the Infested's gimmick, is strangely mutated creatures with weird attack functions, such as my "Sporeburst" creature concept and its shower of explosive spores. Stuff like that would make them take more strategy to fight, and not just be a predictable horde running straight at you, and would fit their motif of being horribly mutated and wild.
  7. No doubt. Plus another reason I think it should be Eris is that some of the Infested creatures I described have some pretty challenging tactics, so it'd be more suited to more experienced players. I really like the idea of some infested that have actual tactics and don't just run at you, lol.
  8. Definitely. We desperately need an open world for experienced players. It'd be really good to have some satisfying end-game content. Plus it'd give new players something to look forward to! Yeah, for the open world, the theme would definitely be wilderness and biology. Kind of like an infested safari in an overgrown, dark wilderness. The theme of the city is predominantly scientific study, with a secondary theme being survival. I also think the whole thing should have an underlying horror theme. Steam released from vents builds up in the biodome, creating a foggy atmosphere amidst the Victorian-style buildings; the citizens have an air of doom about them, as though they fear the imminent invasion of the Infestation at any time; the open-world area is dark and bleak, just barren stone with strange Infested vines growing over it and twisted Infested trees and fungi growing from the cracks, with dark, murky pools and desolate, ancient Corpus structures. It'll all be super creepy.
  9. Yeah, no doubt; it'd be a really high-stakes situation, I think it'd be the perfect open-world zone for experienced players. Perhaps Alad V. could make a return as the mad scientist who is attempting to overthrow the Bio Dome to the infested, claiming that he is trying to help them, and that the only way to truly learn about the infested is to become one with them, as he has. That'd actually be an excellent idea for the main quest, I'm gonna work out a few details and add that in the post! I'm glad you like the idea, and thank you for your input! For sure; if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them! I read your thread, and although it's not the direction I was thinking, it's a great idea and questline. I'm hoping we can get the whole community together to collaborate ideas for the perfect, fan-designed, open-world, Infested concept!
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