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  1. technically not even warframe would be "free" then, you still gotta pay for your power & internet bills to play it 😛 i did get a "your twitch prime loot got processed" popup while returning from a mission.
  2. seriously though, you should make up your mind. we got the orbiter christmas deco to be switched on and off all year (and you even made a menu for that! the mask is literally just there in a menu we already had for ages, so why take that away after you literally built a feature to justify letting us have the stuff), i still have an unused amor's arrow lying around, things like harmony ribbons are for us to keep, but some seemingly randomly selected stuff like the mask or mustaches are removed? sorry but that just feels like you can't decide what you want 😕 oh and to the "it makes perfect sense, after all you won't wear your IRL Halloween costume all year because that's just silly" people i just have one thing to say: well and the fact you won't have your christmas deco all over the house all year either because that's just silly 😉
  3. um yeah it should, because each kuva weapon has a random bonus, that's how they work. do you want to take away a gun someone has been using just because they got a new similar one now? do you want to prevent people getting better ones just because they happened to already have gotten one they don't like?
  4. that's suda, and also the same as in the quest, she's captured in the center while hunhow's essentially taking over the whole world around you iirc.
  5. spy mission, triggered the alert, timer ran out while hacking the vault, and i got "stuck" in the hacking animation, unable to shoot, but able to quick melee, with my weapon name in the lower right corner being "parazon". after switching into melee only mode and back i got my weapon back, but the yellow glowy bit of the animation kept floating in front of me till extraction.
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