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  1. 2 hours ago, Traumin said:

    Hunhow's Datascape Captura Scene only displays the captured (I assume) Ordis in the middle; no Hunhow at all.

    that's suda, and also the same as in the quest, she's captured in the center while hunhow's essentially taking over the whole world around you iirc.

  2. spy mission, triggered the alert, timer ran out while hacking the vault, and i got "stuck" in the hacking animation, unable to shoot, but able to quick melee, with my weapon name in the lower right corner being "parazon". after switching into melee only mode and back i got my weapon back, but the yellow glowy bit of the animation kept floating in front of me till extraction.

  3. i'm also stuck at the tomb protector, after spawned i first fought him a bit until he got in a coffin, then one of the big stone guys, then him again, then he coffined and spawned 2 of the stone guys which i had to kill in stealthy+snipey tenno mode (dunno if important, maybe he's stuck because he couldn't see me after they died?) since they were murdering the hell out of my frame, and now he doesn't want to get out of his coffin.

  4. have the same issue here with hildryn since i got her, crashes as soon as i open the abilities screen or hover any of them in the arsenal upgrade view on the left, but mag and any others i have as far as i can tell are fine, can't confirm revenant because i don't have him. had both updates and ran data defrags/cache verifications in between which didn't seem to help nor showed any errors about corrupted files.

    my hardware setup: https://8667a41e-ad6c-4c55-90cb-f199633ca2c4.htmlpasta.com/

  5. On 2019-01-04 at 10:29 AM, VicenteMMOS said:

    kindly requesting DE to port Warframe into Linux OS

    yeah no that's likely never gonna happen, they'd have to rewrite the whole engine.

    and they don't need to do it anyway, it already runs perfectly fine on Linux via WINE, except for:

    • some minor audio issues that are currently being worked on by the FAudio project
    • an issue with motion blur which you can just turn off
    • an issue with "vsync = auto" crashing which you fix by just setting it to "on" or "off" instead according to your preference
    • and the launcher bug which could be fixed by DE or in the meantime just use the custom launcher script

    and to be honest even if they'd fix the launcher at this point i'd actually prefer @GloriousEggroll's script because it does way more than just circumventing the launcher bug, such as integrating FAudio and DXVK, and even bridging support to SteamPlay

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