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  1. 4 minutes ago, Xaero said:

    You don’t lose your access to the cyst forever.

    i do on *that frame*. with no way of knowing beforehand because the menu didn't show. that *is* a problem.


    4 minutes ago, Xaero said:

    Go to public missions with another non-immune frame

    so you're agreeing with support to "just" throw away my valk prime and buy a new one and invest all the time and money i've spent on her AGAIN because of a UI #*!%up? yeah no, i'd call that a problem.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Aadi880 said:

    I guess that explains it, in which case, this is a temporary problem


    pretty sure the menu just not showing then is a bug though. and another reason why support going "nah just buy more stuff" is a bit .... unsupportive.

    and another reason to report this feedback to the devs so they're aware.


    and i mean, at least "cure cyst" says what it does.

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  3. 1 minute ago, Keiyadan said:

    well did you get the heminth segment? 

    i did not yet.

    2 minutes ago, Aadi880 said:

    Its supposed to bring up a menu that says "Helminth" and "Cure Cyst" as two separate options. 

    it didn't do that for me. and loads of other tenno who complained about it in regionchat at the time.

    i can only assume the game went "hey that menu i'm supposed to show only has one option, let's assume the user wanted that"

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Keiyadan said:

    wow just wow isnt it just "cure zyst" in the menu after you open it what else sould have it been?


    i thought exactly the same. it's just logical to think "[X] Some Name" means "Press X to talk to Some Name". but the thing is, there's no menu. i pressed that button that says "Helminth" and immediately got the "cyst getting violently ripped out of my throat" animation.


    and support says:

    We know that as a player, these changes can sometimes be both surprising and frustrating however, your specific request to undo the action of an intended game mechanic is not possible as it circumvents the finality of such action. 

    (which is BS because you can't tell me that's intended)

    Furthermore, any recent changes made to the game are outlined in the Build Notes on the Warframe launcher.

    (which don't mention the change)

    For your case, we can only suggest that you try and craft the warframe again and have it infected.

    (in other words: just buy another currently vaulted prime frame so we don't have to do our job)

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  5. Before the update:

    After the update:




    Given that

    • the button has now the exact same UI as talking to any other NPC
    • the Deimos upgrade did a bunch of helminth related stuff
    • this change isn't mentioned at all in the patchnotes

    I, as well as other tenno (at least according to the complains in region chat), fell for the "hey lemme see what this dialog is" idea, and, since this is pretty much the ONLY thing in the whole game not requiring a confirmation dialog (hell even equipping one of my 80 duplicate relics asks me a bunch of times over), accidentally cured the cyst.


    Support just keeps telling me it was my own fault for not reading the patchnotes (the ones that didn't mention the change, mind you), and refuses to do anything about it, telling me to instead throw money at the problem by getting a new copy of the cured warframe, and to report my feedback here. Given the fact the warframe support even has a category for "i was so dumb and sold something i now want back please" i rather disagree on this decision, especially since they claim this to be an "intended irreversible gameplay mechanic", which, no, it's not, it's an undocumented misleading UI change. it would've been gameplay if i had any chance of knowing what might happen (like before the update when it at least said what it does on the button)


    pretty sure if in the next update someone screws up and makes Konzu's dialog suddenly consign your pet, "hey it's intended to be gone after you consign it, just get a new one" won't be the correct answer either, and the only difference between that hypothetical and what just happened here is that this is a UI screwup tricking people instead of a scripting screwup, but the effect is the same: i press a button that says one thing and instead another thing happens that i can't do anything about.

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  6. 6 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

    Removed the Helminth ‘Interact’ context action

    you also changed "cure cyst" to "helminth" and baited a lot of players who wanted to see the new helminth stuff into removing their cyst with what's possibly the only thing in the whole game that doesn't have a confirmation dialog. please fix that, and then undo the otherwise irreversible change you tricked me into, thanks.

  7. 20 hours ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

    Loading into a ‘zombie’ Flotilla with ‘Zero Murex Waves Detected’.

    note this sometimes also happens after returning from a mission, in which case leaving+rejoining seems to be the only option, but then the list of instances seems to be pretty random and there's a chance you spend 5 minutes in the star chart just refreshing the instance menu trying to get back into your instance, since you need to stay in one to get the points. even when the zombie flotillas are fixed, there's still client side crashes or people just leaving for a bit to level a formaed item, to really fix that we need either a complete instance list or to "pin" the previously joined one somehow, or get rid of the "stay in your instance" requirement.

  8. On 2019-12-04 at 9:25 PM, David said:

    If you want to take the word "free" literally, then nothing is really free. 

    technically not even warframe would be "free" then, you still gotta pay for your power & internet bills to play it 😛


    On 2019-12-05 at 5:52 AM, (PS4)Zuzu_with_a_Z said:

    you don't get an in-game message this time around when you get the rewards, they're just here... check your arsenal for ember... the Filigree is counted as a scene int he orbiter colour picker and not a decoration despite its false naming.  

    i did get a "your twitch prime loot got processed" popup while returning from a mission.

  9. seriously though, you should make up your mind. we got the orbiter christmas deco to be switched on and off all year (and you even made a menu for that! the mask is literally just there in a menu we already had for ages, so why take that away after you literally built a feature to justify letting us have the stuff), i still have an unused amor's arrow lying around, things like harmony ribbons are for us to keep, but some seemingly randomly selected stuff like the mask or mustaches are removed?


    sorry but that just feels like you can't decide what you want 😕


    oh and to the "it makes perfect sense, after all you won't wear your IRL Halloween costume all year because that's just silly" people i just have one thing to say:


    well and the fact you won't have your christmas deco all over the house all year either because that's just silly 😉

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  10. 1 hour ago, -Onyx-Zodiac said:

    Stockpiled Kuva Weapons: Receiving a better duplicate Kuva weapon after you’ve put work/Forma into an existing one can feel rather disappointing. With that in mind, we’re working on a “duplicate consumption” mechanic where you can combine 2 of the same Kuva weapons, thus transferring its buffs while preserving your Forma and Exilus investment, ergo relieving you of your inner turmoil. 

    is this some kind out of season Joke? 
    Duplicate Kuva Weapons shouldn't be a thing in the First Place. 

    um yeah it should, because each kuva weapon has a random bonus, that's how they work. do you want to take away a gun someone has been using just because they got a new similar one now? do you want to prevent people getting better ones just because they happened to already have gotten one they don't like?

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  11. 2 hours ago, Traumin said:

    Hunhow's Datascape Captura Scene only displays the captured (I assume) Ordis in the middle; no Hunhow at all.

    that's suda, and also the same as in the quest, she's captured in the center while hunhow's essentially taking over the whole world around you iirc.

  12. spy mission, triggered the alert, timer ran out while hacking the vault, and i got "stuck" in the hacking animation, unable to shoot, but able to quick melee, with my weapon name in the lower right corner being "parazon". after switching into melee only mode and back i got my weapon back, but the yellow glowy bit of the animation kept floating in front of me till extraction.

  13. i'm also stuck at the tomb protector, after spawned i first fought him a bit until he got in a coffin, then one of the big stone guys, then him again, then he coffined and spawned 2 of the stone guys which i had to kill in stealthy+snipey tenno mode (dunno if important, maybe he's stuck because he couldn't see me after they died?) since they were murdering the hell out of my frame, and now he doesn't want to get out of his coffin.

  14. have the same issue here with hildryn since i got her, crashes as soon as i open the abilities screen or hover any of them in the arsenal upgrade view on the left, but mag and any others i have as far as i can tell are fine, can't confirm revenant because i don't have him. had both updates and ran data defrags/cache verifications in between which didn't seem to help nor showed any errors about corrupted files.

    my hardware setup: https://8667a41e-ad6c-4c55-90cb-f199633ca2c4.htmlpasta.com/

  15. 11 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

    Clarified and corrected the Buried Debts data-hashes section of the World State Window to read as ‘UNDISCOVERED’ when you haven't scanned any data-hashes yet, instead of ‘SCANNED’.

    "true", "false", potayto, potahto... 😉

  16. sooo i'm a programmer myself and i don't even wanna know the embarrassment your devs probably feel for getting 14 booleans inverted but um, if you don't mind me asking, when's the hotfix arriving? turning from "scanned, progress: ...%" into "undiscovered" with no progress doesn't seem to be explained by "oh yeah we need the progress for it to unlock the big boss" if we can't see it?


    also i noticed True Punishment isn't affecting the Crit Chance on my weapons anymore, i think you might have broken that one during the melee update maybe?

  17. not sure if it's related to the ui update (i missed the previous hotfix, so it downloaded both at once), but ordis just said (via audio) "operator, messages have arrived in your inbox", while his subtitle read "maybe ordis will meet a similar fate some day" (which is part 2 of the "have you sold mods" line, afaik).

  18. On 2019-01-04 at 10:29 AM, VicenteMMOS said:

    kindly requesting DE to port Warframe into Linux OS

    yeah no that's likely never gonna happen, they'd have to rewrite the whole engine.

    and they don't need to do it anyway, it already runs perfectly fine on Linux via WINE, except for:

    • some minor audio issues that are currently being worked on by the FAudio project
    • an issue with motion blur which you can just turn off
    • an issue with "vsync = auto" crashing which you fix by just setting it to "on" or "off" instead according to your preference
    • and the launcher bug which could be fixed by DE or in the meantime just use the custom launcher script

    and to be honest even if they'd fix the launcher at this point i'd actually prefer @GloriousEggroll's script because it does way more than just circumventing the launcher bug, such as integrating FAudio and DXVK, and even bridging support to SteamPlay

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