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  1. DE mentioned that they will be looking into lowering the price of bundles if the items are already bought so i guess this is a step into the right direction
  2. its not incompatible its just that DE doesnt want to add larger frames for kavats, someone managed to once bug the game into being able to equip the armor and it looked absolutely amazing even it was clipping
  3. I like the idea of enchancing weapons thats a cool thing but I am not sure if purchasing a weapon outright rather than farming should give you special perks, because that would be pay to be different or even pay to win if they added such things. But ye bundles and collections have to be reworked but I guess we are just random people talking on forums and our opinion does not matter much to DE
  4. They are already going to be making money from the buying of armor sets they dont need to monetize anything this is not EA lol
  5. separate armor parts would be cool speaking of pet fashion frame how come the bug of default pet energy has not been fixed they are stuck at the default blue greenish energy and you cant change it in any way.
  6. I sayed that the excuse of a larger frame that would cause clipping is not acceptable, its a lazy way of saying that they added something new and they dont want to bother making sure it is in sync with the rest of the things in the game.
  7. So I have had the moonless kavat skin for a while and its the BEST kavat skin there is and the fact that this beautiful skin cant have armor equipped is an absolute shame. I have heard from a few people that the ony reason why this is not already in the game is because the moonless kavat ski when equipped has a larger body frame or something and if armor is equipped it will clip through. Thats the laziest excuse I have ever heard, if i am not mistaken I think venari cant equip armor aswell because of the "bigger" frame size, but the thing is we already have kubrows with different frame sizes and they all can equip armor and I think so can the helmint charger. So the reason why this hasnt happened is because DE is lazy to make armor fit into a skin with a bigger frame? I would buy so many armor sets if this simple thing would be implemented into the game and I am pretty sure everyone else would aswell. Lets make this happen guys!
  8. If you would like to play solo with railjack you would firstly need very good gear and intrinsics levels and good avionics like Zekti bulkhead and void hole to be even able to play solo and to get all of that you need a squad. So initially there is no way for you to play solo unless you wanna have a rough time.
  9. You may ignore this topic as you contribute nothing to this coversation, go waste your time somewhere else
  10. I mean its my second attempt lol and honestly this has to happen
  11. You are missing the point I am not asking the game to decrease their prices or anything I am asking for the option of having accessories seperated from bundles for a higher price to compensate for the removal, this is in no way hurting DE and in some cases its making things even better because sometimes people dont wanna buy the bundles even if the accessories are nice because the skin is a waste of plat and at the very least respect the purchase of the people who do buy the skin and then present them with an option to buy the accessories if the ever choose to change their minds but again at a higher price than the bundle.
  12. Hmm dont really understand what you are saying towards the end but just because other game companies are money hungry and messed up doesnt mean that if DE is a little bit less messed up thats fine
  13. So staight to the point, the personal quarters room should have its coloring option to be separate. Its your personal area so you should be able to color differently if you so wish to, the reason I ask this is because the personal quarter has its seperate options from the orbiter for most cases but for colors its pretty much connected to the rest of the ship, this most of the time it works but at times the colors schemes dont work for your personal quarters and its pretty frustrating cuz changing any other color to make it look good affects the whole ships especially in the case of stencils. Please make it happen 🙂
  14. Money is what the world runs on for sure but, that doesnt mean things should be done in this manner so u can squeeze money out people for no good reason other than the fact that you can
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