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  1. you finish getting all kuva weapons and finding the most op melees in three days? comon bro. Waiting for new update can always be the reason but not this time. The last update and the upcoming ones could be quite important for this game but it seems not so satisfactory. All players are willing to adapt. But adapting just because it's what DE want? That's BS. Two years ago when eidolon came and the only weapon we could use is opticor they buffed snippers which made the hunting easier. And we were happy to stop using opticor and pick up lanka/vectis. Now more enemies come with new power. And what DE have done? They just nerfed almost all of the useful weapons (apparently frames on the way) and compensate negliable riven disposition on some totally useless weapons. And you are still saying 'We must be willing to adapt' ? I hope when DE comes to the idea that 'fighting hand-to-hand is coooool so let's give up all weapons', you can still hold that opinion.
  2. Since when discussing the problems with DE's ongoing update become insulting and aggresive complaints? I believe a game is dying when no one can and is willing to point out and argue on these problems.
  3. To catch up with ur attack speed you need to press melee quick which may lead to hold by mistake. But of course uou can't have this problem if you always use melee weapons with AS 1.0 xD poor guy
  4. ‘Hold Melee’ will now perform heavy attack like it did before Phase 2. While before phase 2 heavy attack had nothing to do with combo mutliplier. I lost all of my combo 3 times in a 5 mins mission. What a mess.
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