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  1. Congrats DE^^ just got an idea to send you a "happy birthday"-Cake but it's too late...
  2. I'm sorry you were right... my brain messed up^^ so or so we're getting closer^^ i think we're about under 1 day^^
  3. Do you know which Devstream it was? The only thing i remember is, they said: 1. week of November. i might be wrong
  4. Please tell me, why 6 days late...
  5. ^^i dont want to force someone to believe something^^ so yeah but what i just wanted to point it out
  6. sure it's not "straight forward" but after the whole ARG is this pretty solid. And it wouldn't make any sense to post a picture after the ARG was completed.
  7. they're allowed to play only a few hours so they can a) report bugs and b) take some videos to hype the people and kinda make more advertisment for it. And @crimsonspartan1, i cant remember DE did ever call out a date... They're very careful with that. The ever first statement about fortuan release was last quarter of 2018, then they stated in a stream "maybe" somewhere in november. the last prediction was in a devstream "first November week"... and here we are at the first november week. Just give DE time to fix progression- and crash-bugs since no one wants to play unfinished content...
  8. The bigger streamer were already at DE playing the new update.. The youtuber MCGamerCZ already released a video about it.
  9. I will pass the Kudos to the people there^^ i was just bring it here for all interessted ones^^
  10. TL/DR: Release on Thursday Short info: The last post from The Business at the ARG-Discord server (Alternate Reality Game) was this Picture. People translated it and come with this: The name is "U-2278", which is ≸, a Unicode Character 'NEITHER LESS-THAN NOR GREATER-THAN' (U+2278). The Alias is thursby. Combine this you get an pretty simple message. Neither sooner than nor later than thursday...
  11. Anyone who can tell how long is steve's "last minute"? I know Steve usually starts streaming on Periscope when the release is a few hours away...
  12. Sorry, was busy the last few days with the ARG. Can anyone please give me a quick briefing of what the last info is?
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