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  1. For the 4 ability I still like the idea of the Krakens head being a "decoy" drawing aggro like Loki or Saryn can do, but enemies firing at the Kraken -damage the enemies on the tentacles. An augment could be toxin damage is added to the damage inflicted and a synergy could be: (If the Barrage (1).skill got a base shock proc) that could combine with the toxin from the Kraken for corrosive. Corroding Barrage augment would still remain the same in that instance. If all that is too much work then #one would get Corroding Barrage baked in. Undertow would get baked into Tidal surge. #3 could be a radial knockdown+(x)effect and #4 decoy added to the Kraken and then damage applied from all sources increases the Krakens damage. The thing is when damage frames clear the map with a single push of a button how to make Hydroid valid.
  2. I keep laughing at the cartoon 😋
  3. Wisp kind'a does it but yeah that could be in the 1 with lightning + augment, power house ability. #3 is the one that needs the most addressing IMO. if it could be added to the Kraken or Tidal surge and a new 3 that'd be my vote. (puddle plus grab is cool but sitting in a puddle while your team sweeps the room clear isn't fast enough for this game IMO) giving the puddle to the kraken and jumping in and giving team mates the ability to "grab" as well? but that's cute and I get your drift. ... Adrift: enemies are suspended upon the Etheral tides in a constant lifted state, enemies hit by impact damage gain +1000% velocity
  4. The slash proc on Tidal wave (2) was inspired by understanding what happens to people caught and dumped in a barrel onto a reef & shark attacks lots of blood. The Storm idea was to synergies with a revised Kraken toxin proc to make Corrosive. (It would also mean they wouldn't have to touch [Corrosive Barrage] augment.) It could just as easily be the other way around (Electric eel Kraken and toxic Barrage) (currently my personal opinion on augments on Hydroid is they're not quite worth it, although really needed) I see Hydroid as a patron of the oceans (like Poseidon) in Pirate form,(using him with the Trident from Steel Meridian) I was just trying to show examples of how the elemental procs thematically made sense as he could posses the elemental powers of any and all creatures of the sea. (slash poison shock blind camouflage) The current Kraken has Magnetic? (watery invisibility as a new 3 was to help with some form of survive ability after losing puddle of breath holding) Comments I think the impact proc status effect might be on to something too. I agree the bullet jump passive was an over the top idea but a lesser form of something like that could be nice. The current slam attack passive is really cool anyway. I also agree that Undertow and Tidal surge could become the same skill and are already linked with some synergy. I'll add as I think... Was just thinking the way that barrage is cast could be changed so that the area is bigger by default on snap cast and reduced and made stronger, more focused on channel to target Undertow more effectively? The Kraken could still use "Decoy" and "grab" in addition to how it already works. #3 is still a mystery to me using your ideas: (Ebb & Flow): While active Hydroid and allies receive +40% resistance to knockdowns and receive +15% more from energy and health received. In addition every time Hydroids Shields reach zero he releases a radial tidalwave knockdown. Enemies effected by the AOE recieve: staggered enemies will have their fire accuracy decreased for 4s after recovering
  5. Edit: The idea of putting the Kraken in "Undertow" making it "Decoy" to trigger "Grab" looks good in my imagination. (simplified explanation)
  6. (1). Make Hydroids 1 augment part of his 1 ability or add electrical or toxin proc chance to base damage. ( It almost looks like a storm, why not add lightning) (2). Hydroids 2 ability is fun and great mobility... could have a slash proc added? (keep) (add shark fins or coral to the animation) (3). Hydroids (puddle isn't engaging and could be added to his 4) (Something New, Octopus themed? they have the most survival adaptations of any creature on earth) (active colour camouflage, Ink, all are venomous...) (could simply be invisibility for his 3. using water to refract the light.) (4). Hydroids Kraken could be nested in a pool and actively (grab) pull enemies into the water, giving tentacles mobility within the water AOE footprint. (Denizen of the deep. One proc Electric,Slash or Toxin on tentacle grab, acts like decoy but grabs shooter as grab trigger) (The idea is to tidy up the tentacle animation too) Passive: could be venomous Ink cloud on bullet jump. (blind and toxin proc) Edit: The idea of putting the Kraken in "Undertow" making it "Decoy" to trigger "Grab" looks good in my imagination. (simplified explanation) It could consume a body every so often to gain another benefit like exuding a toxin proc. or expanding it's pool of influence. The manual grab synergy could be maintained by jumping into the pool. Then I just think Sharks,Electric Eels,Venomous creatures, The freaky deep sea fish with a light on it's head... a lure... a Decoy. (Possible synergy, Lighting from Hydroids updated (1) could combine with Toxin from Hydroids updated power (4) to make Corrosive.) (His one could be renamed Storm and tie into the Idea of Poseidon controlling the weather and sea.)
  7. Loving Ember right now easily the best thing in this patch. Maxed Efficiency, Rage/Hunter adrenaline, Primed Flow, Intensify, 2 augments (2) and (3)... Fire Tank support that heal's it's self and can sustain 90% damage mitigation fairly well while giving 50% damage resistance to close buddies. Umbral viable. Range makes the bar harder to manage. The Immolation bar could have 2 stages and double the capacity to make it easier to manage. The first bar being cost neutral and reaching 90% damage mitigation. The second bar having compounding energy cost right up to burning out in a phoenix death/rebirth concentric flame wall (nuke). Otherwise I really like it.
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