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  1. Arbitrations Survival mode at Kelashin, Neptune is bugged and only allowed normal survival mode no mattter how we try to enter it(be it solo, team, premade group, from the alerts menu, from the node on starmap). Fix a bug-break a few more in the process?
  2. So even they dont know if the update will be released by primetime tonight?
  3. I'm guessing it will be 100% for the two with the aura and 160% for the other 2
  4. Just when i had my 100 day milestone this week, the update to the tribute system comes out next week. I would rather not have played till the tribute rework was done so that i could have gotten zenistar instead of the seemingly mediocre azima. Now only thing left is to plod on for another 100 days more till i can actually get it. T_T
  5. inb4 more than half the people dont end up with the twitch drop
  6. Does this mean that there will be less 'host migration' problems?
  7. So no rework to chroma's abilities? Still cant wait for chroma prime!!
  8. PC here, no riven yet....is there no chance to get the riven if it automatically didnt appear in ur inbox?
  9. Revenant's reave ability turns my carrier into a fog machine and it becomes hard to see properly sometimes
  10. How will melee 3.0 interact with frames that incorporate melee kills from their abilities(valkyr 4th, khora's 1, atlas' 1)?
  11. I thought this warframe was going to mimic properties/features of eidolons and sentients but only its 4th ability does so. Thought it might have a cool bleedout feature like vomvolysts reviving you(similar to an eidolon since an eidolon possessed this warframe to enter our world) or a feature that increases ur armour and shields based on the amount of damage u take(similar to a sentient that become almost too cumbersome to kill if u dont have a weapon that has a large 'oomph' to its first shot). This warframe, to me, has become a lesser fun version of titania where the first 3 abilities arent used much and you depend on 4th ability to clear rooms(only difference being the titania's 4th is fun since u become a miniaturized archwing flying around at high speeds and shooting the hell out of enemies).
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