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  1. I am convinced they wrote this song, then decided to do a quest just to get it in the game because it was such a banger.
  2. Does anyone know if Skirmishes are completely gone? While the half Railjack/half normal Warframe missions are cool, I still want a few mostly Space Combat missions.
  3. Anyone else remember when the Range increase was percentage based, and would make Wukong's Iron Staff have like a 18m range? Those where the good old days.
  4. Strange.. I only remember buying 3 of those back when you could.
  5. Where are you getting this information from? I'm in my Drydock, looking at it right now, and it says I have 13/22 componets/armaments...
  6. I had my Railjack built a good 2 weeks before update 27 came out, back in Rising Tides. I have maxed out Intrinsics (and have played enough to have maxed out Command if I could have too) My ship's Grid is maxed, and all but six Avionics are max ranked. The six are one from the Space Scarlet Spear mission that I didn't play a lot of. My 13 or so ship components that I've kept are all fused to the max. I feed Helminth Railjack resources to troll my friends because I have so many. I am among the earliest adopters, and longest playing Railjack players. Looking at those packages suppos
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