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  1. I have this bug as well. I forma'd my gaze and, although I didn't gain any mastery as I already leveled it a while ago, the bar started to show progression towards it being counted as Mastered.
  2. There are already a ton of room/level clearing powers. It was fun to do it on frames that don't normally get to do that. There is no real reason to have nerfed this, this hard.
  3. Tested it on the steel path. Killed nothing. I guess the power was bugged and was getting double bonuses from Mods? Could have just fixed that, and everything would have been okay. For now, it's just a waste of energy. I have removed it from Ash and put him back on the shelf with the other warframes that need a rework. And if I wanted to use guns or melee, I would use a frame that benefits me from doing so.
  4. The Voidrig Necramech's 4th power just vaporizes Eidolons.
  5. If you missed a past Nightwave, you missed it. Just like any other one time event. The Rewards from past seasons show up in the Intermissions however, so if you want something form the earlier seasons, you just have to wait for them to show back up. As for the Umbra Forma, they used to be able to be found in Railjack missions, but got removed do to some technical issue or another. When they removed them they stated they would be returning as a reward for something else in the future, no word on that yet.
  6. I mean, you can put different powers on each load out. So nothing is stopping you from doing a serious/meta build, then having load out B be a fun/silly/meme build.
  7. Don't bother with the tier 1 or 2 bounties. Do the Vaults. They can spawn randomly, and Necramechs can drop them. Also Nekros can use his Desecrate to give better chances. It's much faster.
  8. Should probably post this in the bug section.
  9. The problem with that is when Part 5 does come out, you'll probably need the fragments dropped by the glassed enemies to do the boss fight.
  10. Having the same issue. It look in my inventory, I have a stack of Fass Residue, go to craft any or the Mutagens it says I have 0.
  11. I don't think Quests are actually effected by Steel Path. The most likely reason why they started off at 112, is because you can just enter Open World zones.
  12. I have 2 thoughts about this. It's silly that Auto-Socketing Ayatan Sculptures requires MR 10, but swapping Warframe abilities is only going to require MR 8. They should just have the requirement for the Quest to unlock the Cambion Drift be completing The Sacrifice. It's not prefect, but at least it makes some sort of Story sense, and proves you've played for a little while.
  13. The problem is that unless those powers are utterly Nerfed into the ground, they are still going to be the best choices. They really need to do a great buffing of abilities, to make others more desirable. That being said, Meme builds are still going to be great, and worth it in my opinion, but I'm weird.
  14. Don't forget they mentioned that the Caves actually change depending on the time of day (or whatever they are calling the Cycle in this one)
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