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  1. Personally I'd love to see a cost reduction for personal decorations. I decided to make a fishing room for the dojo, set up a makeshift fishing rod, a plains corner, an orb vallis corner, and a cambion drift corner, decor to make them look like their respective open world areas, and started grinding mats to make the trophies. I made most of them, started putting them in the fishing room, and had to strip it bare of a lot of decorations because the trophies have a cost of 5 each. A lot of the normal decorations only cost 1, and even a lot of big decorations are cheap, so why is a fish trophy
  2. yeah, the volatile rebound mod doesnt work still, but it also doesnt remove enemy punch through while navigating so idk if they intend any compatibility. I know volatile quick return doesnt affect navigating through enemies, but it does cancel navigator if you hit a surface
  3. Navigator ivara was my go-to for disruptions, and detonating my falcor was a hail-mary for me, and now I can't use it at all. Not to mention that volatile rebound doesn't work with navigator either.
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