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  1. Would just like to make a post thanking DE for showing their support for us in australia. It is a rough time at the moment with the fires spreading across the country and I'm thankful that they donated $15,000 to the Bushfire fund and the bush fire appeal. I think I speak for all of Australia when I say thank you so much ❤
  2. They rushed the hell out of Empyrean for game awards, which is why there's many bugs
  3. Just a bit of info for Australians: Most updates and stuff come at 3:00am Thats 7:00pm EST I believe
  4. Yeah, I'm just assuming that they also meant Oceania too, it's the only explanation I can think of for now, we'll see tomorrow if it comes out or not 😕
  5. Pack will be coming out on Thursday (December 12)
  6. When will the Railjack update be coming to consoles?
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