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  1. Hi! I realy like idea of Revenant being and Eidolon frame (mostly becouse Eidolons are like my favourite faction in game! tho they are sort of sentients..), but I do have some ideas for making his kit more Eidolon Like: I realy realy like his overall design and I think his 2 and 3 are the most eidolon things in his kit! (his 2 reflecting the shields the Terrys (Teralysts and co) and 3 reflecting Vomvalysts' charge) I dont think his current 1 and 4 fit the theme: His 4: While its definitly his best ability, its more of a Sentient thing to spin and shoot lasers, and while I like it and I think it should be kept, I suggest changing visuals a little to fit the Eidolon abilities more ( tho I am not sure about that so I think it should be kept, just.. a bit unnerfed. also, make it a little dimmer, as its hard to see tilesets while using it) His 1: only reason this kind of fits (I can see) is how Rev was treated in the miniquest (SPOILERS) as being mindcontroled at one point. however especialy in its current state its sort of useless with them dying all the time to teammates and while I like the visuals of it! I realy think it should be removed or atleast made better (by simply making them invincible to friendly fire) I do have an idea for an ability change tho! make it like this: his 3 becomes his 1 and is improved a bit. 2 stays his 2, 4 stays his 4 and his 3 would be new: Homing directed earthquakes caused by his biiiiig heavy stomp (inspired by all 3 of the eidolons ability to stomp during their fights). it would be super amazing ability! ( am not to sure about if it should be his 3 4 or 1 but I am sure you can figure out something better just in case) anyways thanks for everything in game! its realy fun one :)
  2. Hi! 1. What will come first, Revenant (Vlad) or Fortuna? 2. Operator Tennogen when? 3. Plans to do more "Eidolonation" to the Revenant's (Vlad's) ability kit before his release? 4. Is there a possibility or Reincarnation of original Ember Deluxe skin (it being added to the game)? It looked realy awsome!
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