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  1. They're supposed to ignore the defense cryopod: well they don't at all. We just did a Hydron defense mission, the Wolf spawned and chased after us while his 3 buddies annihilated the cryopod. Happened on Helene too but we were able to keep sleeping the three of them cause they were indeed attacking the cryopod... Their invincibility state is already a broken and stupid mechanic, but this is just too much.
  2. I got Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami 1 to finish, before anything else. Plus now that I have finally reached NW level 30 and got the Saturn Six Armor, I don't feel like grinding for 15 wolf creds rewards at a time, it's way too low to be invested before Nightwave 2nd season is released. I mean, I'd need 50000 standing points just to get one potato (yea I was at zero at the end), so no thanks.
  3. So I was just in a Meso Capture mission with 3 other players (MR 21, 26 and 27; myself being 25), and we all know these are the fastest fissure mission ingame. Problem is, mobs weren't spawning at all: we were moving in group and ultimately collected 2 reactants before reaching the extraction zone. It's a common bug occuring from time to time, and either you get lucky, wait and get enemies to spawn eventually, or you just extract directly and just restart the mission. It's done in no time. So in this case, we were 3 people choosing to extract; the 4th player (the MR21) started getting angry and proceeded to threathen us about reporting us... And I'm pretty sure he did, reading how mad he was. Maybe he didn't know we actually don't lose the relic if we extract without opening it (which would be weird, as a MR21 must have some game time stacked in some sense anyway), but question is, what do you think is the good way to react to this kind of situation? Do you usually wait an undertemined amount of time for mobs to spawn or do you just extract/leave the mission directly?
  4. DE should just get rid of the invulnerability state for the 3 fugitives. It's a ridiculous mechanic.
  5. I must be an alien cause in 1.6K hours I don't remember using Channeling once... what's wrong with me? 🤪
  6. Just happened to me too 3 times in a row for the daily sortie's mobile def part so had to quit every single time... It's unbearable.
  7. Yea I was wondering why my shoulders regalias were burning my eyes... now I know. I'll remove them till it's fixed I guess, cause even if it's small, it's just too bright for now.
  8. It's just nonsense imo. Nerfing Itzal or any other archwings to make K-Drives look/feel more useful is pure silliness. Even the damn base Odonata without mods is still faster than a fully modded K-Drive anyway (and I don't even mention Operator dashes or pure parkour in some ways). The problem sits with the K-Drives, and it's simple: they just suck atm, utility-wise. Period. Edit: I'd just add that K-Driving, in a pure sense of fun, is nontheless enjoyable from time to time. You're on an overboard doing tricks. So let's just keep them here for their purpose: fun.
  9. For my case it was just added to my actual stack of Formas; as I knew exactly how many I had before the fix so I noticed one was added immediately. But I had no message in my Inbox either.
  10. Mmm... so basically they fixed the issue for now but couldn't put back the stance polarity on their own (cause my Ooltha still has no stance polarity); that's why they give us a Forma for each zaw weapon affected. I... don't know what to think of that. Maybe it's a selfish thought but I would have preferred just getting it back right away...
  11. I fought him twice at the beginning of Nightwave, in pubs. Then this last sunday got him back to back in 2 Derelict captures missions when I was solo carrying the 4 Dragon keys... First time he vaporized me... but I got him the second time (the room he spawned in with his 3 little buddies was way bigger). I mainly used my corro/radiation Tombfinger plus my Rhino Roar.
  12. Can confirm this bug still exists. My Ooltha zaw still presents the same issue. Let's hope for a solution as soon as possible. In the meantime here is the link of the 4 pages-post about the same subject (there has been several on the matter, but this one is the most extended):
  13. Still waiting an answer for my ticket, but glad to learn some kind of fix is on its way. Thanks for the heads up guys.
  14. I didn't know it extends to all modular items because I only saw Zaw-concerned bug posts till now... It's even more worrying then. I guess Zaw-bugged posts are the majority because the loss of the stance polarity automatically affects the total number of mod capacity. It personally happened with my Ooltha so I won't touch zaws till it's resolved. Thanks for the heads up tho.
  15. Please fix Zaws losing their stance polarity after forma'ing and swapping polarities... This is a HUGE problem. I hope you don't expect us to bypass the bug and simply reput another forma to fix the stance...
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