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  1. Did 8 runs of the Ur mission, each time till it bugged (once at 8 rounds and otherwise always at 10) and so far I got Acceltra bp 3 times and Akarius bp once only. I guess I was pretty lucky.
  2. With the addition of the link config option, it'd be useful to have 2 new dedicated chat tabs ingame: one for fashion and one for builds. Also, the texture and/or lighting changes have to be reverted, we don't need so much plastic in our lives.
  3. My Scarab Syandana also does not match anymore my Ramses Inaros... it basically looks like plastic now.
  4. Happened to me twice in a row, always at round 10.
  5. From the last Hotfix introduced 3 hours after the main update: "Temporarily removed Companion Weapon Rivens from Simaris’ Offerings due to being unveiled for the incorrect weapon type. They will be added back once we make a permanent fix."
  6. The blueprint for War drops randomly from the Shadow Stalker. Or you can buy the weapon via the Hunhow's Gift bundle from the market, it costs 516 platinum for the whole bundle.
  7. Just happened to me too 3 times in a row for the daily sortie's mobile def part so had to quit every single time... It's unbearable.
  8. It's just nonsense imo. Nerfing Itzal or any other archwings to make K-Drives look/feel more useful is pure silliness. Even the damn base Odonata without mods is still faster than a fully modded K-Drive anyway (and I don't even mention Operator dashes or pure parkour in some ways). The problem sits with the K-Drives, and it's simple: they just suck atm, utility-wise. Period. Edit: I'd just add that K-Driving, in a pure sense of fun, is nontheless enjoyable from time to time. You're on an overboard doing tricks. So let's just keep them here for their purpose: fun.
  9. I didn't know it extends to all modular items because I only saw Zaw-concerned bug posts till now... It's even more worrying then. I guess Zaw-bugged posts are the majority because the loss of the stance polarity automatically affects the total number of mod capacity. It personally happened with my Ooltha so I won't touch zaws till it's resolved. Thanks for the heads up tho.
  10. Please fix Zaws losing their stance polarity after forma'ing and swapping polarities... This is a HUGE problem. I hope you don't expect us to bypass the bug and simply reput another forma to fix the stance...
  11. Same here pal. These last two weeks I received nothing, and my account has been connected for 8 months without drop issues... Tomorrow the Devstream drop is a Gravimag and it'll be really depressing if it doesn't work again. I'm gonna un-link and re-link, in preparation for tomorrow's stream. Let's hope for the best.
  12. Thanks for the fixes. Especially the Fetch mod, the Orb Vallis bounty UI and the elevator/vehicles bug. But can't we have the Archwing changes reverted back, cause it feels off now; we can't do barrel rolls anymore. Then, let's hope for a fix concerning the plat-bought K-Drives not giving Mastery Rank, and more bonds tweaking. Keep up the amazing work!
  13. Something's not right with the way enemies act with this Locomotion revamp. - On Seimeni they still get stuck in spawnpoints. - On Helene and Hydron they now choose most of the time to come from above (which wouldn't be so bad if this wasn't that absolute and frequent) when the platform is below, and they often got stuck midair. The thing is, they often circulate the long way just to drop down on Tennos, even passing next to the obvious main entries on the lower level, that's weird. I don't even mention Hyekka's cats getting stuck even more often below stairs or structures. Definitely odd.
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