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  1. Still no mentions whatsoever about the Archguns sneaky shadow nerfs huh? Smooth. Also, seems that the Forge idea was just magnificient, congrats DE 🤣
  2. @[DE]Megan @[DE]Rebecca This hotfix didn't resolve the Nightwave reset issues and it's definitely not only cosmetic. I was on 8/10 Syndicate missions yesterday before the bug, so if it was only cosmetic I should have received the credit after only 2 missions done today... I did it, but my counter now indeed showed 2/10 and no standing received whatsoever. What should we do? Wait for another fix or fully re-do 10 Syndicate missions with no guarantee of receiving anything? Thanks in advance. PS: I don't really know if it's okay to tag you both, but Megan you wrote the hotfix text, and Rebb you responded in one of the dedicated post about the issue in the Bugs forum, so I thought it was okay to do so. EDIT: I decided not to wait so I finished Syndicate missions from 2/10 and finish Simaris scans from 3/5. I received standing for both completions... but it was definitely not a visual/cosmetic issue. The last hotfix doesn't resolve: 1/ the fact that we have to redo entirely the tasks that were in progress, and 2/ the fact that tasks already done still appear on the NW board thus preventing the catchup mechanic to display older missions.
  3. Same, I came back last sunday after more than 3 weeks abroad and all I've read/heard so far doesn't motivate me one bit to start the whole Lich thingy. I'll stay away from that mess till everything is optimized and as long as needed for it not to be an excessive and poor-designed grindfest plagued by bugs.
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