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  1. My PS4 controller is no longer working like it used to, I cannot scroll down item list with the right analog stick and the d pad doesn't work (I can't mark or deploy/ use consumables
  2. Thanks, but i was wondering if there was something wrong with defaction Manics, I've been trying all day to get Ash parts but they only drop 2 power cells and a heavy ammo. Can anyone confirm that i just have bad RNG juju?
  3. No exploiting the exploiter.... Mother would be proud lol
  4. I can't use melee when arch-gun is equipped anymore
  5. This is going to be so much better now, I've been "farming" Nitain Extract for weeks now, able to get to 1 maybe 2 alerts a day if I'm lucky. Hopefully my Vauban Prime will be done soon then.
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