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  1. Ramsled crews can be one shoted with the proper builds. Just try diferent things. Even the officer un the crew ships can be one shotted..
  2. (sorry for my bad english first off) my two cents on pets 2.0: 1.- the idea of 2 mod windows to config it (pet itself and atack mod) its a must. simpli becouse you can compare the range weapons with rivens with ... nothing more?, and later you will see if you want your pet to do viral, corrosive, o whatever damage, or more based on status or crit. we no have that option on pets. no customization. 2.- If we no get a second windows to configure atack. DE could make a mod to LINK DAMAGE in a % of our melee weapon equiped, or inclusive heavy atack. pets can only atack one at a time. only kavats have some aoe in base atacks. i think its not very strong at the game right now. for example: if you equip a shildeg with like 39k heavy atack damage, what the pet hit a lvl 90 grinner in railjack missions? i not know the mats but im sure its to low. 3.- Some of the mods habilities have to go for all pets and companions. a clearly example of this is energy generator of deathcube. its a must in builds that require high energy to run. and wft, its always welcome a energy suplier. but im forced to use sentinels for energy, why?. example. imagine oberon, has a pasive to buff pets, but have to go with a deathcube becouse is renewall build always its hungry for energy. 4.- I think this will be hard. but other option is DELETE the tipes of pets, no more huras or sunika or rakasha or whatever, let us put any mods of breeds in any kubrow or kavat and mix betwen them. dont flame. i only say this, becouse if they give you a system for skills like railjack have, they can give us birds. wolfs. spiders, or whatever you like to have. 5.-this is a absurd to. but why we have to go with only 1 pet when we can drop like 8 specters on a mission? let us get more than 1 pet to mission. maybe 2. like khora. but she carry 3 hehehe. sorry for my bad english again. just my opinion from like the game a lots and play with pets. (last thing : make us free all our pets in orbiter. i want to hear ordis flame the void cos that :D)
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