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  1. The issue has been solved. I am probably not the only one in the community that thought the prime forms of night and day were vice versa because of the color combinations but then again I am also very dumb. Thank you to the people who helped me get this clarified.
  2. Oh My god....... wow. I feel like the biggest dumbass now. I didn't know that the forms were specified in that type of way. Is it just me or the game doesn't specifiy which forms are which for the prime frame.
  3. Here is a video showing my issue. (ignore the pc fan)
  4. I have heard of the color scheme starting off in the mission changes the form but yes this issue happens every mission. The abilities are just swapped between their normal forms.
  5. So to explain and provide context of my situation, I bought equinox prime through prime access. The first week of having her was pretty fun messing around with her abilities. But then after un-equipping her and re-equipping a couple days later I noticed a huge change. My abilities were reversed. The second, third, and fourth abilities were reversed between night and day forms. An example would be that my mend and maim were swapped between forms so when I went into day form it used mend instead of maim and vice versa for night form using maim instead of mend. Now I tried the obvious solution an
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