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  1. I dont mean DE about it, I mean the arguements of people writing here, not DE.
  2. I believe only using abilities wont fix it, actually shooting and walking is needed too which is why i never entirely only stay in farming missions
  3. Spy Sorties Melee only 😉 and also trying to do spy and not liking ranged weapons.
  4. And where is this a shot in their foot? The Plat is still bought by actual people just because if there's offline trading, doesn't mean that the plat comes from nowhere.
  5. Yes, and what are the arguements about why the decision is "No"?
  6. One Question, what do you think about why and for what reason it cant be implemented or why it shouldn't. Of course everyone's opinion is valid, but probably at this point i think arimanari means, that the opinions that don't have enough points to explain their point of view. I just cant go and say "No" and say its valid.
  7. Can confirm, i have the same problem.
  8. It may just be a small Cosmetic bug but its still something. I noticed while playing when i used the Quiver Ability, that her Bow is the normal Artemis Bow instead of Artemis Bow Prime. I went to Simulacrum to have a better view.
  9. Railjack Weapons Overheat too fast for too low damage.
  10. In which way is this even close to pay to win?? you cant even buy the resources. I managed to upgrade them to the fullest already
  11. You need to do a small mission/quest thing before you can do that, it was poorly told. Go to your dry dock into your railjack and you will see what to do next.
  12. 2019 is saved ❤️ I love you DE!
  13. You mean Spy Kuva Lich Missions? Oh i already see them, but i dont do them, i did two kuva lichs so far, first was converted second one vanquished, the Murmur Grind was such a pain since it progresses so slowly.
  14. I have a problem, whenever i want to invite someone into the Dojo, the player ends up spawning in the Railjack instead of the hall where the trading station is, i dont know if it only happens to those who completed the Rising Tide Quest or not.
  15. About the heavy attack being an accident, the other key is on the mouse wheel, i use melee often too, just because it is more comfy to kill enemies as saryn that way but seriously, i never managed to accidentally use heavy attacks. DE should remove the Ripline for Itzal, alone the thought of DE adding RIPLINE into an Archwing in generally for using it in Open World map or in Space without having in mind, that theres nothing much to ripline to, well anyways, lets see how it goes in Empyrean.
  16. "So after all the kdrive is the definition of how travel meant to be made, I would very appreciate if wings could be removed from open worlds completely because they do feel irrelevant to the open world game design." I can sense the energy of a casual player, dont get me wrong, i am neither a hardcore veteran neither a casual player, i used to play alot but am not able to do that anymore but tell exactly your whole message to those that do quick Tridolon hunts and need efficiency and quick repositioning,they will laugh at you. They may feel irrelevant to you, but everyone has their own way how to get around the Open World map and K-Drive is so boring to do so, i rather fly than using K-Drive, its like just playing as Gauss
  17. I cant even get out of Archwing anymore while in open world , using the archwing launcher, pressing E doesnt do anything, quickslot doesnt work, the only way is going into water, also driving against the door from POE or Orb Vallis causes to drain health VERY fast and kill you instantly.
  18. Cant unmount from Archwing in free roam mission, please fix it!
  19. Yeah sadly, I was doing defense sortie last mission (xini Eris maptile) got a Trinity with MK1 weapons who constantly died, needed to focus on the target, enemies and teammates meanwhile too, that was annoying.
  20. And then there are guys like me, preferring to play alone 🙂
  21. I went into POE and got on my archwing and whenever i decide to go down from it again, i cant open the quickslot to use the launcher, neither use melee to go back to frame and i cant do anything the only way is if i go in water and i get teleported back as Warframe but i get respawned at spawn.
  22. I just assume it is that way, my bad and i didnt noticed until now after double checking Battle net that Destiny 2 isn't there anymore.
  23. You know that not everyone uses the steam version? Same as destiny 2 is on battle net, Warframe is mostly downloaded on the website directly.
  24. Because its always random if you end up being the host or not.
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