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  1. This is a bug I have made a post about previously but basically you find the caches in sabotage style missions or missions that have caches in general and the lich(s) will steal them. Now I get that this is in their behavior to annoy you but it would be nice if they actually returned the caches when you confront and get rid of the lich or lich's in question. I recently lost 1.8k Endo due to a lich stealing the caches and not returning the caches after the final confrontation. These are the only rewards they don't return if they steal credit caches those get returned like intended.

  2. This bug happens when facing the Phobos junction mag specter. The specter uses magnetize and it gets stuck on permanently until you die or manage to kill the specter with melee attacks. It also proceeds to still be on you after killing specter if you manage too. This bug is repeatable and can happen across players as I know of this bug popping up after a friend tried and couldn't complete junction. I also have experienced this bug so it's not a isolated incident. Please fix as it hinders star chart progression.

  3. So I have been doing lich missions and I've noticed in the sabotage missions they will steal the caches, I wouldn't have a problem with this if it was returned after you dealt with the lich once and for all. But I've had 2 instances where they don't return the caches. One stole a 1000 Endo total and another lich stole 400 Endo. I didn't see the Endo in the recovered rewards so I guess it's bugged. In the case of the 400 Endo I only got 6 Endo recovered. This needs to be remedied because liches not returning all rewards is a problem.

  4. I am doing murax raid and was not able to get extra players to join. Naturally I started to take damage... Well no big deal right because I am running magus repair r4.. for those who are not familiar with repair it's like nourish but can do team heals as well as you.i would not be complaining if it had worked like it usually does. The real kicker is it still works outside of scarlet spear.

  5. This bug happened while i was doing a riven challenge for a friend. i have the widgets equipped or bought. i have reset my game and it still happened, so it is a repeatable bug. Basically they can hear me when i mine and even killed me in the plains with one of the man-able turrets. i was using ivara and was invisible. So there should be no way for them to hear me let alone shoot at me. Please fix this as soon as possible as it was rather annoying and shouldn't be happening. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhccHFhd24ZjmjPDIu4oXXe0Wf63 proof i own the said widget.

  6. This bug happened in the new disruption mission on kelpie sedna. I went to put a key in like you normally do and as soon as I put the key in it stuck me in place under the conduit. It proceeded  to get worse when I got glitched out of the map. All i know is that this needs fixing as it basically broke the game for me and i ended up losing all rewards as i had to abort the mission after my friends in squad extracted. i was the host just so you know. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhccHFhd24Zjmi7TrDV9RzbGfA52 This is a picture of the glitch for reference.

  7. 19 hours ago, (XB1)PRaDiUSxUCM said:

    Clan Name: Jolan Tru

    Clan Tier: Mountain Clan

    Clan Platform: Xbox One

    Clan Rank: Founding Warlord (Tal Shiar)

    Gamertag: PRaDiUSxUCM

    Video Tour of Dojo:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9x2-XxelY4

    Hello! My name is Jeffrey (Gamertag, PRaDiUSxUCM) and I would like to enter my clan's Dojo into this contest. Decorating and designing in the Dojo is my absolute most favorite thing to do and I'm always looking to make things as good as I possibly can for my clan members. I've been hoping a Dojo contest like this would pop up for a while now and I'm super glad that it's here! I've poured my blood, sweat, and hundreds of hours over the last few years into this project and it would be an absolute honor to have the trophy from this contest to display in my Dojo. So, thank you so much for the opportunity! The video above is a complete walkthrough/tour of our Dojo in it's current state, and below are some written descriptions and choice screenshots of my favorite scenes and landmarks. I hope you all enjoy viewing it as much as I have enjoyed building it!

    This is the central hub of our Dojo, featuring a teleporter by spawn that can take our members anywhere they want to go, along with two trading posts on either side above spawn. There are a number of totems and objects placed both strategically and symmetrically throughout the spawn room for random parkouring and to give the spawn room a real "jungle gym" effect, for members to just run and play around while waiting for friendly to join in or navigating trade chat. To that same end, the Music Maker Balcony is toward the back of the room, featuring two rows of drums and bells of all sizes. The door immediately behind spawn takes our members into our Cafe/Marketplace area, where all our main research labs (Tenno, Bio, Chem, & Energy) are located for quick and easy access. The hall immediately to the right, will take players to our dueling arena, which features 2 unique/different dueling rooms. The hall to the left, takes the player to our Custom Obstacle Course and the Orokin Lab, with an empty slot reserved for the upcoming War Room/Kingpins! Straight ahead to the far north door, is our Observatory for quick and easy access to Navigation/the Star Chart and the Arsenal post, for members to play around with Fashion Frames and change up their loadouts. I have a thing for symmetry in art, which is something you will notice throughout our Dojo.


    The Cafe & Marketplace Hall is directly behind the Main Hall. Since this is the hall the houses our main labs where our members go to pick up blueprints and research for credits, I wanted it to have a real social but fun business aspect to it. So, to that end, I felt like a Cafe/Marketplace theme fit perfectly for the hall that houses those labs. In the center/floor of the hall, are two adjacent Cafe stations. Each is underneath a summer tree with a fruit basket and tea set for maximum relaxation. Our twin Dax/Teshin shrines are down here on the floor as well. Up the stairs to the left is our Drink Bar, complete with shelves of drinks, a stove, a fridge, and surrounding bar stools. There are also two private booths on either side of the Drink Bar. Opposite of the Drink Bar, up on the right side of the hall, is our Food Bar. This bar is quite distinct from the one the serves drinks, featuring multiple fruit baskets and plates of various fish on display for Tenno who are looking to score a nice dinner. Two private booths are on either side of the Food Bar as well, to give the hall an overall organized feel. Above everything is a catwalk that surrounds all the pillars in this hall. At the center of those pillars, is our "Midway Arcade", which feature 4 Ludoplex Arcade Machines. I felt like having the Arcade here in the Cafe area with the bars, kinda gives the area a real "Dave & Busters" feel. Haha.


    Directly to the north of the spawn room is our Observatory, which features lookout/kneeling posts, the navigation console for accessing the Star Map, the Arsenal post for changing up loadouts and Fashion Framing, and a single Ludoplex Arcade Machine. Since the Observatory is about navigating, I felt like the ability to navigate to other mini-games like Frame Fighter, Wyrmius, & Happy Zephyr was important to include here as well. Out of the glass window from inside the Observatory, players can view our giant Orokin themed dragon, which wraps around our "Front Porch" - where our clan holds Ascension Ceremonies. He is a very large/full size dragon, and features a good amount of detail (Arms with wings and claws, a very long body featuring scales and spikes, a thrashing tail, and most of all - a menacing head, which features horns, eyes/brows, and a gaping mouth of fire with a full set of teeth and fangs). On the roof of the Observatory is our Spacewalk. From here, our members can take screenshots of their frames completely surrounded by space and strange plants that thrive without oxygen in the vacuum atmosphere. Two large pipes that go down into the structure help filter the oxygen inside the dojo, and steam can be seen escaping from connection points on the piping. This area also provides a beautiful birds eye view of our dragon on the Front Porch.


    This hall took a lot of time and work, but I wanted a natural/nature themed room on the main level of the Dojo - separate from our Nature Trail. The recent addition of all the great nature decorations provided me the perfect excuse to make this! I decided to call it the "Batcave", but it is actually more inspired from settings that I have witnessed while playing various Tomb Raider games. The room is made entirely of Lua and Asteroid rock, and the floor is completely blanketed with brownish grass that felt appropriate to the cave setting. There are two large waterfalls on either side that flow down into rock ponds of coy fish. I went to great lengths to make sure each looked unique from the other, to help give the cave a more natural feel. Dark trees and various plants can be seen around the room, growing particularly near the areas of the waterfalls. A large fireplace with a roaring bonfire, surrounded by benches sits in the middle of the cave, where clan members and visiting Tenno can gather around and congregate or just roast marshmellows. There are two giant stone/cave hangars or openings on either side of the cave, featuring two giant Bombermen that I made. I've been a huge fan of Bomberman since I was younger, and the Grineer decorations were perfect for creating them. These two fellas guard the Batcave and watch over the Tenno that hang out around the bonfire.


    As a HUGE fan of Stargate and Star Trek (and pretty much anything with the word "Star" in the name. Haha) - I just had to make a Stargate! This particular Stargate is Orokin themed, but modeled after the Stargate from the SG1 TV Series, and features clamps the hold the gate in place and expell steam (just like in the TV show!). There is also an Orokin themed DHD (Dial Home Device) directly in front of the Stargate, to the left. I made the overall theme of this room a Terminal, as this is where Tenno would embark to other planets, space gates, and various parts of the galaxy (Tau System, perhaps? xD). There is a futuristic episode of SG1 where the Stargate is made public knowledge and instead of Airport terminals, there are Stargate terminals where everyday citizens come to embark on their on vacations, trips, and adventures across the Milky Way - and that is why I decided to do a Stargate terminal! There are waiting benches across from the Stargate, and railing that blocks off the areas directly to the left and right of the stargate, as huge pipes and both sides run to the Stargate and fuel it's massive power needs! A single staircase by the entrance to the room leads upstairs into the Attic, which is our clan Donations Room. Our members come here to donate resources, credits, and various decorations.


    As stated above, the entrance to our dueling area is directly to the right in our spawn room! We have 3 different Dueling Rooms that are designed for different forms of combat. One is a "Boxing Ring", with the arena being mostly clear, and featuring a large bell in the background that can be run to start/end the match, and between rounds. The second room is our "Double Decker" arena, featuring a sizeable second/disc-shaped level with ramps leading up to it on either side. A little higher up in each corner are Death From Above perches, where combatants clan slam downward on opponents below. The third and final room, is our "Totem Arena", which features a custom totem that I made out of Tenno decorations. A catwalk also circles the area above to provide either a quick escape or a quick death.


    I'm a big fan of the garden rooms that are available for Dojos, even though they don't have much of a purpose beyond aesthetics. To that end, I just had to use them and spruce them up to look as awesome as possible. I also wanted to give clan members a serene place where they could come an sit, meditate, or just take a quiet nature walk! And so, the Nature Trail was born. There is an elevator leading to it as well as a teleporter, as the Nature Trail resides on its own level of the Dojo. There are 6 main garden rooms that make up the trail, along with outlying halls that are filled with nature as well to ensure that no doors on the trail are dead ends. The main/first garden room of the trail features a Gazebo, with a teleporter inside for those who wish to bypass the elevator. It has a giant cherry tree on top, which felt appropriate for the night theme of this room as it is one of only two garden rooms that features a view of outspace on the ceiling instead of giant light fixtures. Glowing lamps line the surrounding ponds, with small waterfalls, and glowing mushrooms that grow up in the darkness of the Gazebo garden. Also along the Nature Trail is a sort of back-woods themed Garden room that I put together with a campsite that features a camp fire, benches, small table with tea cups, and even a tent with two sleeping bags and pillows inside! Other rooms along the Nature Trail have a jungle theme, and off-beach theme, and a night/dark forest theme. One of my favorite places in the Dojo!


    While, it is true that I built this entire Dojo on my own, I definitely owe a shout out to my son, Solomon, who does not play the game - but loves watching me play and giving me ideas for my Dojo! He originally gave me the ideas for both the Batcave room, plus our giant Dragon that I made as well! He's the best! He's a recent picture I took of us chillin. ❤️


    Also, thanks to my clan members for all their love and support, and thanks to DE for holding this contest! 🙂

     Great job pradius good luck to our clan

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