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  1. thank you for some guidance and i wish i had thought to take a screen shot but alas its gone.
  2. i can tell you it was on an equinox labeled the red queen so yeah... tells me its available somehow.
  3. https://photos.app.goo.gl/TpFnPHVFWXxABEwg9 this is proof its on xb1 i can link it plus saw it in look link
  4. How to obtain this on xbox 1 please answer i have seen a player with it, so i know we can get it. Thank you
  5. This bug happened while i was doing a riven challenge for a friend. i have the widgets equipped or bought. i have reset my game and it still happened, so it is a repeatable bug. Basically they can hear me when i mine and even killed me in the plains with one of the man-able turrets. i was using ivara and was invisible. So there should be no way for them to hear me let alone shoot at me. Please fix this as soon as possible as it was rather annoying and shouldn't be happening. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhccHFhd24ZjmjPDIu4oXXe0Wf63 proof i own the said widget.
  6. This bug happened in the new disruption mission on kelpie sedna. I went to put a key in like you normally do and as soon as I put the key in it stuck me in place under the conduit. It proceeded to get worse when I got glitched out of the map. All i know is that this needs fixing as it basically broke the game for me and i ended up losing all rewards as i had to abort the mission after my friends in squad extracted. i was the host just so you know. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhccHFhd24Zjmi7TrDV9RzbGfA52 This is a picture of the glitch for reference.
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