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  1. Will you add the Volt/loki relics to Bounties like all of the previous relics have?
  2. God forbid that DE has some common sense with the wolf changes, despite the so called "balance", the wolf and the fugitives deal way too much damage, especially when they are invincible untill you kill the wolf, which isnt possible when a level 70 wolf spawns on hydron, where players go with weak equipment to level up, the wolf and the fugitives destroy the defense objective, or kill the entire squad until we all die. THIS IS ABSURED, so absurd I actually think that it is true that Digital extremes drinks and smokes on the job.
  3. Very annoyed by the tennogen delay, litteraly 6 months of us still not having all of round 14. Why are you giving us round 15 befor the rest of 14? Why cant we get an entire round in a single update?
  4. But last summer in an interview, they were questioned on this and said that by this time they could afford to do it.
  5. When could we see Dedicated Servers? So we can put an end to host migrations and failures to connect to host?
  6. Please don't put anymore ayatan dculpture related challenges as they are the only luck based challenges. They require the luck of obtaining sculptures and stars to fill them, presumably hsving the resources and not using them, or buying them from trade.
  7. Wow, all the wait and they didn't add all of the tennogen round, where are the ION skins?
  8. How about finally starting dedicated servers and removing the match host so we can no longer suffer from host migrations and players lagging out due to the host useing a different IP or something
  9. But the bounties do circulate rewards every hour, but since the prime unvault happened they have using bounties as a way for players to specifally farm the unvaulted relics
  10. Also, what about the Titania deluxe and Nyx deluxe that was revealed at Tennocon last year?
  11. Will we see a rework for Valkyr? I used to main her but not anymore due to the current state of her
  12. The majority of us have found it hard to play in public with randoms, especially in free roam, if you were not the HOST, there was a chsnce you would wind up kicked out of squad for failing to connect. Then if there was HOST MIGRATION you could possibly be kicked from squad and sent to the menu because the new host might have a worse connection or use a different NAT TYPE, in a Q&A, you guys said you used a (squad Host server system) because it is simple and you needed something cheap in WARFRAME's early days, Now warframe has grown. The Hosted server's system is outdated and does not work. Please tell us you will be working on a better server type for 2019? Possibly dedicated servers? No more host migrations!
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