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  1. Warframe IGN: Xrande Mastery Rank: MR9 Country: Indonesia Clan (CG/NG/Comp/Casual): NG Previous clan: NG Do you have Discord?: Yes Anything we should know about you?: Has previously joined NG and very active. Has sudden family issues (health) and also work got very busy thus didn't have time to login at all.
  2. - In-Game Name: Xrande - Country: Indonesia - Mastery Rank: MR8 - Previous Clan: - Clan You're Applying For: Nightfall Gladiators - Do you have Discord?: Yes - Anything we should know?: I heard about Warframe but never really looked into it. Now 1 month later, this game is amazing. I am looking for community especially in my timezone. Gladiators seems like a good fit.
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