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  1. This has been my issue with the fight. I've fought him 4 times and each time I run out of platforms because he wont drop bombs and if he does, they get yeeted behind me.
  2. Easier than Nihils fight. You don't have to worry about the RNG screwing you over.
  3. This comment is obnoxious and 100% unhelpful to the other person. Not every likes the boss fight. It can certainly be better, like Brozime suggested during his stream. Nihil has a bad habit of not throwing bombs out, at least for me, during the 3rd phase. So I end up dodging his attacks, trying to get him to give me more bombs (that get sent into oblivion) only to run out of platforms in the end. And if I do get a bomb and throw it at him, it for some dumb reason does nothing to his naked health. DE could have done better.
  4. That's why you just aim with the Heavy Attack instead.
  5. I use my Redeemer Prime for Eidolons and Profit Taker, and my Stropha/Redeemer for Disruption. I don't enjoy them, in any other mission.
  6. I actually just finally started doing Liches 2 days ago. So I'll be doing it for awhile. It seems to me more people are doing Lich stuff during the morning/afternoon for NA. It may seem dead, but since the majority already got the weapons they want, they have no reason to do Liches anymore.
  7. Mesa Prime, Wukong Prime, Inaros Prime come to mind. Maybe Nezha Prime when it comes out. I strongly advise against putting Umbral forma on a non-Prime.
  8. Quoting this because I've run into the same issue, as detailed here.
  9. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Finished stabbing my Kuva Lich for the first time. Completed the mission, and my Lich still has control of only 1 planet. He has dialogue that says he's planting a flag, which suggests taking over another planet, but when I check, I can't find it. Restarting does not fix this. Completely re-installing the game does not fix this. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: I've no idea how to replicate this bug. EXPECTED RESULT: After stabbing my Lich for the first time and completing the mission, my Lich is supposed to take over a 2nd planet. OBSERVED
  10. Agreed. I really enjoy hitting 2 and basically being invincible. His 4 is also enjoyable, even with it's mini-nerf. I love how Rev sounds like a muffled lawn-mower with it. =D Overall I think Rev is now in a good spot, his 1 is still meh- but other frames also have at least one skill that's basically useless or undesirable. So I'm not bothered by it. Plus his 1 can be a decent CC depending on the situation anyways.
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