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  1. Would be neat if drones were replaced with random Specters, or specter of the warframe type that is buffed with the weapon that is buffed, or "Shadow Clone" of the frames the player brought (so specter with stats buffed by mods).
  2. Nothing more crushing than to get a rare drop and lose it due to a failed host migration. I don't get why a host can drop at any point and any one of the remaining can become host, but if that migration fails the game just gives up and you lose everything from the mission. This is a loot based game, so losing loot should be a big deal. Why is the migration flow not fail safe, so on host drop: Remaining clients agree on a host and attempt to migrate If migrate fails client becomes host / solo host
  3. Don't know if you are open to feedback, but any hope of normalizing rewards across mission types? Cool that the mode holds at rotation C rewards. Sucks that is takes 30 minutes to get there on survival and like half that for excavation/interception and some defense.
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