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  1. Here's a few of my ideas..bare with me here,lol A must for me, new trading system. This is my idea for this : Go into navigation,press (whatever button to be assigned to enter a trade store menu.) SELLING Once in the trade store,you will have 2 options, Buy or Sell.In this example we are going to sell.In trade store you will be able to press SELL to bring up your inventory and select item you wish to sell/trade. You may choose,credits,platinum or prime item to trade for. (Devs can add a time limit if they choose as to not leave "clutter" 24 hours or 72 hours? Then you have to repost?)Once done, it is now posted to public. Sold items will automatically add a balance to your trade shop. Which you will need to collect as to not have players say, " I didn't get my plat or credits!" Ordis can inform you "you have sold an item".... BUYING Open the trade store the same way we pretended before,choose PURCHASE. A search bar could be used or you can browse per item you wish to buy. For example, I wish to buy the mod "Bite" here is what I see Hundo_69 Bite 40p Rank 2 Wishlou567 Bite 25p unrank Jesterkillz Bite 20p unrank I think I'll click on Jester as he seems to have to lowest price. This will make trade competitive and items not so overpriced and will set a good balance to the warframe economy. You also have the opportunity to buy low and sell high, making profit. It is also instant. No more scanning the chat for an item that whizzes by..no more asking for best offers, no more selling for hours at a time waiting for a bite. Set it and forget it. Go farm,kick some grineer butt and when you come back you may find that you sold something while you were away!
  2. Can we possibly get an update on the trading system? Maybe a marketplace for fellow tenno to place their goods with a set asking price much like the set marketplace is now..instead of either wandering around for an hour with your hand up and spamming trade chat?
  3. Frankie says he ready for some Grineer Jerky! (Unedited Frankie link) https://ibb.co/eQ7k39
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