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  1. My issue is that I cannot boost in raijack, it only zooms and i havent figured out how to fix it yet.
  2. My vitruvian and fortuna shirt just arrived yesterday, I literally shipped them back this morning for a refund. Imo if you still waiting on yours, you may want to prepare yourself for some severe dissatisfaction. My biggest problem was that I ordered the shirts in a large at the time as it was the size I needed, I currently wear an XL after a year plus wait. The vitruvian shirt is 100% polyester it looks and feels horrible imo, it reminded me of the cheap polyester shirts my granny would buy me for school with weird mechs on it. After all that wait to get a product so disappointing makes me feel like the only thing I can do is recommend that anyone looking for warframe merch should steer clear of the official store and try looking at the made for fans by fans store.
  3. yeah, i messed up, i thought it was POE, but yes i did mean the jovian concord style.
  4. oh sorry, i'll get it to you right now. Payment sent.
  5. Clan/Alliance Name: YoungDragon Preferred Payment Type: paypal Design Details: The Initials YD in warframe font, with Jovian Concord color and effects Links to reference images: 4th icon from the left for reference of style and color with same effects stemming from, the initials. Additional Comments: thank you for you efforts
  6. Wait what??? I haven't gotten any email stating any compensation and I bought the vitruvian and fortuna shirt.
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