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  1. Savage Silence doesn’t consistently work in Railjack missions as host or client. Some missions it works. Others it won’t open enemies to finishers. It can go from working one mission to not working the next.
  2. Using the archwing slingshot can sometimes cause you to use your standard weapons instead of archguns when in archwing. This doesn’t occur consistently, but does seem to happen more often when running as a client with a host with high ping. In some cases, being at the helm of a crew ship when it explodes can cause your archwing to appear invisible or leave you walking in space without archwing. Recalling to railjack normally fixes this, but sometimes let’s you fly inside the railjack. Seems to occur when running as a client with a host with high ping.
  3. Let’s talk about wreckage costs (specifically MK3 variants). So the “rarer” resource costs seem fairly reasonable (fresnels, Komms, keslers). The common resource costs (Pustrels, titanium, carbides, etc.) seem like they have an extra 0. So I’ve been playing empyrean since launch a week ago. I probably have around 15 hours invested in it. I’ve repaired two mk1 components and crafted a few sigma components. Aside from those, I have amassed around 3000 pustrels (probably 6000 including ones I’ve spent). How much does a MK3 weapon cost? 8000. Compare that to a regular Warframe weapon which you only craft once, has no RNG stats, and doesn’t have a better variant. You typically can get everything you need within 4-8 missions lasting 5 minutes each. A railjack weapon can take you 20-40 missions lasting half an hour each to grind the resources. This doesn’t seem reasonable, especially when you can pay to skip it. That seems kind of dubious. I propose cutting the costs of wreckage to 50% of the current values or significantly buffing the drop rates. Alternatively, other standard Warframe resources (ferrite, plastids, salvage, etc.) could replace some resources to give us a use for the millions some of us have. This would encourage people to actually invest in parts they find instead of ignoring them until they get a good roll on stats.
  4. I’m back! Time to talk about Avionics. I’ve already given my thoughts on why battle and tactical avionics need better drop rates. Integrated Avionics need better drop rates as well for a couple reasons: 1. These are basic mods. They are the backbone of upgrading the railjack and progressing. If we cannot acquire them, we cannot upgrade or even use this system to its full affect. 2. Imagine locking undamaged serration behind Conditioned Overload levels of RNG without the ability to use looting abilities. That’s basically the way Vidar/Zekti Hyperstrike feel. Thankfully, Lavan exists, but it’s still pretty rare. 3. Imagine locking vitality behind Vengeful Revenant’s level of RNG. That’s Bulkhead. For Vengeful Revenant, it doesn’t matter as much because it’s just a stance and other comparable ones exist. How could we fix this? 1. Boost overall drop chances for avionics. Remove mods being able to drift away in space. Buff vacuum radius. 2. Add more avionics to enemy drop tables. (Some cannot be reliably farmed because elite variants of enemies don’t spawn because of level caps on missions). This makes them more in line with regular mods that can drop from tons of enemies. 3. Give us another way to acquire avionics. (Spy missions, excavations, defense, Clan research, Syndicates, Baro Kiteer, etc.). This makes avionics more like standard farmable mods. Thanks! Keep up the good work!
  5. I realize I have focused on a lot of the opportunities for improvement, but let’s take a minute to look at what Empyrean does right! 1. Everyone on the team has something to do most of the time, and no role is worthless. All the roles are fun in my opinion, too! 2. Missions are exciting and dynamic! Fighters are evasive but not bullet sponges (for the most part). You can take them down if you aim properly. Outriders are fun to fight because they take some skill to take down. Crew ships are a threat that cannot be solved by pure DPS, and taking them out is enjoyable. 3. Slingshots, heavy artillery, piloting, gunning, transitioning to and from archwing all feel really nice. The animations and sound are really pleasing. 4. Missions seamlessly flow from one to the next. 5. Stuff looks cool. The UI looks nice (it’s not the most functional, but it does look nice). 6. Most frames can do well in this mode. 7. Tough enemies give us a reason to bring good gear. 8. The difficulty is meant for more experienced players instead of newbies. 9. The music is fantastic. 10. It’s just fun! 11. The combat is a unique direction much different than anything seen in the game’s past. It’s something new and exciting to do! These are just some of what railjack does right, and this is why I play the mode! I hope that as we move forward, more progress towards universal quality will be made!
  6. I played last night after the second Tuesday hotfix, and something is off with enemy loot/material drops. For one thing, railjack vacuum doesn’t seem to work consistently (sometimes it sucks in everything, other times a mod will be on my windscreen and I can’t pick it up). For another, it seems that enemies aren’t dropping loot all the time. And let’s talk about the avionics drop rates again. The boost to drop rates is good (From 10 to 15%), but I feel that this still isn’t high enough considering there’s a good chance that the avionics will just float off into space. I’d propose something between 30% and 50% because core avionics, battle avionics, and tactical avionics just won’t drop, or when the do, they float away. Keep in mind that locking tactical and battle avionics behind really low RNG rates is like locking Archwing abilities or sentinel/pet precepts behind RNG. An alternative would be to have something like what was shown in Tennocon. Perhaps there could be a spy/cache hunting mission that could have tactical/battle avionics as the reward. It would be like stealing technology from the grineer. That way, we could actively work for them instead of just hoping that they drop and they float in the right direction for us to grab them. Another alternative would be to have tactical and battle avionics researchable by clans (I.e. researching new railjack tech). Being able to purchase these for even a high cost would protect against bad RNG while still leaving the chance to randomly find the mods. Keep up the good work!
  7. Excellent changes! Keep it up! Hope to see more down the line!
  8. Let’s talk about the wreckage limit of 30. So there are 5 different gun varieties, reactors, shields, and engines. So that is 8 different types of items we can get barring schools. We can only have 3 variants of each of these, one for each house, leaving six slots open for anything we find in missions. If we are lucky, we can easily get more than six wreckage parts in the missions, and any additional ones get scrapped. All wreckage items have random stats, so we are probably going to want to scrap current equipment and replace it with better ones as we find them. But we cannot do that if the better ones keep getting scrapped automatically. Same goes for if I find a reactor with +80 capacity. I’ll start saving up for it, but if another better one drops before I have the materials I need, there’s a good chance I won’t even have a chance to see it. Why? Why is this a thing? If you must have a limit to the slots, please make it so we pick which ones get scrapped or make the limit much higher (like 50) to give us some room to work with. If it is because of server storage of randomized gear, then why isn’t that a problem with Lich weapons (another topic entirely, but those I have less of an issue with). Railjack missions are some of the most fun I’ve had in the game since I started playing. This constraint is dragging it down though.
  9. So, I just saw the official drop tables and I have to say that the reward structure makes no sense. All missions in each zone and all caches yield the same rewards. This doesn’t really make sense to me, but I guess isn’t that big a deal. It does kind of suck that a half hour mission has a 2% to give you a particular railjack part, but I understand those are stat variations on the sigma versions of the parts, so I’ll live with it. The thing I have a problem with is the Avionics drop rates, particularly the battle ones. Most of these sit at a measly 0.1% drop rate. When coupled with the fact that avionics drift away in combat, this means that most people aren’t going to be able to use railjack abilities for a long time. This just feels bad. Here’s how to fix: boost the mod drop chance, remove momentum from mod drops in combat, and either auto collect all mods or buff the vacuum range. This will make resource gathering and mod hunting way more enjoyable and won’t require us to spend tons of time looting missions upon completion. I like this update, but not the drop rates. Please, please, make this more reasonable.
  10. 1. As stated by others, resource costs need another pass. 25-50% reduction in cost would make wreckage feel a lot more worth investing in. The grind is just a tad too steep. 2. Battle Avionics drop rates are crap. it should not take 10 hours to unlock a single basic skill for your railjack. Right now, sigma parts will provide RNG protection for wreckage parts. They are mid range ship improvements that are outclassed by most wreckage, aren’t min/maxed or optimized, but are a good starting place for upgrades. Can we have a similar feature for tactical/battle avionics? Perhaps you could buy them (or a weaker variant) for a lot of resources form the respective zones each skill drops in. That way, if I spend 10 hours trying to get the missile launch one but can’t, I can just dump some materials to buy it. Right now, it’s just disappointing not to be able to equip any skills on the ship. 3. Having the away team be the only person to get loot from ships when all loot gathered in space is shared doesn’t make sense and isn’t really fair to the rest of the team. Vice Versa for intrinsics. Those should be shared as well, or at least rebalanced so that pilots and away crew get a reasonable amount. 4. Materials not used in the foundry shouldn’t need to be refined. They should just go into your inventory when you return to the dry dock. I don’t think I need to explain this one. 5. Why aren’t other materials from the game used for anything? Right now, if I want railjack parts, I only play railjack. If I want non railjack equipment, I only play standard missions. I’d love to have a use for a lot of the resources I’ve been stockpiling for years. (For example, I could use ferrite and salvage to craft a 2 day armor buff for my ship. I could dump a bunch of plastids into those turrets I like to give them a damage buff. I could spend neurodes and gallium to strengthen my shield recharge. Or I could just use those resources to repair wreckage.)
  11. Copy pasting from something I shared on Reddit: Yes [I really like Railjack as a game mode]. It’s the only thing I’ve done in Warframe since its launch. It’s super fun and I think the team did a great job on the core systems. [combat, flight, repairing, gunning, slingshots, main cannon, entering exiting, raising bases and hijacking ships]. However: Right now isn’t a great time to play it since clan research for the mk2-3 parts isn’t finished yet. Those parts act as RNG protection (good), but they aren’t accessible which makes it hard to upgrade your ship if you only get bad or no wreckage drops. By end of this week, this won’t be an issue. I’m glad the sigma parts are relatively cheap, because they give a nice progression independent on drops. Bugs. Invisible forge timers, infinite loading screen between missions, fighters not spawning, wreckage repair costs not loading, getting stuck, weapons having the wrong models, etc. A lot of these should be resolved in the coming month. Wreckage is so gosh darn expensive. It already has a 12 hour timer (no problem there). The resource cost needs to be toned down just a bit. The forge is weird. Why can’t I queue up 4 tasks from the same forge? Why can’t I see which forge is busy from a distance? Why do I need to refine materials? Why did my teammate just refine the 10 cubics and pustrels I was about to use to make ravioli to patch the ship? Why isn’t there a master control panel? More mission variety would be nice (on earth at least. Haven’t gotten past mid Saturn yet). There are three of the exact same mission in a row. I think the middle should be changed a little to add variety. The avionics UI is weird. When I’m scrapping avionics, why can’t I see their drain? Why can’t I upgrade avionics that aren’t in the grid? Avionics drop rates and railjack vacuum range need to be looked at. I’ve played probably 10-ish hours of content and haven only gotten 1 battle avionic and a few tactical avionics. It’s disappointing to not even be able to equip my ship with basic abilities not because of reactor limitations but because the mod drops probably drifted into oblivion. Why aren’t we allowed to buy starter/weak battle/tactical avionics from the clan console? Simple ones that are outclassed by the mission drops. Why aren’t battle avionics equippable in all three slots? Some only go in slot 1 for example. Why isn’t loot from crew ship interiors and points of interest shared with the entire crew? This is dumb. Why doesn’t the slingshot have the 360 aim like turrets? Why are enemies (crew) scaled so strangely? Why don’t corrosive procs work on some enemies (crew)? Why can’t I see what the RJ damage conversion is for archguns? Why can’t I independently color the railjack name? Why isn’t there an independent extract option? (Other than aborting. I know about that) Why isn’t there a voting/notification for which mission we are moving to next? Why isn’t there an indication of current dome charges, munitions, and crafting materials in the tactical screen? Why isn’t loot from fighters automatically gathered? I understand environmental loot, but fighters can get downed from miles away and their loot has physics so it just floats away. Why Are mission rewards (credits, non railjack materials) so pitifully low? Why are avionics upgrades and house differences so subtle and weird? Where do different avionics variations even drop? That’s a lot of issues, but they don’t stop me from loving this update. They just kind of annoy me and hold the update back from greatness. I look forward to seeing how this mode will evolve and progress overtime. With some polishing, it could be one of the best things to happen in this game.
  12. I have gotten stuck in loading screens several times after missions. its very frustrating
  13. One of the slam attacks in Twirling Spire no longer actually triggers a slam. It just does the downward strike animation without the slam effect. This kind or ruins a really fun part of the stance and reduces the useability of Exodia Hunt.
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