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  1. Ok, are we talking about sentients or literally every other non-boss enemy in the game? Sentients are status immune, so crit will be better. Most other enemies are not immune, so status is incredibly potent once armor gets to be a problem because of corrosive's ability to strip armor or slash's ability to bypass armor. Crits are better at lower to mid levels and can pull you through higher level content, but crit builds start to fall off once armor scaling goes crazy. Of course, hybrid crit/status builds are VERY effective because you have the damage multipliers from crits with the indirect damage buffing from status (and CO's ludicrous scaling if using melee). All that to say, for most enemies, status/crit builds are going to be the "best" bet for higher level content, but sentients don't care about status so crits are the way to go.
  2. Just a couple thoughts on Gauss: His battery is confusing. It is kind of counter-intuitive how max battery is 80% unless you are redlining, then it goes to 100%. I think this could be fixed with a number above gauge just to show percentage. Also I feel that it would be good to have some visual feedback as to the level of DR you have from kinetic plating. A buff indicator or something like Nidus Stack, Nezha Halo, or Gara Splinter indicator over the battery would help this. Just more active visibility would help. His 3 I think would be way more useful if it had a chance to proc cold or heat on enemies that enter the ring. This would make Gauss more effective at cc without being absurdly good at it. Right now he is a really solid tank/weapons based DPS frame, but he doesn't really do anything for the rest of the squad. This CC ability would help that if it was buffed. Overall, Gauss is really good. I think you guys did a great job with his kit, and he's a lot of fun too! He's just a little confusing in terms of how his numbers work. The weapons are good in my opinion. I like them both. I'd question why the Akarius' reload is so slow, but we have mods for that and the passive helps so it's not a big deal.
  3. Disruption is awesome! You guys nailed the gameplay aspect of this, with the exceptions of keys not spawning sometimes. I would love to see this mode incorporated into Arbitrations, and I'm glad it's shown up in fissures. Edit: Apparently they are in arbitrations. Now, as others have said, the reward tables NEED to be reevaluated. I'm fine with the Kuva and credit nodes (more wouldn't hurt though). The real problem is the relic nodes. I think most players are swimming in Neo Relics. We do not need every drop table from this game mode to be filled with these. That was my issue with the original disruption node. If C rotations were half and half Axi/Neo or Axi/Endo, I think that would be ok. A lot of other good exceptions are above in this thread. Any of those would be great. Also, I'd love to see vaulted relics start showing up at these nodes in future unvaultings. That would be fun. Thank you for making Little Duck a fun announcer that is not annoying. I love the little bits of personality she injects into it, and I'd love to see more stuff like that. It would be cool to maybe have someone else like Teshin, Maroo, Darvo (eh...), or Onko doing something like this in the future.
  4. Anything with high burst damage/crit should work. They don’t care about status if I recall.
  5. What was it that initially got you invested in the game? For me it was the mobility/parkour system, the gun/melee interplay, and how much fun I had roaming the plains as an MR 1 Excalibur. I’ve been around for only about 18 months, so I’m curious to hear what some newer or older players have to say.
  6. This looks dope! Like a boss from Furi!
  7. This is actually something I like about the game! I can play it, leave it for a while, and come back and there is so much to do! I’ve taken a few breaks and it’s always great coming back to the new stuff.
  8. Generally, yeah. I’ve enjoyed the last 1000hrs of gameplay, and I’m excited for new stuff. I wish it would come faster, sure, but I’m ok with waiting. Now there’s plenty of stuff I don’t like in the game, and I hope those get cleaned up eventually, but if they were dealbreakers I wouldn’t be here. I do wish the devs wouldn’t work on so many big things at once instead of focusing on a few of them.
  9. The speargun one could be fun if it allowed you to change the spear effect for scourge and ferrox to an explosion like the javlok. That would give more options for using spearguns if you don’t like the javlok’s primary fire. More on the Ogris: Shrapnel Rockets: Rocket damage is converted to 50% slash, 50% blast. Adaptive Aim: Damaging an enemy adds 5% flat crit chance for 15s, stacking up to 60% flat crit. Halikar: Forced Ferocity: Damaging an enemy with secondaries increases melee damage by 25% for 10s, stacking up to 200%. Boosted melee strikes have a 100% chance to disarm enemies. Cycron: Coil Launcher. Alt fire ejects the coil as deadly piercing disk that damages enemies based on the remaining ammo in the magazine. Returns after 3s.
  10. Partners leaving isn’t great for Warframe right now, partially because it’s all you see if you look Warframe up on YouTube. But I think in the long run having people that are still excited about the game instead of just complaining about it will be good. Honestly, I don’t really care all that much. I don’t watch a lot of partners, and most of them do the same stuff as each other. I just wish people would be less dramatic about it. edit: I did watch a lot when I was newer to the game to learn the ropes.
  11. My issue with Arbitrations isn’t the revive system. I’ve never had any issues with spammers, and I don’t mind the second chance if some random mob in the next county manages to graze me with an invisible grenade. My issues are that maybe Survival, interception, and especially excavation are the only enjoyable mission types but I keep getting Stofler defense, and that enemy spawn rates make survival and excavation break if you are solo. I’m not a big fan of drones either. They kind of restrict my options for what frames/weapons to bring. But they are more of a minor thing in my mind.
  12. I play with a buddy normally and we tag team our combos. I go Vectis or Rubico Prime with Toxin/Blast, though Cold/gas wouldn’t be bad either. I use Tombfinger for electric/radiation/gas though corrosive/radiation/heat would work well. I use a plague keewar with gas/viral/electric for taking car of trash mobs. I normally run Trinity with a crit cat.
  13. I’d advise not buying frames (prime or otherwise). The one exception is maybe Nidus because his grind can be soul crushing if you aren’t lucky but can also take less than an hour if you are lucky. Mod you cannot run POE or OV on your computer then Gara ore Garuda are worth while. Especially don’t buy currently available primes unless they are about to go into the vault and you’re out of relics. Saryn and Valkyr Prime are coming back soon, so avoid buying those right now as well. No frame is required for the game at this point.
  14. Bullet jumping is no joke the whole reason I initially played past the first level. My buddy taught me how to do it, and I instantly was like “yeah, I see the appeal.” Warframe’s mobility is a big part of why gameplay is enjoyable. Taking that out takes away what makes this different than other shooters mechanically. So... nope for me.
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