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  1. 3 things: Having 2 dome charges as the default ammo count seems way too low, especially when you are required to use 3 for Volatile. 4 would be a good number. The Hull repair action in the forge doesn’t appear to do anything (though that’s probably a bug). Having tactical Avionics separated into categories really limits the usability of these tools which are already very niche and barely worth using. This seems pointless. I understand for Battle avionics, but not tactical.
  2. I'm probably going to be repeating some of what other people said here, but here we go anyways. I came back to this game after a break for this update, and I feel its a mixed bag, mainly because of the corpus mission structure. Here are my main issues: Defense missions suck because you get to play this awesome railjack combat with multiple side objectives and your reward is this boring slog of a mission type. Disruption would have been better. Survival would have been better. Having the option to do defense is fine, but did there have to be so many of them. If the waves were mixed in with
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