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  1. ISO vaults and bounties being locked behind each other makes the game mode unappealing and too time consuming. I've already mentioned how the way you move from T1 vault to T2 and T3 is nonsense given no one in the game explains it to you. The main issue I have now is that having the vaults dependent on each other just makes farming such a pain. Say I want to get one of the damaged weapon parts. That is in a T3 vault. Ok, so I need to do the same mission three times for 30 to 45 minutes to get a 5% chance of what I am looking for. That is an absurdly steep grind (similar issue with eidolons but
  2. Ok! I just spent an hour to access and run T3 underground bounties twice and I now have 6 rotations of 1500 endo and 2 rotations of necramech fury. This ain't worth the effort fam. Maybe I just have bad luck, but even if I do, this was a waste of an hour.
  3. I haven't played the new stuff too much, but here are some quick thoughts: 1. Matchmaking/accessing the ISO vaults and bounties is very odd in how it is implemented. Say you want to do an ISO vault run for all three vaults. First you select the bounty, run the bounty, and finish it. Great. Now you have to go talk to mother somewhere else (that isn't marked from a distance) to start the second one. The only reason I know where this is is because I saw a TP video on it. Repeat for third round. I feel it would make a lot more sense to just have a single 3 ISO Vault Run bounty that guides you
  4. The nerf to Khora makes her a lot less useable, and is a very disappointing change to one of the most useful frames.
  5. Bug: The Gara Deluxe Animations don't seem to exist. Or at least I did not get them when I bought the skin pack.
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