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  1. I still have an empty friends list and have had one since update. Also after update I couldn’t use keyboard and mouse at the same time, had to use one or the other by unplugging the one currently being use, then plug the other one in, rinse and repeat to switch back but today I got on and can’t use either one outside of chat(but have to use controller to bring up onscreen keyboard and then I can type on keyboard) Tried resetting game and Xbox multiple times, unplugging keyboard and mouse and still nothing. Really inconvenient and frustrating because I have certain gear items hotkeyed on keybo
  2. i thought this was just me. i can use mouse but if i do then i cant use keyboard and vice versa
  3. Can’t use mouse and keyboard at the same time on Xbone X for some reason. Had no problems before update but now can only use whichever is plugged in/used first then have to unplug both and plug in whichever I want to use. Also not a fan of the Tactical “mods” being categorized like the battle section is, now you can’t have battle forge and void cloak, you have to pick one or the other? No thanks. I was excited for the zephyr rework and Sevagoth, but was wary of how the whole railjack retrofit would turn out and it appears that for myself, I was rightly worried. This has ruined railjack for me.
  4. This is literally what happened to me an hour or so ago on Xbox and I’m wearing it as well
  5. so stock up on the arcane helmets is whatyour saying? lol
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