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  1. I kinda have the same problem where frames like Valkyr or Volt have 2 builds that are very different, and it's almost impossible at times to fit two builds so different in a single frame. Many people do build more of the same frame or weapon to overcome this problem, however I would like to avoid that, or at least know what DE thinks about this matter.
  2. Mesa Also they spawn in the air, fly/roam a small area and they will spawn every couple minutes.
  3. 25 because there are 4 ppl shooting in a squad.
  4. So enemies randomly frozen everywhere is normal?.. Except there is no "immediate threats" because enemies can't shoot you or harm you because they're frozen?..
  5. That is actually a very good idea.
  6. Or Nyx/Titania which just got reworks but still pretty useless imo.
  7. Limbo Prime has been out for a while, and all the euphoria and hype that came with it has wore down. Can we have Limbo the way it was before? I have been playing Limbo for a long time before it's prime got out, and it has been one of my favourite frames for a long time, up until it's prime got released. With the changes that came with it Limbo has gone from being a complex frame with some pretty unique playstyle to a plain boring and generic frame. It's just too simple. Where is the fun in playing Limbo anymore, you just freeze enemies and shoot them one by one, that's pretty boring imo. Freezing dozens of bullets and projectiles mid-flight to finally release them all at once killing all the enemies in stasis was hella fun, and one of the main aspects of playing Limbo. It had lots of fun interactions with different kinds of weapons too, but that is no more, and now Limbo is just simple and boring. I tried to like the new Limbo, I really did, but it's just boring, there's barely any fun in playing it anymore. And I know I will get a lot of hate and salt from people who didn't like the old Limbo because "it was annoying, or bad, or too much troll", but it never was. Limbo was a perfectly good frame all along before it's Prime got released and there was no need to change it whatsoever. People only hated it so much because no one ever bothered figuring out how it worked. Because "UgH wHy My BuLlEtS dOn'T mOvE wOrSe FrAmE dE fIx It" not knowing there was a bullet limit all along and if you just kept shooting Stasis would end and all the bullets would resume their trajectory. Or that abilities could kill enemies between dimensions. But yeah, no one cares, we just want Limbo removed because "it's a terrible frame". If anything, what was wrong with Limbo is how early in the game players were able to acquire it, Limbo was far too complex of a frame to be handled properly by new players, and yes, it can be annoying in the wrong hands, but that's not because it was a bad warframe, it was because it was used wrong, and on top of it no one ever bothered figuring out on the slightest how it worked. And on top of that Limbo gets completely screwed up by nullifiers, yes, yes, I know.. All the frames are... Or that's the reason of nullifiers... or whatever you have to say about it, but there is no frame in the game that gets screwed by nullifiers so bad as Limbo. So can we at least have nullifiers not screw Limbo's abilities so bad? Why not fix that since you were going to nerf Limbo anyway when it's Prime got released.. And I know, oh how I know I will get salt from this post... As I always have from playing Limbo in the past, even when I was doing a good job and people just hate it because "uGh I cAnT kIlL sTuFf WoRsE fRaMe!!!111". But it is what it is. Limbo is a bad Warframe as it stands right now, it's boring and way too simple, and there is no way of using it properly if there is going to be nullifiers around, other than building 34% range and using it as an extra dimensional Frost. And I don't care what anyone says because oh man, I can already feel the hate I'm going to get as I'm typing this... So don't waste your time commenting that Limbo was bad, or annoying, or troll or how much you hate it because "uGh I cAnT kIlL sTuFf!!!!1111". I'm not going to respond any of the many hate comments I know I am going to get, Limbo is boring right now, and it was better before it's prime was released.
  8. Well I mean, yeah, Chroma has some problems and two completely useless abilities... But it's in a pretty good spot regardless compared to the rest of the frames so... Yeah, not any time soon, there are many frames which need a rework way more than Chroma.
  9. Just make Mirage switch between dark and light with each roll, similar to Limbo, that would make it far more reliable and an actual good frame.
  10. Oh yeah, that would be nice, I believe they are working on changing that screen actually.
  11. As someone who played League of Legends for years I kinda miss how well the abilities synergized in that game. That said Nyx is not the best of frames imo, if you like CC try Gara instead, pretty good and fun frame. As for the information given in the game: use the wiki. 100% use the wiki. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Baruuk/Abilities
  12. Oh boy, my old laptop can barely handle the current loading screen, I don't want to think what will happen if they replace it with a better looking one... If anything I hope they add a setting so low spec machines can have a low-spec loading screen that is lighter and much less demanding.
  13. Emissive most of the time just blends together in 1 color or it's only one color we can see from it. I'm really happy about dual energy colors, I think it's amazing, and works great on many frames, however in some others it's kinda... Well, meh. I want to think they aren't looking into it rn bcus they are working on The New War and such.
  14. Honestly the problem I'm seeing more and more is they underpower everything lately. They nerfed Ember to the ground a long time ago, they nerfed farming frames, because apparently they were too good at giving us "trash" resources like ferrite and poly. And they are very likely going to nerf Itzal, which I kinda understand the reason behind, but not good reason enough.
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