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  1. Or rather the Warframe is NOT teleported to the location of the Operator when one goes from Operator back to Warframe, as it's intended. I'm not sure what triggers this bug, but it's been happening to me a lot lately.
  2. So we can pause and resume when internet goes out or power, or PC suspends by accident and don't have to download 9 Gb from 0 all over again.
  3. Allow K Drives to use blink, but with longer range and cooler animation. Make the point score on tricks can be stored to enhance next blink cast. And I say longer range bcus AW blink is a joke. Also they need to fix the K-Drive bugs, they are far too frequent and terrible. Often locking you out of the game entirely with no easy solution, or solution at all.
  4. K-Drive mods are a joke, stats are too low, and most times effects are very niche.
  5. Or see linked builds. Or use captura maps. Or simulate forma, potatoes, 4 aura combinations, anything useful, other than regular old enemies.
  6. Killing trash mobs is so broken they had to nerf the dmg abilities n buffs.
  7. Rotation rewards from normal missions are so inconsequential, most of them are 5k credits, which is nothing. Relics are nice ig, but relics are not reward, relics are more work, which you have to grind over and over for traces and building times and forma. Buff the rotation rewards of normal missions for meaningful rewards, like 20k polymer, or 20k credits, 10k endo, idk. Make the rewards to the normal game modes meaningful. Because the only hay to get a meaningful reward out of survival is to sit in a corner for 3h afk. That's what Warframe's endgame is rn, sitting in a co
  8. Idk man... Octavia and Khora would like to have a talk with you...
  9. Really? Iso Vault are everything wrong with Wf? Not the riven-kuva system? Not ppl doing Steel Essence farm by afking in a room for 3h? Not the 4 days it takes to build 1 single frame which then you have to potato and forma n max over 5 times? Iso Vaults gotta be one of the best game modes in the game rn, and the best game mode that has been introduced in years. Other than the bugs ofc, but bugs are present in every single part of the game.
  10. Well, yeah, it is trash if you use it that way..
  11. Well, they took about 3 years to deliver The Sacrifice and stasis changes, and many other stuff so
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