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  1. If anything I agree that Alerts should've lasted way more than 1h each from the start.
  2. Thanks a lot for the credit man, I just want this amazing game to keep getting better.
  3. Exactly, I have met a lot of new players since NW started, and they all come across one main problem, the challenges are just too hard for them. Even the ones that for us are the easiest like "Kill 150 enemies with X dmg or weapon type", are too hard for players that are just starting the game, which are the players that need the NW rewards the most.
  4. Let me start by saying that I love Nightwave is a thing. Even tho it may not be perfect, the rewards are great, and most challenges are easy enough, and others are challenging, which is great. This is NOT a complain about Nightwave, not much to do with it in fact. Again, I love that NW is a thing, however Alerts were many times rather convenient, Alerts for certain rare or useful resources like Neurodes, Cryotic, Oxium, Void Traces and Orokin Cells. Which there is no equivalent in NW. Cosmetic Helmets, Essential Aura, Nightmare and other mods like Corrosive Projection, Lethal Torrent, Animal Instinct. These are available in NW and Nightmare missions of course, but it was also nice and convenient being able to find them in Alerts. Finally Endo Alerts were a convenient way for very new players to get some endo to max those mandatory mods. So It would be nice if we get at least some of these Alerts back alongside Nightwave.
  5. More like allow us to use two Arcanes AND an Arcane Helmet. I am never ever EVER going to choose +15% Power Str/Dura over Energize/Guardian. As they are right now Arcane Helmets are just completely worthless and they might as well not exist. It's good that they are not being sold for 20k pl, but making them just totally useless isn't good either.
  6. laughs in 3 smoking body ephemeras
  7. 1. What is your in-game alias? Zero-Dos 2. Why do you want to join our clan? I love Shy's videos, she's one of the few Warframe Youtubers I still enjoy watching to this day. I want to be in a clan that's active and friendly, I quite like Shy's sense of humor, so I figured I might fit in. 3. Tell me about yourself. Your personality, interests outside of Warframe, etc. I am 24, currently studying languages in uni, my first language is spanish. I'm into rock, metal and grunge mainly, but also like other types of music. My fav shows/movies/animes are FMAB, Hellsing, Cowboy Bebop, Star Wars, Adventure Time, Avatar, South Park and some others. I like both cats and dogs, mid-big sized dogs rather than small ones. I am not too bad at socializing, I'm rather an introvert, I try to be polite to others as much as I can. I am neither religious nor political, and don't usually enjoy talking about these two things.
  8. I still can't tell the sarcasm. If anything we shouldn't use sarcasm on the feedback forum, especially on the title.
  9. Honestly, in my personal experience Trade chat and the forums are the worse of the community. And really old vets who claim to know everything in the game but don't play since 2014,
  10. Oh man you have never played League of Legends... Advise: Don't.
  11. They don't need to be as fast as AW, we have AW for that.
  12. Mayb you're doing it wrong. I have met far too many players who do it wrong and claim its boring and tedious, I rather enjoy it.
  13. That happens when the portal leads out of bounds.
  14. I agree that Simulacrum still needs some work done, I believe anyone who actually use it will agree on that. Some ideas: 1. Simulacrum maps. Similar to how Mastery Rank tests use different maps, allowing us to change amongst several different Simulacrum maps in real time would be a huge improvement to test different types of scenarios, abilities, weapons, etc. 2. Enemy Loadouts. Similar to Weapon Loadouts, saving different enemy presets and choosing them from a menu or drop down list instead of choosing each enemy one by one every time would be a huge improvement. 3. More advanced options. Adding more options to the control panel like automatic replenish AND infinite; energy, enemy respawns, health, shields, enemy health, ammo, pet/sentinel behaviour, enemy aggro towards each individual player, level of specters summoned, multiple combinations of 4 different auras, etc would make very useful changes. As an example in order to test Chroma's Vex Armor one must take damage, in which case the invulnerability option gets in the way, automatic AND infinite health options would be more useful in these cases. 4. Choosing where to spawn enemies, and increase enemy spawn limit. Giving freedom to spawn enemies wherever we want, not just a couple preset places. Mayb even allowing us to make actual enemy spawn spots like with spawn rooms in real missions. 5. Control Panel in Esc menu. Integrating the Simulacrum control panel in Esc menu just like Arsenal would make a huge QOL change. Also, I miss the floating pillars far on the horizon, they used to be great for PvP in Simulacrum, PvP in Simulacrum was more fun than it will ever be on conclave, but because they removed those floating pillars the Simulacrum map is so small now, and PvP in Simulacrum has become boring.
  15. Did... you just ask for more nullifiers?.. Are we even playing the same game?.. To be clear: I don't like nullifiers, I don't think anyone does. Arbitration drones are basically more op nullifiers too. If anything I wish they heavily nerfed Arb drones, I like using my frames' abilities and they are 0 effective on Arb thanks to the drones.
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