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  1. Currently the best strategy is for each person to stand in 1 spot for the duration of the game with a defensive frame, only refreshing they're defense ability when it runs out. Changing Interception missions to have only 3 communication towers would make roaming easier and encourage more loose and relaxed, or active gameplay.
  2. Remove Ash invisibility muting sounds. It won't let me hear cache and disruption Demolysts sounds. And other random sounds through out the game.
  3. Still makes Frost very slow using parkour. what are you saying
  4. The energy drain mechanic on her 2 ruins the playstyle of what would otherwise be a great frame.
  5. Frost is def one of the slowest frames in the game. That's just not true, and 2/3 of all of the Events in the history of the game took place in the past when the game was wildly different.
  6. I wouldn't say sprint spd "takes a dive", and sprint is useless in this game and no one uses it anyway. And 200 EHP is a considerable difference.
  7. Mirage could be a very strong and interesting frame, with a fun playstyle and great design, but her potential gets severely caped by her design flaws. Right now, Mirage is decently used as nuke for SO and ESO, and because her 1 is fun. However ESO is not an indicative of how real missions in the rest of the game work, Mirage's role as DPS/Nuke in ESO is more a niche than an indicative of her capabilities. It is good, that Mirage is good in ESO, however, outside of ESO Mirage is niche at best, because of how squishy she is, and how random, or ineffectively her 3rd ability, Eclipse wor
  8. Or rather the Warframe is NOT teleported to the location of the Operator when one goes from Operator back to Warframe, as it's intended. I'm not sure what triggers this bug, but it's been happening to me a lot lately.
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