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  1. Oh man, the man himself, damn I was really hoping to get somewhat of an accurate preview of my emblem. Ok, but should I still reduce brightness to 190/255?..
  2. does the convert string still work in 2021? mayb I'm just dumb but I can't get it to work please help
  3. Petition to allow us to use the Helminth Charger skin from Nidus Deluxe on Predasites and Vulpaphylas. I know Vulpaphylas are not dogs, but the skin looks cool af and it's just wasted bcus no one uses helminth chargers aka infested dogs.
  4. Often when farming Railjack stuff like Holokeys, Ambassador or Pennant, people don't have maxed out Railjacks. Some people do have maxed out Railjacks, but can't use them because they have bad internet, and you have to be the host to use your railjack, and people would have bad ping and couldn't play properly. Add an option to choose whose railjack to use at the start of the mission, so, we can use whoever Rj without necessarily being the host.
  5. When host disconnects halfway thru the mission, the mission selection console can't be accessed by anyone, and so the mission can't be completed and the rewards can't be claimed, the only option is to abort.
  6. Then you would have to go thru the whole game wondering what sound is necessary to hear or if you can muffle them, out of the thousands that we have. Including new content in the future.
  7. +1 for Tenet Lenz and Tenet Dual Cestra
  8. Yes yes yes and yes, Tenet Lenz all the way, also Tenet Dual Cestra.
  9. We need the All Colors button from the DryDock in the Arsenal, and all of the Customization menus.
  10. I am so in for this, we def need these features.
  11. When Ash is in his invisibility skill, all sounds are heavily attenuated, which makes for a nice, relaxing effect, but at the same time makes it much harder to be aware of your surroundings. This turns into an even bigger problem when there are mission sounds that you need to hear, like caches for the Nightwave 'find 3 caches challenge', or Demolysts in Disruption. Please reduce Ash's sound attenuation so sounds are diminished only a tiny bit n can still be heard, or remove the attenuation entirely, so sounds can be heard in full.
  12. When playing as non-host, Void Dashing with Zenurik places the Energizing Dash bubble/zone/area in random places around the area of the dash, or doesn't place the bubble at all. When hosting these errors don't occur, and Energizing Dash seems to work correctly. This bug has been present since the day Energizing Dash was released in 2017 and I was waiting for a fix ever since, but it hasn't happened so far. The upper diagram shows where the Energizing Dash bubble/area (blue) is placed when Void Dashing as non-host. The lower half shows how the bubble should, and is placed when used as host, centered around the operator at the end of the dash.
  13. When accepting a mission vote there are 2 buttons, the 'accept' and 'decline' ones. After the mission has been accepted and the starting countdown is in progress, the two buttons are replaced with 1 single 'decline' button. The problem is that the decline button takes the place where the accept button was. Making it very easy to press the later decline button by mistake, if the votes lags out, or if you want to start the mission immediately, but someone else in the squad beats you to it. Which takes you out of the squad, or worse, if you are in an open world, it takes you out of the squad and into your own session, which is not only very annoying, but wastes a lot of time for everyone in the squad, because you have to load into your own session, then extract said session, then get an invite back into the squad, and load back in... Meanwhile everyone else in the squad must wait for you to join back or extract so they can invite you back. To me this is a clear design flaw, consequence of the barebones 'Mission vote' UI, and I wish said UI was redone entirely, but in the meantime, there's a simple and easy solution. Move the lone decline button to the right, so it doesn't overlap the location of the accept button, and we can't click it by mistake as easily.
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