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  1. I was expecting MR28 test to be something epic and challenging, but it's too easy, simple and boring. Reinforcing that indeed skill is not needed to MR up.
  2. Make enemies not spawn in the faraway cornered hallways to the side of the map, instead make them spawn anywhere else, since they always spawn in those hallways making the map slow and painful to play in. Also bring back the old map that was removed, it was completely fine and is far too different from the new one, they can coexist, hell, ceres tileset looks far worse and it's still in the game.
  3. I wanted to farm Ivara and Aksomati Prime but didn't have any traces, so I did a long excavation mission. After 1 hour of farming I can finally rad 2 of the 10 or mayb 20 relics that I will need to share to obtain both Ivara and Aksomati P. Depending on my luck.
  4. Title. I honestly don't understand why you would add the rewards and research console decorations to Simaris rewards. But not a decoration to access Simulacrum from our ships, and obtain and finish daily synthesis targets from our ships as well.
  5. Trying to join a host with really bad connection can lock you out of the game entirely.
  6. It's not bad on the ground imo. But airborne... Whole different story..
  7. I am loving the re-balanced stats of the melee weapons. Feels like 80% of the melee weapons are great now, as opposed to 20-30% of them being good for endgame content previous to the update. Great job there.
  8. About the triple hit spinning combo in Wise Razor, I liked it better before, it felt more rewarding as it took a tiny bit more of work to execute, plus it added one more hit at the start and allowed you to finish on the amazing sword spinning animation. Now it feels too easy and simple to execute, and not as rewarding. Altho I love the higher damage bonuses on it, I liked the previous combo better. One of my fav combos, the animation is beautiful.
  9. As the title says, auto block mid-air is more a nuisance than anything. It completely changes the trajectory of your jump, ruining the movement of the parkour system. For the most part enemies can't hit you mid air anyway, so the utility of this feature is small compared to it's big drawback.
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