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  1. " Ropalolyst will now attempt to kick you off if you choose to ‘ride the bull’ for more than 30 seconds. " LUL
  2. Put UMBRAL forma as reward from Arbitration or its still pointless trash
  3. WTF is Aura Forma? WHen was this announced? never heard of it
  4. But why? Plains is dead. The only thing people do on Plains still is hunt Eidolons. Why should we waste 2gb of our harddrive space just for some better visuals? We already have all amps and zaws and frames from Plains. Just putting a new "coat of paint" on it and some quality of life changes isnt gonna change that. This is what youre spending your time on? What about Railjack? What about ACTUAL new content? "Catchmoon's projectile will now only collide with world geometry when the center of it hits." <--- This was the only noteworthy update in this patch as far as Im concerned and this should have been a thing since its release lol
  5. RIP all kitguns hahahahhaha also, why nerf weapons that already have riven dispo1 or 2? its already complete trash and not worth having a riven for those kinds of dispos so why nerf it even further making them even more useless to have rivens for. riven dispo1 rivens is gonna give you worse stats than simply putting one 90% mod or one vigilante armaments in the rivens place LUL
  6. Agreed. This is what Ive been saying all along. Quick melee is the ONLY enjoyable melee. Running at FULL spd while just spamming E with polearm and shredding through lower levels for quick mission. Now you cannot do that. Cause you get interrupted and stuck in animations.
  7. Sorry, but this frame is REALLY bad. Really bad. Completely missed the mark on this one. Its probably THE worst and most useless frame in the game, even more so than Vauban and Wukong. She can pretty much only be used vs Corpus because her 2 wont restore her shields vs Grineer or Infested cause they have no shields to steal. And theres no reason to pick her vs Corpus when any other frame will do just as well, nay, better. Her 1 (exalted weapon), the projectile has way too small hitbox. And its hard to land shots on moving enemies cause you can barely see the crosshairs because when she uses her 1, she holds out her hand in front of her and the weapon is too big so its covering part of the crosshairs so hard to know where you are aiming. She cant use her 2 while in her 4th, so shes draining shields having it on with no way of regaining shields, and you cant even use her 1 while in her 4th UNLESS you activate it BEFORE activating her 4th. And if you have both 1 and 4 activate at the same time youre draining even more shields while also losing shields cause youre getting shot at and taking dmg and shields is THE worst dmg mitigation in the game. Past a certain level, you just get rekt. And she also needs way TOO many mods to be even slightly useful and you only have 8 slots which is not enough. You need Fleeting Expertize to decrease the initial shield cost of activating an ability, but then you need Primed Continutity and Augur Message to get back to positive duration or else the drain/s will be huge, so with Fleeting and Primed Cont, you have 160% efficiency and 119% duration so now the initial cost and the drain is pretty low. But then you also need Redirection, Augur Accord for shields, and Adaptation is also a good choice, but then you also kinda need shield recharge mods, but you also need range mods like Stretch or Augur Reach in there, and then if you want her 1 to deal as much dmg as possible you also want Power Strength, but theres simply no place for it and if you go for Power Strength, then you cuck her shield drains so it becomes unusable. And why does her Exilus slot come with D (vazarin) polarity? It makes no sense. Theres not a lot of D polarity mods for Exilus and the only one that could be considered even remotely useful here is Aviator which gives dmg reduction while airborne which im guessing works for her 4th. This frame just doesnt make a lot of sense. Its a cool idea/concept, but execution is flawed. She needs a complete rework. PABLO please.
  8. Why are people even whining and complaining about this thermia collection event? its not that bad. just do what i did and pick nova prime and solo it. i got all 100 in a few hours solo and the opticor vandal. not a big deal. also, whats the point of these new lazulite toroids that gives 12000 vox standing? im already max rank so theres no point? and its not like theres anything worth buying with leftover standing in the shop either. at least i can finally pretend that im The Flash with this new electricity step
  9. Without quick melee, melee is dead. Will never use it, ever. Hate the new system. Also, they are not gonna adress the immortal Hildryn cheese that Tactical Potato brought to light?
  10. burem0n0

    Warframe Builder

    Ok sorry about that, post bugged out and cant delete it or edit it for some reason. Anyway, can you please update the http://warframe-builder.com/Primary_Weapons/Builder/Quartakk This is for the old Quartakk. Old stats and old Quartakk fire mechanics. It was reworked quite a long time ago now.
  11. BRING BACK QUICK MELEE! Polearms are ruined. Stances are bad for all weapons and quick melee full spd running without having to stop with polearms and swords etc was the only way to play. Also, why did this hotfix turn my Warframe into "Open Beta" test client? Im confused. Also couldnt login, says my password is incorrect.
  12. BRING BACK QUICK MELEE Polearm quick melee is dead now =(
  13. Why is there only solo extraction for Survival, Excavation, and Defection? What about Defense or Interception? Those are also Endless mission types.
  14. really itching for the plague star event to come back right about now. need those 100+ free formas yet again
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