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  1. Just to clear up the confusion, in the phase 2 workshop they did originally say it was going to be limited to 3 stacks, but I guess they eventually changed their minds about that.
  2. Well to be fair they are 4 years behind on primes and will continue to be at this rate. I wouldn’t mind if they slowed warframe releases to 2 or 3 a year to let primes get a little caught up, but idk about the financial viability of such action.
  3. Nidus was a cakewalk compared to Khora are you kidding me...
  4. It seems like you believe it was ever intended for us to play anything beyond level 100. From what I’ve heard, when damage 2.0 was released 5 years ago, the highest enemies we were ever expected to face were level 50. And from what I understand endless missions were designed to eventually get so hard that they forced you out, because no good dev should ever encourage their players to sit multiple hours in one mission, especially not when you’re just doing the same damn thing continuously. Level 400 enemies are not endgame, they are supposed to be near impossible to fight. Blatant power creep is the only reason it was ever possible to go that far.
  5. Why do you want to fight level 400 enemies? For the “challenge?” If you’ve been nerfed, does that not mean it’s easier to reach more challenging enemies now? If that’s not it then literally what is the point of waiting hours in an endless mission to get to such a high level?
  6. I’m not here to make a big argument about whether or not Ignis needs to be nerfed. But I do want y’all to keep in mind that fun, as with challenge, is relative. What some people consider lazy and “braindead,” others may consider a godsend. Someone using a controller isn’t going to have the capability of super quick pinpoint aim. Not everyone has the mechanical skill for very accurate weapons. Even something like the Tigris Prime can be highly demanding with the awkward, jerky movement enemies have in this game. And for me personally, I can aim, but chemotherapy left me with dulled reflexes, and headaches with a distinct pain in my throat whenever I have to concentrate really hard on aiming. An easy to use weapon like the Ignis is a much appreciated reprieve.
  7. idk why you got so many laugh reactions. that’s how the game should have been designed in the first place. To be frank, the endless scaling was a case of shortsightedness on DE’s part. But a very select group of players decided to run with it, and DE had an excuse not to fix it. It’s of course only enabled by rampant power creep, but everyone ignores that when they complain that the game is too easy. They want to be overpowered while somehow also being challenged at the same time. When you suggest squashing the scale down so there isn’t such a ridiculous chasm between new player and “end game,” they are too arrogant to see that you are suggesting they be given exactly what they want, just with a different and more sustainable coat of paint.
  8. I feel like you are kinda hung up on this “wind up” on her 4th ability (if you can even call it that) and trying to find a way around it. The wind up doesn’t exist to stop people from spamming the ability, because there’s no reason to spam it. Garuda’s 4th isn’t a nuke, it’s a debuff. And with natural talent, the time it takes for the circle to cover most of your screen is negligible. There’s also utility in holding it mid air to reposition yourself. I really don’t think anything needs to change.
  9. Most of the new(ish) bonus objectives for Plains of Eidolon bounties are fine, but there's a couple of them that need to be adjusted. The two in particular are the "Defend the Area" where you have to maintain control by continuously killing enemies, and the Assassinate objective, specifically the part where you must kill enemies to draw out the commander. Now this isn't me complaining that the bonus objectives are too hard and need to be made easier. I have no trouble killing enough enemies with enough speed to keep the control level above 50%. What I do struggle with is finding enough enemies to keep the control level above 50%. I played a bounty last night where I arrived at the zone, in which the only enemy was a single turret, which I killed, and then watched as the control level dropped like a brick with not a single enemy in sight, before a drop ship finally spawned in the distance and very casually strolled over to me. But by that point it was too late and the control level had already dipped below 50%. This is not my failing as a player. The spawn rate of enemies is entirely out of my hands. I have no control over it, so it doesn't feel very good to have a bonus taken away from me when the game is basically trolling. This bounty objective has always been a problem, but instances of failed bounties due to enemies not spawning was always somewhat rare. But losing the bonus now is not so uncommon. As for the assassinate bonus objective, i.e. killing 15 enemies to draw out the commander in under a minute, that suffers from essentially the same problem. I have no trouble killing 15 enemies in one minute. I can kill 15 enemies in 10 seconds. But I can't kill 15 enemies if they don't exist. I've seen this bonus fail simply because the game didn't spawn me 15 enemies to kill before the minute was up. Once again, I have no control over that, I shouldn't be losing a bonus because of it. The latter I think has a relatively simple fix: just increase the time in which to draw out the commander from 1:00 to either 1:30 or 2:00. Of course it would be better to fix the spawning of enemies in the first place, but I assume that's a more complex problem to solve. The former example I think is much more troublesome. Again, fixing the enemy spawn rate would be ideal, but it's also not always a problem. Sometimes it's raining cloned men, sometimes I get to sit all alone and contemplate life while I fail the bounty. And the control area is so massive that sometimes, even when enemies do spawn, they do so on the other side of a mountain and I have no idea they are there until I've already lost the bonus. I'm not sure what quick and dirty patch could be applied, but it needs something. Not even lowering the control requirement would work, because it doesn't address the root cause. There is one more bonus objective that I would like to give my feedback on, but which is not quite as problematic as the other two: capture. This one was absolutely called by the community before it was ever pushed to the live game. You get to the area, run around looking for the commander, ignoring everyone else, and your Kavat jumps on a lancer and rips his jugular out. Bonus lost. Or, sometimes I just freaking forget and pop the first guy I see. Oops. I know, that's my fault, but it's just so damn counter intuitive to not kill enemies. Warframe is not that strategic, I'm sorry to have to say. It's a horde shooter. We have been trained to lay waste to our enemies as quickly and efficiently as possible. It hurts me to take my finger off the trigger when there's a heavy gunner trying to shove her grattler up by hind end. There's also the fact that when you're playing one of the squishier frames in a tier 5 bounty, simply leaving enemies alive while you run around looking for the commander is not an option, because one shield lancer will put a slash proc on you so phat you gotta do a double take at your health bar. Ok I get it, "be stealthy" or whatever. Scope the commander out before you rush in. Sure that's a solution, but I just don't think it's a good design in the first place. That's my opinion, anyway.
  10. “Basically nothing” as if you don’t still have to spend weeks completing challenges to get to rank 30, just the same as when season 1 was out. And don’t give me that “it’s easier now than it was before” crap. Season 1 was needlessly grindy. That’s why they changed it. Devs are allowed to change their game for the betterment of their players.
  11. A question I have that I don’t think was answered in this post, will auto-blocking still exist in phase 2? And if so, will it still interrupt other actions and force aim-glide? That’s one of my biggest gripes with the current system, jumping around with a melee weapon out sucks because you are constantly getting stopped mid-air by auto-block.
  12. I feel like they need to go back through and rebalance the capacity drain on some mods. Like why the hell are punch through mods 15 drain? Main reason why I don’t use them. And why is split chamber 15 when barrel diffusion has a greater effect and is only 11? And honestly pure utility mods like recoil and max ammo and flight speed and swap speed should be no more than 5 or 6 drain. I do think it’s a little ridiculous that being able to fit a mod into the new exilus slot might require fully polarizing a weapon, because most players are never going to choose to do that. Then again if enemy armor scaling wasn’t so busted maybe you could actually give up one of those damage mods for utility.
  13. Or am I just not understanding how it's supposed to work? According to the mod's description, it should provide the stated percentage of armor increase for each enemy hit by Rhino Charge. And this is correctly reflected in the hud. However, the effect this armor increase has on Iron Skin does not seem to stack appropriately. With my current build, Iron Skin alone (without any absorbed damage) ends up with about 19k health. If I hit one enemy with charge and cast Iron Skin within the buffed armor window, its health goes up to 23.4k. But I still end up with that same amount of health regardless if I hit one enemy or two or five. If I can manage to hit six or seven enemies with one charge, the health of Iron Skin will go up to about 26k. This does not seem to be working correctly, or am I just missing something? EDIT: I must have been experiencing a very strange bug, which I cannot reproduce. Iron Skin is now giving me only about 5900 health without Ironclad Charge or absorbing damage, which I think is correct. For some reason I was consistently getting 19k in the simulacrum earlier, which I took at face value because I had added a lot more strength and armor to Rhino than I was previously using. The bug where I got the same value of extra health from Ironclad Charge no matter how many enemies I hit also seems to have disappeared, and it now seems to be stacking health for Iron Skin correctly.
  14. I don’t think this is correct. There may be mastery associated with the “Kuva Tonkor,” for example, but each randomly rolled copy will not grant mastery, from what I understand.
  15. My issue with the energy economy is that in higher level missions, you literally have to constantly spam abilities to not die. There’s no way to thoughtfully manage energy in these scenarios. You just keep casting that one ability over and over and hope that you can regen energy faster than it is consumed. If you can, then the game can become trivial. If you can’t, you die. It’s like every other aspect of Warframe’s difficulty spectrum: it exists only in extremes. It’s either too hard, or too easy.
  16. Well I do think that electricity and cold could use a bit of an update to make them more useful. At the very least the shock could do true damage on top of electric so as to help against armor. Cold could make enemies more brittle, therefor taking more damage. But to be honest that (and the changes to heat) is just a bandaid to the broken damage system. Once they finally decide they’ve let it go on long enough and fix the armor scaling (so we don’t have to use corrosion or slash all the time), as well as fixing the ridiculous enemy damage scaling so one-hit-killing isn’t absolutely necessary, some of the other damage types might finally see some use.
  17. 1) You’re not fooling anyone and no one actually believes you. 2) Level 80-100 enemies (as you would find in sorries or arbitrations) are very difficult to fight if you’re not using some ridiculous cheese. Y’all seem to forget what it’s like to actually play the game without borderline exploits.
  18. I believe the booster says it doubles the drop rate of mods. By exactly what method does it accomplish this? I’m not sure. Either way it equates to a significant increase.
  19. I bought one today, took Nekros to Uranus, and got Condition Overload in about 30 minutes. It was useful for me.
  20. Presently there is only a single captura scene from the Orokin Void tileset, and an extraction scene at that. Not exactly the best showcase of the towers’ beauty. I’d really like to see a few more of the rooms be made available as captura scenes so we can really show off our fashion frame in the best looking tileset in the game.
  21. Yeah they can be pretty annoying. The one good thing about Corpus is you can, to some extent, use mobility to evade some of their damage since their weapons aren’t hitscan. But otherwise you can use a melee weapon to block with (shield weapons are best for this purpose). Crowd control abilities that stun or knock them down also help out a lot. And when nullifiers get to be really annoying, a high fire rate weapon, especially beam weapons modded for fire rate, will pop those annoying shields instantly. Also don’t be afraid to spam any abilities that help keep you alive, Warframe’s gameplay kinda forces you to, especially when playing solo.
  22. The problem I foresee with this is when you base damage on the enemy’s stats, rather than an absolute value or the player’s stats, it could get weird with “weak” enemies at higher levels, where enemies that should be dying super easy end up taking less damage than the big tanks. Idk I think it could just end up overcomplicating the math. And as far as heat doing the same thing as corrosive, we already have overlap in status types. Slash, toxin, gas, and heat all do DoT. Electricity, heat, impact, blast, and radiation all apply a means of crowd control. Cold and puncture both reduce enemy dps. Honestly having another damage type that can help mitigate enemy armor is a good thing because it will open up build diversity so that we aren’t locked into either corrosive or slash+viral for high level armored enemies.
  23. Bruh what the hell are you talking about? I just suggested changing up the kind of enemies we could face, not reinventing the whole damn game. I hate to tell you this but Warframe’s gunplay is already terrible. I mean just look at the awkward ass walking animations while hipfiring. You can’t even strafe without tripping over yourself. Not being able to one-shot every enemy isn’t going to change that. And where exactly did I make any assumptions about Duviri? Why did you feel it was necessary to make this comment?
  24. I love Warframe, I wouldn't have kept playing it this long if I didn't. But sometimes the same horde shooter gameplay can get a little stale, especially with people trying their damnedest to automate the game with cheesy afk builds and tactics. And frankly some weapons and Warframes feel outdated and useless simply because they aren't designed to effortlessly dispatch entire rooms of enemies in the press of a single button. Now I know this core aspect of Warframe's gameplay will never change. But I think Duviri could be an opportunity to mix things up and give some service to those of us that also enjoy slower paced, more methodical gameplay. That can never exist in a typical mission because you can't take the time to duel a single enemy when you're also being shot from every other direction by the 30 other enemies in the room. But maybe the hordes of mindless enemies can simply not exist in Duviri. The trailer definitely gives off the vibe of an old western duel. So maybe that could be the core gameplay. Enemies could be far fewer in number, but much more intelligent and deadly on an individual level. They could require actual thought and reaction and strategy, but not be so overwhelming that you feel like you just need to nuke the room to have any hope of staying alive. And they could be a lot tougher to take down, but not to the point of feeling like a braindead bullet sponge. I think it would be neat and refreshing if they had some kind of actual mechanics that you need to figure out, animation cues to tell you how to react to their next move, and ways to counter all of their attacks if you are smart/quick enough. But hopefully nothing as ridiculous as tusk thumpers, which take the concept a little too far in my opinion (because they aren't actually challenging to fight, just damned annoying to deal with). Anyway that's just an idea for a way to potentially freshen up Warframe's gameplay and explore some new ideas.
  25. Others have explained what cert is, but for clarification the difference between an update and a hotfix is that updates require new data to be downloaded to your console, thus they must pass certification. Hotfixes are done completely server-side, meaning the developer changes something on their end without having to modify the game we have on our consoles. Thus hotfixes don’t go through cert.
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