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  1. Well those aren’t the only weapons I’m using, just an example. But I’ll have to disagree with you about the Gaze. Everyone thinks it’s weak but I find it to be doing just fine, for individual targets anyway. And I see other people suggesting Kuva Quartakk, which is like my go-to primary most of the time. But again, though it may blow single targets out of the water, using it against the overwhelming number of enemies that spawn during defense just takes way too long for me. I’ll just try a more melee focused build and see if that does any better.
  2. Well the real issue for me is dealing with the high enemy numbers in defense solo. Like I can take my secondary Gaze kitgun modded for viral heat and kill any individual Corpus pretty quickly, like a couple seconds. But when there are donzens and dozens of guys in the room at one time that just takes way too long. So I thought maybe I’ll try Shedu for the AoE, and there’s no combo of elements that feels good. Viral slash still remains the most effective, ironically. But if that’s just how it is that’s fine, I just couldn’t tell if i was doing something wrong or what.
  3. I’m working my way through the steel path, and nothing has brought me to a dead stop yet. But I just find myself really struggling to feel effective against corpus. Grineer I know are tough to kill, but a viral/heat/slash or corrosive build (depending on the weapon) takes care of them easily enough. But I just can’t figure out what damage type to use against corpus. It’s really their shields that I’m struggling with. I can build magnetic/toxin and rip their shields apart in no time, but the toxin damage does so little against their health that it ends up being faster to just use a viral slash build, but even that doesn’t feel great. I can’t tell if it’s just because I’m used to Corpus being so much easier to kill, or if I’m just using the wrong type of damage. So has anyone found particular success with anything against corpus? Or should I just embrace the sponge?
  4. Any update on when the trivia participation rewards are going to be sent out?
  5. Go to warframe.com. At the top click Community -> Support. At the top of that page click Submit a request.
  6. On the stream earlier today Helen said they are going through support tickets for people who didn’t get their drops.
  7. Yeah it’s pretty annoying that they just straight up ignore the fact that you are blocking.
  8. They do fire explosive bullets. That's probably the reason. Their damage bypasses melee blocking and Baruuk's elude, for example.
  9. For a while now I've been noticing the game lagging when using shotgun style weapons, like the Tigris Prime or Pyrana Prime. Like the instant I pull the trigger, the frames freeze for half a second or so.
  10. I think we just use our operator to take control of them, by void dashing into them, like that Orokin worm thing in The War Within.
  11. Then why bother coming onto the forums just to tell people how hopeless it is? Seems like such a waste of effort.
  12. Ok so why are you trying so hard to discourage any improvements to the game?
  13. And exactly what are these “reasons?” I’m not sure what point you think you’re trying to make here. It’s bad so we shouldn’t fix it because it’s always been that way?
  14. I am a little concerned about what it could mean for the future of balancing, or rather that it will lead to an even greater lack thereof. I worry it’ll be yet another band-aid, like augments that make bad abilities better, rather than just making the ability itself better. Why balance a frame when you can create a modular system that’s also a major time and resource sink to make players balance it themselves? That’s how it looks from the outside anyway.
  15. I still have not received my Hydroid either, but I got everything else. Supposedly it can take some time because there are so many names for the script to go through. Hopefully by tomorrow we’ll get it.
  16. That’s not what I’m saying at all. What I’m saying is Warframe is designed to allow players to bypass any requirement for skill. If you can go into a steel path Interception solo and do nothing but land headshots with a Sybaris Prime and successfully complete the mission? Holy crap that would be an impressive display of skill. But let’s be real, no one is going to do that, because it would be stupidly hard. Everyone is just going to bring their nuke/cc frames and some AoE and cruise through the mission. And I understand what you are saying about the Eidolon hunters. I appreciate people who can look at any situation in a game and figure out how to make the impossible possible. But simply doing what they do isn’t skill. When I was still a baby tenno I celebrated being able to break a single Teralyst limb with a radiation modded Lex Prime, which probably took around 20 or 30 minutes. Then I got a Lanka and broke then limb in 5 seconds. I didn’t get better at the game, I didn’t gain any skill. I got better equipment, that’s it.
  17. It definitely is. Listen I understand you don’t think it’s difficult, but not everyone plays the game the same way as you. I find it difficult with the way that I like to play the game. I went into the Interception on Earth solo with Khora and a Kuva Quartakk, thinking I could rely on my aim and whip a few enemies when they cluster up. Nope. I could kill, I could stay alive, but there was no way I could keep up with the enemy spawns. Then I went in with Nova and it was like watching paint dry. That’s my point in all of this. Difficulty is relative to whatever equipment you have and what playstyle you wanna use. And as long as that’s the case, you can’t ever balance the difficulty of the game. Difficulty means just making the game harder. Like when you are playing a single player game and you raise the difficulty level, and all that happens is enemies get more health and do more damage. Challenging players doesn’t necessarily make the game harder. In the context of Warframe, challenging players means forcing them to actually engage with enemies rather than spamming AoE everywhere. It means making them think about how to use the tools they are given to create an interesting experience that amounts to something more than pressing one button and watching everything die. It does not mean letting them play the same way they already do but with a higher failure rate. And as a side note, some people will say that in my above example, having to switch to Nova to deal with the crazy spawn rate of enemies was an example of me being challenged to play the game differently, and while that may technically be true, I do not believe that creating gear exclusivity is a healthy way of accomplishing challenge.
  18. I personally believe that the core problem with Warframe, specifically with regard to the concepts of "difficulty" and "challenge," is the staggering disparity between starter level content and what is considered "end-game," and the fact that the players' power level relative to that of enemies is contained entirely within our gear. It's the reason why content like The Steel Path is annoyingly difficult for some, and still boringly easy for others. Warframe's gameplay is set up to have very little skill factor. The game is at its heart a horde shooter. It is designed to allow the player to, with little effort, slice or blast their way through enemies in droves. Your effectiveness is not about how personally skillful you are (ex. your aim, your mastery of movement, your ability to out-think enemies). You can play the game that way, and sometimes I do, but because that is clearly not the expectation, doing so can dramatically increase the difficulty and makes the omni-present grind horrendously tedious. And then you turn around and see someone flying around at super-sonic speeds pulling a nuke out of their pocket every 5 seconds. This is a situation that is impossible to balance. People who don't wish to play with the most optimized set-ups, and just want to play with what's fun for them are often (depending on what equipment in particular they are using) going to find higher level content to be frustrating and overly challenging. While players that do play with the most optimized set-ups, whether they find it fun or not, often feel the game is too boring and not challenging enough. It's the reason why anyone unironically saying "get gud" in regard to Warframe should be laughed right out of town, because in this game "get gud" actually means "change your load-out so you are even more over-powered than before." Until this problem is solved, no one will ever be able to have a meaningful discussion about difficulty in Warframe. Different players will always have different tolerance levels for difficulty, and that's ok, but it does present a significant challenge to the developer when they are making a multiplayer shooter where everyone is on the same difficulty tier at all times. But on top of that, DE also has to contend with the fact that two players can be playing a dramatically different game based entirely on what weapons or Warframes they brought to the mission with them. Contrast with classic Destiny. That was a game in which pretty much any strategy you used was viable. The various classes, subclasses, and weapon types varied not by power (barring some relatively minor balance issues), but by playstyle. And yet no matter what equipment you chose to use, the game was still fun, engaging, challenging, and intrinsically rewarding, because every playstyle basically existed at the same power level. Your ability to participate in and complete end-game content was determined by your character level (or light level later on), not by the weapon you equipped and which perks it rolled with. And yet, there was still room to min-max if you wanted to, but doing so didn't dramatically change the way the game was played. While end-game equipment did offer advantages, there was no way to load-out to basically lol your way through the entire game, all the while complaining that it's too easy. In my opinion, all of the balance issues with Warframe stem from the fact that there is such an egregiously large gap between the power level that players start with in Warframe, and what they are capable of achieving if they really want to, because there are too many points in between where players can land just based on what numbers they had on their arsenal screen. So first I think we have to decide what kind of game we want Warframe to be. It is a horde shooter after all. You cannot have a slow-paced tactical experience where you must outsmart your opponents when you are being shot by 50 enemies at a time who are continuously respawning on all sides of you. And at the same time, you cannot have a meaningfully challenging and rewarding experience when you are so heavily encouraged to spam massive AoE damage just to get through the mission as quick as possible because you've got to run it 150 more times because the drop rate on the reward you want is so stupidly low. Secondly, the growing disparity in the power level of, not just particular weapons, but entire playstyles needs to be majorly decreased. I know DE has recently taken some steps to address this problem (changes to armor scaling, shield gating, enemy accuracy). But frankly what they've done so far is a drop in the bucket. Walking into a room and exploding instantly because one enemy put a slash proc on you because you didn't come in mindlessly flailing your infested zaw at mach 3 does not make for a fun experience. I just want people to remember, difficulty and challenge are not the same thing. There is already plenty of challenge in Warframe if you want it, but we as players have been trained by the game itself to avoid as much challenge as possible. And simply increasing the difficulty accomplishes nothing but increasing gear exclusivity, because players have shown that no matter what level you crank the enemies to, someone will find a way to make it as easy as possible. So in short, yes, the maximum potential power of players needs a big nerf, but enemies absolutely need just as much of a nerf. The extremes need to be brought back much closer to the baseline, so that any semblance of balance can be achieved. I don't mean perfect dps balance between every weapon in the game, which is obviously unrealistic. A Lato will never compete with a Kuva Bramma, and that's fine. What I'm talking about is taking away the ways in which players have found to basically break the game to bypass all challenge, which then takes away the need for enemies that are designed to break our experience. It will upset some in the short term, sure, but they'll eventually realize that they can still have fun and fulfill a power fantasy and be challenged at the same time, once the game is better balanced. But until this occurs, you will always have a game that is adequately challenging for some, but oppressively difficult for others, or a game that is fun for some, but mind-numbingly boring for others. And there will never be a perfect point that will completely satisfy everyone. But if the range of power is narrower, it'll be much easier to decide where the sweet spot is.
  19. Ahh ok yep those were the ones. Was doing steel path on Venus and they were shredding me through Silva and Aegis Prime’s block. Same with Destreza Prime.
  20. Just got the Steel Path update on PS4, and blocking with melee no longer completely blocks damage. I haven’t bothered to test whether it reduces an amount of damage, but it’s definitely not 100% like it was before. Was this intentional, or is this a bug?
  21. This is not working for me. Because I already added my email on the web, it’s already filled out in-game. I tried re-entering it in-game, but nothing happens and I’m not getting any email with a confirmation. Edit: Entering a different email worked.
  22. Any chance we’ll get a platinum sale on PS4 this year?
  23. Well, the only problem I see with this is a scenario where your sentinel dies, you use the consumable, and it dies 5 seconds later, so then you’ve basically wasted the consumable. Personally, I’d rather they just give sentinels a respawn timer. They die, you can’t revive them, but they come back automatically in 2 minutes. Then there could be some mods that let you shorten the respawn time.
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