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  1. I haven’t played Warframe at all since the update, and I don’t plan to play it for several weeks after Tennocon. Not until DE gets in there and fixes some of these glaring oversights. So that’s my solution to my problem, I just don’t play the game lol. But keep trying to lecture me about what my problems are 🤡
  2. This is not true at all. Getting a larvling with the weapon, and the right damage bonus you want is something you have to go out of your way for. It’s not something that just passively happens over time. So wanting to not have to grind against a 5.26% drop rate just to set the lich up in the first place isn’t about impatience. I know you love to be the contrarian in the room, but taking the position that this is ok is just comical.
  3. I agree there are too many frames, and they need to spend more time bringing old, outdated frames up to speed rather than making new ones which end up feeling like a variation on a theme. But unfortunately I don’t think they have any intention of stopping, as that’s kind of their monetization model. A “free to grind, pay to skip” game doesn’t make money if there aren’t new things to grind/pay for. I do absolutely think they need to slow warframe production to only 2 a year because having a 5 year gap between original frame release and prime release is just ridiculous, which is where they are heading if they don’t slow it down a bit. I mean think about it, even if they eventually reach a point where they say, “ok, that’s it. we’ve made our last Warframe,” it will still be another 4 or 5 years before the prime of that frame is released. That’s bonkers to me. Entire games come and go in that amount of time.
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