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  1. To the tune of "Padstow Farewell" It's time to go now, Turn on these engines, Turn on these engines, It's our grinding time. Get some speed upon her, Prepare your weapons, Prepare your weapons, It's our grinding time. Get her on the veil now, Blast away the reactor, Blast away the reactor, It's our grinding time. Grineer are surging over, Time to use the void hole, Time to use the void hole, Take the ships away. When your grinding's over, Fly away to dry dock, Fly away to dry dock, Pray to RNGod. It's time to go now, Turn on these engines, Turn on these engines, It's our grinding time...
  2. Kuva Ayanga is still broken unfortunately.
  3. This is true. It also causes the kuva ayanga to have much less damage because the whole explosion damage is removed.
  4. I noticed I had to empty a whole clip to kill few enemies on neptune, salacia with my kuva ayanga. I also noticed none of the enemies were taking damage from explosions, only the enemy I aimed at. I went to my arsenal and I saw there was no blast damage for the kuva ayanga listed. I know it was there previously because I have done huge damage with it while now I only do like 800 damage per hit on critical hits. The blast radius and damage are still there if the weapon is used on the ground via gravimag. Here are two screenshots comparing archwing kuva ayanga vs. gravimag one.
  5. Keyword being "i.e." which means "that is" Which means niky45 did talk about condrocs and meergos
  6. Here's my feedback based on few public matches with random people: The host should be able to block access to the pilot seat, or simply kick the player away from it by pressing X on the seat.
  7. Finding Condrocs sitting in the wild is faster than going out and searching for them via the echo-lure. If you find them in the wild they sit in one place until disturbed. Many times I have found 3 condroc imperators sitting in one place, and then one sleep arrow from ivara finishes the job.
  8. Birds literally sit in one place for few seconds. If your ivara is built for range you can even miss it by 5 meters and the sleep will still trigger.
  9. Use ivara's sleep arrow for a guaranteed perfect capture
  10. Had the same issue. Fixed it by going back to orbiter and then back to dojo again
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