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  1. Single player railjack is somewhat easier with AI crew, but still often unbearable. I ask that you consider overhauling any of the older co-op focused mission objectives. Though leaving the ship in a solo railjack is easier with AI crew looking over it, it wasn't impossible to do before. That was not the problem. The popularity of the old Gian Point should have been a major hint that missions with tedious objectives are not a good player experience. The worst I've experienced this with, for example: a solo radiator platform. A mission that was clearly designed to highlight cooperativ
  2. I'm sure this would cause some major problems I can't think of right now, but I would say allow certain stats to be locked, on the condition that applying a lock makes the riven permanently untradeable.
  3. I see this thread which sounds like it could be the same thing. Something about updating visual studio. Suppose plan b could be getting it from a different launcher.
  4. Though not technically a semi auto, my vote is going for a quartakk / kuva quartakk. They're MR 10 / 13 though. They're mainly burst fire, but behaves like a semi auto rifle.
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