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  1. So rn every time you want to cast an ability you need to press the element you want. So i think it would be better to just leave whatever element you chose to stay there until you hold to cast again. Also if you have an element fully chosen you cant change it so obvously we just make it so if you cast another element over a already combined thing it changes too
  2. Just animation canceling with your dash and using slams and melees to turn directions. Im just finding it really fun learning how to use these since thier movement seem to have a pretty decent amount of skill to learn. At first it seems clunky but now Bonewidow seems so fun.
  3. I just want to do some t3 vaults but the only way it unlocks the bounty is if i do all of the iso vaults then do the 2 new vaults t1 and t2 then do iso vault 3 again, then after an hour it actual unlocks t3. Like its bugged right? Ive been told you just have to do t1 iso vault then you can just go to the mother on the right side of the map(closer to the og spawn) then you can do t3arcana vault but its always locked unless i do all that crap.
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