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  1. Man ive never seen a set bonus more incorrect than this one. Like it doesnt need to be lifted to work but it also doesnt even seem to work with non melee deaths, it has falloff, it gives you a timer on the top right which doesnt seem to be completely accurate and it resets on all kills even non lifted or melee. and most confusing of all it doesnt even seem to do impact damage because it says its dealing blast and it gives a forced blast proc. So i just wanna know how this set has been working for everyone else because the timer and the non lifted enemies seems to be on the wiki but theres
  2. So recently trumna alt fire was made to not be affected by punchthrough since its a detrement instead of a help so do the same with the lenz so rivens with that stat arnt completely useless
  3. Im just ready to right away put 2 umbral forma in him and my aura forma along with unlocking all 5 fashion slot and all 5 config slots and then testing out a bunch of helminth crap. Like roar, wisps 3, larvae, etc Also he be looking really nice with that prime. Hopefully he gets some cool weapons.
  4. i mean he could be wrong, like maybe he sold his loki and regot him but forgot, if enough people say its there oldest frame then that would probably mean hes mistaken. TY for the input tho
  5. Im just curious on how it chooses what frame you get, so far the first people i asked seemed to be a warframe theyve had for a long while. For me its Limbo Prime which is technically my oldest frame i still own since before him was excal and frost which have both been sold for thier better versions, but one of my clanmates seem to have excal even though it wasnt his oldest because his oldest was loki. So do yall think its random? or is there some pattern? Edit: So it really seems to be peoples oldest frame, usualy excal, or their first prime which i guess does mean that it is the old
  6. First of all id make you be able to go beyond the 100% cap thats already there and if your already above it it would not let you feed helmith, currently you need like 80% of 3 different resources to give helmith an ability but what if your at 77% and you dont want to waste that 7% every time this happens because it happens a lot. I mean i guess people can get like 159% with some of the diemos resources but i dont really see that as a problem. I just dont want to be wasting resources. Encourage us to experiment: Rn there is literally 0% refund on helminth abilities that we take off l
  7. I mean i guess it would kinda be like marked for death but it wouldnt be easier to use because for marked for death you gotta just click an enemy once and press x while using rapier. Either way its needs a buff in some way because its kinda meh for an ability you get at a high helmith rank. I mean i get that, infested mobility is specialized into movement more than any other abiltiy but that doesnt mean it has to only last 8 seconds. Like if were comparing it to other abilities like speed, it lasts 10seconds, buffs teamates, increases reload, increases speed 10% less than helmith, and buf
  8. I guess then make expedite suffering a fireblast like ability just anything that's not a little done infront of you, I still like an ability for inpatient people tho. For infested mobility. What ability are you talking about? Speed(volt)- gives attack speed buff so it's stronger than it Reservoir (wisp)- gives a attack speed buff too Firewaller(nezha)- gives cc and and fire procs Molt(sayrn) - gives a really good decoy and a status removal Effigy(chroma)- is trash Max rush(Gauss)- is synergy to gausses entire kit Yes infested mobility is the best movemen
  9. Energized munitions- Id just make it recastable because theres always a few seconds were you miss that 75% eff and on guns like the soma that will be important not to miss. A duration buff could be nice just for QoL but its not needed. Expedite Suffering- Make it a duration based ability where all the tic dmg you deal is done instantly because right now no matter what wouldnt be used because you have to cast it and it only reaches infront of you. If you do this it would make it a lot more desirable with some pretty fun possible combos with warframes ex. protea, garuda, sayrn but not op
  10. I see the tap and hold switching which is nice but still id rather have custom bindings for each ability instead which I dont see there
  11. Xaku just came out and it just reminded me about how I don't like using abilities like the lost. Like if we want to make it tap to cast and hold to switch we should be able to do that. Or make it so that you can bind certain skills to different keys or side mouse buttons. If i were to imagine how it would look on the Ui id just add another tab to controls called warframe abilities, have a section for each the 3 ability names that goes <-hold to switch-> <-hold to cast-> <-set to specific keys-> and if you choose the 3rd the ui that was previously darkened out get lit up and
  12. So he recently just got a ton of buffs but i would still make a few changes to him 1. Remove Accuse and just make it a tap for defy and hold for gaze Accuse isnt really that useful anyway at least from what ive played since it lowers your dps and having to switch from those 3 abilities while keeping all your durations in check is a bit much and it will feel alot better to use that way. 2. Lower the cost of defy and maybe gaze since its already hard to slot in effiency or primed flow in his build having it be a 75 cost cast for your big damage ability that has such a sm
  13. alright ty that seems to be the problem with this guy is that he has no innate bonus on his finishers, with savage silience 1000% bonus it seems to do the dmg it should but sadly i guess he'll just suck forever or at least until DE reworks pets
  14. do all weapons have something like that? because it isnt only hammers that can 1shot with finishers
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