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  1. Since they're using the same barrels as the kitgun secondaries (their primary nature depends on Grip) it's probably not even any new XP. Unless they add new kitgun barrels that is (which they might).
  2. Concerning reactors/shields/engines. I get the idea behind random stats, we are after all salvaging technology that's been degraded by hundreds of years and then inexpertly patched (with sigma reactors representing a balanced design based on the best modern tenno technology, from either new or scavenged components). However, if this is the case, shouldn't we be able to cannibalize components of the same type to get our own items closer to the maximum possible output (topping out at maybe 90% of maximum output)? So if I have a Mk III Vidar reactor I should be able to cannibalize another MkIII Vidar reactor to boost either avionic or flux output and getting it closer to the ideal maximum output?
  3. I think removing the stars (or changing how they look) on Saturn railjack maps could improve the gameplay experience. As it is they look similar enough to loot-dots that it's much harder to find and collect loot during a mission.
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