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  1. I really want Vaubans Orbital Strike to become a Bomb Beacon. Same effect, but it's a homing beacon for a bomb that teleports in.
  2. The Akarius suffers a bit agaisnt high levels, but a properly built Acceltra just mows things down in ESO.
  3. Given how many demolysts you spawn on the average Disruption-round and how fast disruption rounds are....yeah. Grinding acceltra and akarius wasn't a hard grind.
  4. The Akarius I can kind of understand that the ammo count feels low (although the Max ammo mod fixes that issue. With 3.5 reserve mags you're fine except at very high levels). But the Acceltra. I've never had any ammo problems with it since it deals so much damage to so many enemies with a single mag. Whenever I need to reload there is always more ammo around to pick up. The low ammo count does mean that I need to keep moving (it's not the right weapon if you just want to be a turret), but moving is kind of the point with these weapons.
  5. Everybody get up, it's time to slam now We got a real jam goin' down Welcome to the Space Jam Here's your chance, do your dance at the Space Jam Alright... Wave your hands in the air if you feel fine We're gonna take it into overtime Welcome to the Space Jam Here's your chance, do your dance at the Space Jam Alright...
  6. Frosty Older gentleman I'm a pretty chill guy who enjoys adventure, nature and travelling. I've recently been on a journey of self-discovery which has given me new insight into myself; I find that while my work is all about helping others in need and proving strong confict resolution I find that I don't get a lot of opportunities to really get to know others. I'm looking for someone that can get through my bubble and warm up my heart.
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