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  1. If Silver grove ghosts are staying relevant, could the mission display show earth day/night cycles? It's annoying to either have to do a mission or check out-of-game resources like Warframe Hub just to find out if it's the right time to hunt dragonlilies/jadeleaf/threshcones etc for the Apothics.
  2. Concerning reactors/shields/engines. I get the idea behind random stats, we are after all salvaging technology that's been degraded by hundreds of years and then inexpertly patched (with sigma reactors representing a balanced design based on the best modern tenno technology, from either new or scavenged components). However, if this is the case, shouldn't we be able to cannibalize components of the same type to get our own items closer to the maximum possible output (topping out at maybe 90% of maximum output)? So if I have a Mk III Vidar reactor I should be able to cannibalize another MkIII Vidar reactor to boost either avionic or flux output and getting it closer to the ideal maximum output?
  3. I think removing the stars (or changing how they look) on Saturn railjack maps could improve the gameplay experience. As it is they look similar enough to loot-dots that it's much harder to find and collect loot during a mission.
  4. I would love it if it was possible to adjust the lighting over these stations, because a lot of the time colour combinations that look stunning when you outfit the frame look really different (and not so awesome) in practice. Fashionframe is important to me, and probably a few other warframe players, and it would really help if it was possible to adjust the lighting both to reflect how it looks in light/shadows but also how it would look on different tilesets (Mars, Europa, Grineer Galleon etc).
  5. I certainly can't afford to pay 50 mil to decorate my orbiter and my Primed mods have, with a few exceptions, remained at lvl 8 for months because that's the cost-effectivness I can afford atm. And there are 6 components. 150 million (or 750 High risk index runs, my brain can only handle 3-4 per day) is absolutely gittasticly ludicrous. I have real-life obligations and if something requires the requivalent of working an entire year to unlock I'm just going to skip it entirely. 24 million in total would probably be the max pain tolerance level, because there are absolutely no intermediate rewards to the spaceship grind (unlike the focus system) and spending a month* on the project would be grindtastic enough. *That's a month if I don't do anything I consider fun in warframe. The Index is not fun.
  6. I'm a semi-casual player (with about 1500 hours in the game). 25 mil is probably my total credit income in 3 months, and that's if I do more Index than I usually do (25 mil is approximately 125 index runs). So your suggestion is IMHO pretty ludicrous, especially since Warframe should be a game that's accessible not just to the veterans but new players as well. A railjack should be accessible to someone that has only played the game for 3 months if they put a bit of time into it. A total of 150 mil would be a year-long grind for a lot of people. P.S: We're not building a railjack. We're repairing one.
  7. I really want Vaubans Orbital Strike to become a Bomb Beacon. Same effect, but it's a homing beacon for a bomb that teleports in.
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