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  1. Totally agree, I started seriously trying to complete it and it's a huge pain, having to have wiki open and even taking screenshots for stuff I'm working on. I also think EXO ships on Veil might be bugged, nothing but Elites seem to spawn now since I'm max rank RJ, but for some reason I do have scans of them... I like the idea of buying unattainable/removed scans with standing. And would be cool to see some reward for it, it's pretty overwhelming to take on. EDIT: I don't think the wiki is full updated, be nice to see an official list in order by name of the enemy portraits and unattainable/removed, unless there already is one.
  2. From what I've read you need to be 7-8 RJ rank for these to still show up, I'm not 100%, I still need codex scans for the normal Exos, this needs to be fixed, or I'm totally getting something wrong after running all nodes and only seeing Elites, I'm max rank RJ.
  3. Codex Scans need cleaning up, don't count scans for completion that have been removed etc etc, and good god add a reward for it!
  4. This would be a huge QOL option. What I do for PC atm for salvaging/selling is have 1 finger on the 'Enter' key, click part/mod you want to select, click the up arrow key to select all then hit enter. This isn't that bad, but when you have 100s of things you wanna sell quickly for endo/credits it becomes a mini-game in itself. A button for RJ Scrap Wreckage could just add a button bottom right by 'Scrap', select all and sell, then a confirm button, something similar to mods. What are your thoughts, please share?
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