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  1. Maybe more people are playing it now, but around a year ago I couldn't find a match for the life of me, so had to add players to friend list and try to sync up our games.
  2. Oh I like the idea of doing SP missions to keep it lit, 7 flames 7 missions. Yes "playing conclave" is the issue, but most of us don't see them fixing conclave at all.
  3. It's hard enough to find players in conclave let alone the long grind for the Celestia Syandana and once obtaining having to continue doing daily missions has been a major let done for players. Since Steel Path is a challenge under Teshin why not reward players with a permanently ignited Celestia Syandana? You would have to grind conclave standing to obtain it and finish Steel Path. This seems fair to actually enjoy, imo, one of the nicer syandanas. What are your thoughts tenno?
  4. Why not? Might as well put them to use, all those AW melee weapons and never get to use them.
  5. QOL change, Show Day/Night cycles in the town areas for open worlds, I've noticed a lot of clan members being totally confused.
  6. You know what else would be great, to see the night/day cycle in town areas.........
  7. Didn't see any patch notes on Scint. for bounties, ran 15 only 1 for common. Ran vaults and got 8 w/ booster. Be nice to see Scint. show up on screen like Argon. Maybe their 'Official Drop Tables' will be updated so we can see the numbers.
  8. Scintillant. 10hrs + grind and nothing. Something is wrong with the drop rate. If it worked, wouldn't mind having them drop 'rare' in bounties, makes no senses it drops rare and common. Or guaranteed drop on 3rd vault, and decent % drop chance from Mechs, more rare for them to spawn in air etc like I've seen in SS but never found. The whole token system needs to have variety, allow players to collect resources in different ways and not force them to do "1" thing to progress.
  9. Farmed all day yesterday for Scint, maybe 8hrs and NOT A ONE. It's broken. Shows as rare on one bounty and common on another. This is disgraceful. If there is no Hotfix within a few hours, I'm not gonna waste my time on it.
  10. Can't even craft Xaku............ let alone how many you need for other stuff. I think DE does this on purpose.
  11. Same here, 2nd run, Loid didn't show up.
  12. Started group on a new cycle, 3 vault runs in a row, does this mean you cannot exit and enter again?????????? Loid didn't show up on our 2nd run so rip./
  13. I'm not aware of shortcut keys for Select All etc. Could this be added PageUp/PageDown etc?
  14. Double credit is going on and I'm actually using Chroma, but noticed it does NOT show the element next to the color anymore, bugged?
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