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  1. Since the Scarlet Spear update I have noticed 3-5 second freezes when in orbiter, nav panel and sometimes when loading into missions. My orbiter has a ton of stuff in it, so it's normal to have a 1-2 freeze time when loading in, but it's much worse now. I have also always had a less than 1 second freeze sometimes escaping out of arsenal that I've just come to live with... 16gb of ram and WF is installed on an 500g SSD. PC is a bit old, but it's set at 144hz stable. 1. Optimized and verified caches from launch window. 2. Allowed more virtual memory on SSD. 3. Lowered in-game graphics settings and double checked monitor refresh rates etc. 4. Cleaned PC registry and ran some virus software (squeaky clean). 5. Re-checked Radeon software, drivers and windows are updated. 6. Reset CMOS and reset DRAM frequency for memory.
  2. The new Simulacrum needs the lighting boosted, it's pretty dark in there even with a bright setting monitor and lighting in game @ 70. Otherwise Love the new sim!
  3. Purchased the 'Basmu' bp and it's not showing up in my foundry. Had no issues with the Ceti Lacera, Ballroom Sim or Murex Decor, the only other 3 things I purchased. Not sure what I can provide as evidence that I did purchase it except for these screenshots, unless DE can somehow access my account on their end and somehow see the spent Scarlet Creds. I don't think the main events page that shows the score is correct, I think the payouts for mission complete might be more? Cause the math always adds up negative.
  4. I'm impressed at the quickness of hotfixes you guys put out, compared to AAA companies! 😄
  5. I'm missing "Arsenal" under "Equipment" in the main menu. Warframes are taking up a lot of screen space in "Arsenal / Upgrade" Love to see the warframe just removed from this screen, seems they are always getting in the way of the mods.
  6. Thank god for a new simulacrum tile, I would love to see one with more open areas for enemies to spawn (not next to cliff edge), a floor and walls!
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