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  1. Same, but sit tight we have until the 24th hopefully get smoothed out by then.
  2. I gave up trying to scan anything else, the whole system is bad. No info on enemies, pain in the ass to keep track of them, no mods or anything to at least give you a heads up in missions if they might be around etc, and is there any reward???
  3. Wow I wasn't expecting this to get so much attention!😃
  4. It's hard enough to find players in conclave let alone the long grind for the Celestia Syandana and once obtaining having to continue doing daily missions has been a major let done for players. Since Steel Path is a challenge under Teshin why not reward players with a permanently ignited Celestia Syandana? You would have to grind conclave standing to obtain it and finish Steel Path. This seems fair to actually enjoy, imo, one of the nicer syandanas. What are your thoughts tenno?
  5. Why Tridolons are so detrimental to new players. Why Sorties are so detrimental to new players. Why Weekly Catalysts and Reactors Alerts are so detrimental to new players. Why am I so detrimental to new players. 🙂
  6. So grips will have negative recoil? hmm there's a mod for that. Scopes? +/- zoom? hmm there's a mod for that. Don't people already complain there's a ton of useless mods? So why add useless attachments. I mean you call my response moronic, but you didn't bring anything to the table or have a thought out answer. Your down for having cool attachments, ok........ Will they just be fashion frame? Are they just physical attachments w/ stats? I don't think you gave any depth to this conversation. Rivens and mods are basically attachments to enhance the weapon. And that's why I said Rivens.
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