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  1. Can we please get a basic simulacrum arena with no pits. It's so damn frustrating trying to test any melee that has speed. Trying to test melee when enemies are put in a small box area next to 3 sided pit, come on! Good lord give me a basic box option with 4 pillars or something...
  2. Add option to see "TOTAL RELICS."
  3. Operator Void Dash over pits and gaps, black screen reset is my 'screen puncher' in this game! GRRRRRRRRRR!
  4. I want a Tower Defense mode, enemies don't even attack, just have to stop them from getting to end point in a grand hallway or something. Or please make something equal to Tridolon fights, team-based and mechanics, this new flying boss thing is a snooze.
  5. I've noticed the "key holders" getting caught on corners or on doorways, you'll need to run down hallways and check for them if they're not spawning.
  6. For the weekly missions you have completed that move to the bottom with a check mark on them, the colors between the two should be different, it would help separate them.
  7. Love to see more than 500 kills, add in a 5k kills for more reward!
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