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  1. Are you using a Bow? Because most of the Bows got some serious buffs, both for damage and stats (Crit chance, etc.)
  2. Getting a bug where I was stuck in "pause menu" during Disruption. Could not control my character whatsoever, only type in chat. The Teammate loadouts were displayed in the top left permanantly but no other aspects of the pause menu. Tried jumping off (before I could no longer control at all) and also dying, getting revived, reviving self... no fix. I took a video as well. Can upload if need be.
  3. This is all just pure opinion. Surely you can't expect them to change their design philosophy based on one single persons thoughts on how they should be..?
  4. 4000 is very doable. I did it in a random group quite easily. Just use your best frame and strongest weapon with Radiation damage. Gas damage works well for the rest of the random Corpus you have to clear. Keep in mind all you have to do after inserting the key is kill the Demolyst.
  5. Nice rant but speak for yourself. I also am a vet and I love the change. Promotes teamwork instead of solo tryharding. Just play the Arbitration solo if you are so bothered by being able to die and revive.
  6. BUG REPORT: After reviving an ally in Arbitration, the Arbitration Drones just stopped spawning altogether. So when another guy died the very next round, we were not able to get a single point towards reviving him through the next 9 rounds of defense. I think somehow reviving somehow triggers a script to stop spawning drones inadvertently or something. No good! Other than that I enjoy the system, promotes teamwork.
  7. Thanks for all the changes, really loving the reworked Plains. I will say, however, there is still significant issue with Bounty Caches spawning in the ground. They are occasionally still able to be interacted with, but majority of the time just causes the bounty to be eventually failed. I have noticed it's more prevalent when they spawn down in the caves. I failed 4 bounties yesterday while trying to finish up the Nightwave mission, just because they had spawned in an unreachable location.
  8. This update is preventing my controller from working. I'm able to move the cursor in menus but the buttons are not functional, and even the sticks stop working when I am not in a menu. Very frustrating (and unfair) to do this when there is a double credit weekend active. It worked fine yesterday evening before work, and works fine in other games. PLEASE FIX THIS SO I CAN GET SOME CREDITS!!!
  9. Why on Earth do you only do updates during Night Cycle???
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