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  1. I am using Sentien Slayer skin for him since i wasnt picked Dex skin last year so i bought Sentinent slayer skin and its sick. Energy looks awesome, and im using it with Umbra helmet of course. Gonna combine with dex skin (since i got it now) to create couple of fashions. With Ak-Sura syandana , scarf doesnt clip. About edge , i dont have problem for scarf how it looks. Edge spikiness if u mean, i like that.
  2. This is your line "I hope DE finally to hear our voices for Toggle Option or Removing one." Or removing one u said as option. Toggle is not same as removing one so yeah. I agree with toggle option but removing one no! Anyways Happy Anniversary!
  3. I dont agree with you , since im Excalibur Umbra! Do not touch my fancy scarf and do not say that he is ANNOYING or you will feel exalted blade on your skin... Ruin entire frame? Its looks most fashionable with that scarf ever! Like Italian space mob lol. Use normal Excalibur if you dont wanna use Umbra. Toggle off on I agree, but removing one , you have down vote from me for that. BTW buy syandana that not clip. Ak-sura syandana that im using is best option for him and looks the best imo! PS: Dont ever say anything bad about Umbra, cause i will find you and hunt your a**
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