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  1. Thank you for the genuine response, it's a shame stuff takes so damn long to get. My issue isn't even difficulty dealing with enemies, it's just that ranking up takes forever. But I appreciate the help, guess I just gotta grind out another faction :/
  2. For a "Players helping players" post, no one seems to be even answering the question.
  3. From what I saw on the wiki, none of the rewards are all that important for me at the moment.
  4. I've been leveling up both the Necraloid and Entrati syndicates for the last few days and getting all other necessary parts. Is it really so bad to want to avoid having to level up a third faction to the max for a single item?
  5. I'm in the process of farming for Xaku, and I have basically got all but the Gyromag Systems, which would require me to max out Solaris United which I really don't want to do (Only rank 1 rn). So is there a way to get them besides having to rank up a ton to get Heist Bounties, such as joining someone who can do them?
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