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  1. Anti-Otaku

    About Arcane Guardian.

    ok thanks for the help....gladly i will be happy to be very very tanky.
  2. Anti-Otaku

    About Arcane Guardian.

    Hello im here for this help. I have Arcane Guardian Maxed but i thinking to have Another to gain 1200 armor buff to all warframes Be Happy & Tanky. Q : Good idea to use 2x Arcane Guardian Maxed ? Q: Can Stack or Dont Stack ? Q: i will recive 1200 armor or Limit is 600 armor ?
  3. Anti-Otaku

    Primed Shotgun Mods

    Listen i have Primed Charged Shell Unranked but i trade for your Primed Point Blank. Q : Why ? You not liked new Primed Mod ? A : I preffer Shell shock than this and its good but only for corinth if like corrosive but less status. PM ME. im wating for you.
  4. IGN : Makoto.Naegi 3764 Horus and Closed Beta Player MR 24 Contry : Brazil Language : Portuguese. Im want to join your clan and i Killed Junko Enoshima on THE WAR WITHIN.
  5. Anti-Otaku

    [Console] Operation: Plague Star!

    You are Rivals Against 2 Strange Clans and my clan Remnants of Void ?
  6. Anti-Otaku

    Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.1.0

    WORST UPDATE EVER Good luck your POOR RICH This Valkyr Skin remember Junko Enoshima of Daganronpa. i not liked this.
  7. Anti-Otaku

    Plains of Eidolon: Sniper Review!

    Sorry to put 2 times LAAAAAAAAAAAAAG This Forum
  8. Name : Sentient.Kite Country : Brazil Discord : Yes Info : Casual Mastery Rank 23 i wating to join.
  9. Anti-Otaku

    [Recruitment Is CLOSED!] Cephalon Shy

    Hello My name is Sentient.Kite i see Any Shy Videos its good but Almost Like Annoying Killah and Zanagoth. DKdiamantes NO this guy is Nokomura Despair Friend like Shadow Stalker. Please Pm me i Wating to Join this clan. I know this clan have 100 RULES But i Survive this.
  10. Hello My name is Sentient.Kite i want to join to Quasar clan. Mastery Rank : 23 Language : Portuguese 3365 Hours on Warframe i NEVER STOP. i hope to join this clan!! ^^
  11. Anti-Otaku

    Update Failures

    Unistalling Re-Installing Same Problem on Updates Failed same when Optimize or Verify and what is VPN ? Updates Failed on Brazil.
  12. Name : V-13- Mastery Rank : 22 Horus On Warframe : 3189 and 1089 Horus Playing on Steam. Country : Brazil Language : Almost English and 100% Portuguese. Hello i want to join this clan but i Decline for No Reason i only i join DKdiamantes Clan but clan is 100% Quiet and members dont talk to you and not have Discord DKdiamantes its Really Despair Clan like Nokomura. But now i want 100% to join this clan please.