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  1. --JunkoEnoshima--

    ♦♦♢♢ Quasars ♢♢♦♦★ Now Recruiting ★

    IGN : Makoto.Naegi 3764 Horus and Closed Beta Player MR 24 Contry : Brazil Language : Portuguese. Im want to join your clan and i Killed Junko Enoshima on THE WAR WITHIN.
  2. --JunkoEnoshima--

    Snipetron Vandal VS Eidolon.

    Snipetron Vandal i think its good but more preffers Lanka & Rubico but is good against eidolon and works on headshots damage ?
  3. --JunkoEnoshima--

    Arcanes for Wukong User.

    Need good Arcane for Wukong i know its completely (almost) immortal and almost most players say We DONT NEED Arcanes for Wukong but i want arcanes for him i am Wukong User. The past i am nova user and i continue to use with zenurik. now i coming to be wukong user with madurai. but the build i using only Defy & Cloud Walker (Immortal Build) but what arcanes is good for this warframe ?
  4. --JunkoEnoshima--

    Eidolon Hydrolyst Color.

    ok thanks but i not have kiteer pallete i wating to baro returns with this color. i see images of reddit kiteer color its true color of the hydrolyst. Thank you Friend :)
  5. --JunkoEnoshima--

    Eidolon Hydrolyst Color.

    So i dont know what is the color makred on red i know rest is Black and Green Energy Color but this color i dont know is and what color exist on pallette. Q : Why you want to know ? A : Im want to use this colors on my Warframe and Operator. (or only black and green) Why Not ?
  6. --JunkoEnoshima--

    WTS Strun Riven

    WTS Deadly Strun Riven 1000 Plat. Good Luck Pm me if want.
  7. --JunkoEnoshima--

    Strun Wraith. Vigilante Armaments VS Hunter Munitions.

    100% status well only option is Corrosive + Cold. Corrosive + hells chamber + vigilante armaments get only 99.7% status
  8. --JunkoEnoshima--

    Strun Wraith. Vigilante Armaments VS Hunter Munitions.

    Thank You guys.
  9. Hello i have little problem i have last slot with nothing and i dont know what mod i use hunter munitions or vigilante armaments you can help me ? Yes i know Critical Chance is Low but i using Riven Mod Calls Strun Criaata. (Critical Chance & Damage)
  10. --JunkoEnoshima--

    WTS Mewan

    WTS Mewan Riven Mod 150 Plat.
  11. --JunkoEnoshima--

    Riven Mods For Nothing.

    WTS Strun Riven 200 i not have choice. & Mewan Riven 300 Plat. PM ME. PS : Accept My Strun Riven for Your Arca Plasmor Riven.
  12. --JunkoEnoshima--

    Astilla DERP Riven Mod.

    WTS Astilla Riven mod MAXED 250 P Good Luck
  13. --JunkoEnoshima--

    Astilla Riven Mod.

    WTS Astilla Riven Mod. Your Offer or WTT For your Arca Plasmor. PM ME if Want.
  14. --JunkoEnoshima--

    WTS & WTB Flux Riven.

    WTS Flux Rifle Riven 300 Plat. WTB Flux Rifle Riven Unranked. Pm For me. I Wait for you.
  15. --JunkoEnoshima--

    WTS Exodia Epidemic.

    WTS Exodia Epidemic Rank 3 (Max Rank) 500 Plat Cheap. PM ME PS : Im Online Too on Warframe Market.