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  1. Please PM or DM @ Kami#4216 Open for Offers / Trade (Sequence Blue) Any questions let me know Thanks
  2. Thank you for correcting and feedback, Adjusted accordingly to the Guide. You guys Rocks
  3. WTS Smeeta for 900 plat She's a Smeeta w/ Naberus Head, Maned Body, Peacock tail | Mesa Yellow + Vasca White + Executioner Grey. Top it off with RED Ruby Energy. Her eyes shine like a glass of Rosé. YES, she is SMEETA!!
  4. Main Smeeta 6x Forma'd Fully Capable | SOLID Black Hexis / Vasca Head, Body. Golden Guppy Tail & Energy I present: Jasmine https://imgur.com/a/pPbPoOP
  5. 45% Radiation, Kuva Bramma. IGN: SSI_SwordSaint
  6. 550p for 60% Kohm or Im willing to trade plats + rivens if interested, PM me or Ingame
  7. 375p would u care to sell to me ?
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